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How To Wash A Winter Hat [Everything You Should Know]

How to Wash a Winter Hat? (Everything you should know)

Temperatures are dropping outside, and it’s another winter again! But are you prepared? We don’t think you are. Your winter hats look like a bit of a disaster because you didn’t bother taking care of them after last winter, and now it’s time to get them cleaned again. You don’t know how to; that’s why you’re here reading the article with a blanket and not a winter hat on your head. But don’t worry, we are here to guide you on how to wash a winter hat.

So, get ready with your winter hats and some cleaning equipment because we will clean them up so well that it’ll be hard to believe your winter hats were ever dirty!

What Is a Winter Hat?

A winter hat’s primary function is to keep you toasty and protect you from the cold. Winter hats are normally made of fur, fleece, felt, wool, etc. You also have the popular beanies made of acrylic, polyester, or even wool and fleece.

Trapper hats and balaclavas are two of the other most useful and well-known winter hat varieties. But whatever the variety be, if your winter hats aren’t clean, they are unhygienic and won’t serve their purpose successfully!

Can You Wash Winter Hats?

Of course, you can.

It is best to wash your winter caps 2-3 times in a season if you use them regularly. It’s chilly winters; we know you use them every minute of every day of the week, month; you get the drill, right! Agree, we sweat less during winters, but that doesn’t mean your winter hats don’t get dirty at all. All the body oils, sebum, hair products, etc., are good enough sources to get your winter hats dirty. 

Fur, wool, fleece, and felt are some of the delicate winter hat varieties. You need to be extra careful while handling these. 

But for the sturdier materials like acrylic and polyester, you can take a huge sigh of relief as they can withstand any washing method like a simple spot clean, a normal hand wash, and a good machine wash.

Winter Hats and Caps Washing Guides

What to Know Before Cleaning a Winter Hat?

Did you know your winter hats can last a life long if you took care of them well? It’s never enough to wash your winter hats. What’s more important is you wash them the right way. Given below are a few tricks and hacks to wash your winter hats more effectively.

1. Read the Care Label

Read the Care Label

If everyone read their hat’s care label well, half of the job is already done. Because care labels tell you what your hats/caps are made of, the safest washing methods you can use, other warnings, etc. So, if you have an idea of these things beforehand, you’ll know exactly how to wash them.

2. Know the Material

Know the Material

Yes, we know it’s already there in the care label. But if you use your hat regularly and love it so much, you should know what material it is made of because the material decides how you wash them.

You cannot wash a baseball wool cap and an acrylic beanie the same way, can you? 

3. Say NO to Chlorine-Based Bleaches

Say NO to Chlorine-Based Bleaches

At times, we may use bleach to help brighten our dull caps. But whenever you use them, make sure you use one without chlorine. Always go for an oxygen-based bleach.

4. Remove Embellishments If Any

Remove Embellishments If Any

Many times, your winter hats may come with embellishments like sequins or pom poms. If these embellishments are removable, we suggest you do so before getting into the actual wash.

5. Do a Spot Test

Do a Spot Test

What is a spot test? Well, it’s a test done to check whether your winter hats will bleed color or not if washed with water. If your hats are dyed, there are chnaces that they may lose color while washing.

You need to wet a clean white cloth and gently dip it in a mild soapy water solution to do a spot test. Rub the cloth gently on an inconspicuous area of your hat, like its underside. If you see any color transfer onto the cloth, it means your hat is bleeding color, and you need to stop right there. You can either spot clean or seek professional help.

If the cloth comes out clean, you can be assured that your hat isn’t bleeding any color. You are safe to go ahead with a normal hand wash or a machine wash.

6. Be Careful About Washing Machine Settings

Be Careful About Washing Machine Settings

Before tossing your winter hats in a machine, confirm whether they are machine-washable. And how do you confirm? Of course, the care label.

Once that’s done, always set your washing machine to a delicate cycle and use only cool water. If you plan to wash the hats with general laundry, make sure you put the hats in a separate garment bag and not stuff the machine with clothes. Wash the hats with just a few lightweight clothes.

Also, ensure you wash the hats with similar colored clothing.

7. Goodbye Dishwashers

Goodbye Dishwashers

Well, you can wash specific caps in a dishwasher like baseball cap varieties. But even there, you have conditions. If your caps are made of sturdy stuff like cotton, cotton blends, polyester, nylon, etc., you can wash them in dishwashers. 

But if you have a wool baseball cap, you can forget dishwashers because wools cannot survive the tough heat settings of a dishwasher, and most dishwashing detergents have bleach content in them which is not a good idea for your winter hats.

How to Wash Winter Hats?

Like we said earlier, the material is the deciding factor of what washing method to use. Let’s discuss few winter hats and the best possible washing methods for them! 

Find yours from the list and follow instructions to the point. Don’t be a rebel; it’s bad for your favorite winter hat!

How to Wash Wool Beanies?

Not wearing beanies is out of the question, especially during the winters. We all know how cozy it is to sip hot chocolate and read your favorite book with a snug beanie. But you can’t imagine wearing a dirty, stinky one, right?

To know all about washing wool beanies, check out our complete guide here.

How to Wash Wool Baseball Caps?

Baseball caps! Oooo, we love them and wool baseball caps! They have our hearts, right? They keep you warm, true but also keep you looking stylish and funky in chilly winters too! 

But if you don’t keep them in good shape, we don’t think you can rock that winter look. So, check out our guide to know more about washing wool baseball caps.

How to Wash and Clean Wool Berets?

You don’t want to miss your Emily in Paris moments because of dirty wool berets. They are classy and stylish, along with keeping you warm. The important thing with wool is that you can never ever wash them in hot water because wool will shrink. 

So, keeping this in mind, check out our complete guide on washing and cleaning wool berets.

How to Dry Winter Hats?

When it comes to drying your winter hats, there are only two words we have for you – AIR DRY.

Because they are made of delicate fabrics, avoid the temptation to put them in tumble dryers or even dry using a hairdryer. The extreme heat of these devices will damage your winter hats.

So, air dry – what does it mean?

Well, to air dry means to dry your winter hats the natural way. You need to find a spot with good airflow and set your hat to dry there. But ensure you keep them away from direct sunlight, for it can dull and damage your winter hats!

So, how do you air-dry?

Soon after you’ve washed your hats, do not twist or wring them. Place them on a clean towel and gently dab the hat to remove excess dripping water and moisture. Once that’s done, you can place the hats on a flat surface or use a mannequin head or a coffee can to lay your hats to dry. 

We don’t suggest you hang them up because hanging can distort your hats, especially if it’s a beanie or a balaclava.

How to Care for Winter Hats?

1. Storing the Hats

Storing the Hats

We know you don’t use winter hats throughout the year, but it is really important to keep them in a dry, clean and safe place when not in use. You can store them in hat boxes to ensure they remain away from any moisture or heat. 

Throw in a lavender sachet or cedar shavings to keep them fresh and smell good around the year.

2. Brush Your Winter Hats Often

Brush Your Winter Hats Often

For your wool, fleece, fur, and felt winter hats, there can be nothing better than giving them a good brush after each use. Brushing them often will keep the material clean and reduce your chances of having to wash them with water or take them to a professional.

Materials like felt attract lint easily. So using a lint roller occasionally is also healthy for the hats.

How To Wash A Winter Hat-Everything you should know

Final Thoughts

Are you still freezing without your winter hats? It’s high time you give a careful read to this article and get your dirty winter hats out for the wash. If you can master the art of how to wash a winter hat, trust us, your hats will live even longer than you!

So, enjoy this year’s winter and every other winters to come with cozy, clean winter hats and have that hot cup of chocolate milk watching your favorite movie or reading that book you’ve always wanted to read!

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