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How To Wash A Golf Hat And Cap

How to Wash a Golf Hat? (Guides For All Types of Golf Hats)

Did you know that there are 15 different types of golf hats and caps? Fascinating, right? Now, you are here because you probably own one of them or are planning to get one. But you are worried for a million reasons like – can you wash a golf hat? If yes, what’s the best way to wash golf hats without ruining them, etc. It’s quite natural to have these thoughts because you care about your golf hat or cap. We know this, which is why we have put together a guide to help you solve every golf hat problem that’s there.

Nobody wants to wear or be around someone who wears dirty, stinky golf hats, and Golf being a gentleman’s sport, you need to be doubly careful about its maintenance. Since there are many kinds of golf hats, the methods will differ, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on all varieties of golf caps and hats and how to keep them spick and span!

What is a Golf Hat?

what is a golf hat

Like the name suggests, a golf hat is worn mostly while playing Golf. They are a lot similar to baseball caps in their functions like protection from the sun, clear vision while playing the sport, protect the hair, a stylish accessory, etc.

Differences will arise in the type of golf cap or hat that you choose. For instance, a golf visor focuses on protecting your forehead and eyes from harsh sun, leaving the top of your head open, whereas if you wear a Panama golf hat, you have protection from all sides owing to their wide brims.

So, it’s like you have a golf cap or hat for every season, occasion, mood, or requirement. You have to find what works for you and pick your golf hat.

Can You Wash Golf Hat?

Yes, yes, and a YES.

Because a golf hat is associated with an outdoor sport, it’s likely to get dirty every time you use it. Dirt from the ground, sweat stains, dust, etc., are the most common enemies for a golf hat. 

The cleaning and washing methods largely depend on the material of the hat. Suppose your golf cap or hat is made of more sturdy materials like cotton, cotton blends, polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc, you can be less worried because these materials can easily withstand a spot clean, normal hand wash, machine wash, or even a dishwasher.

It’s the more delicate materials like straw, wool, leather, etc., that you need to be extra careful about because they might not respond well to all washing methods.

So, what we are trying to say is that a baseball golf cap needs to be treated differently from a golf fedora or a golf cowboy hat.

Golf Hats and Caps Washing Guides

What to Know Before Cleaning a Golf Hat?

Before jumping into washing and cleaning golf hats and caps, you must know the DO’s and DON’T’s of washing them. Given below is our golden checklist to wash golf caps perfectly without causing any harm or ruin to them!

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. Read the Care Label

Read the Care Label

If you haven’t noticed a tiny piece of attachment on your hats or caps before, this is the time you do it. It’s called a care label and has all the important information about your golf caps or hats. 

Care labels will give you the following information:

  • Which Washing Method Should You Choose?

Some materials can be hand-washed and machine washed, while some can only be hand washed. This information is important because if your machine washe a delicate material, you’ll end up running your favorite hat or cap.

  • Can the Hat/Cap be Bleached?

Bleaching helps in brightening dull hats and caps. But not all hats and caps are bleach-friendly. Often, hats and caps can be bleached, but only using an oxygen-based bleach and not a chlorine-based one. 

  • What Drying Methods Can You Use?

It will specify whether you can dry your golf hats and caps in the tumble dryer or not. It will also specify a particular temperature that is safe to dry the hats and caps, etc.

  • Can Your Hats/Caps be Ironed?

The care label will also have information regarding whether you can iron your hat and cap or not. If yes, it will specify a temperature that is safe to iron your hats or caps in.

  • What are the Other Warnings?

You may also notice words like ‘ONLY,’ ‘DO NOT,’ etc. Pay attention to these instructions carefully, for they may talk about whether it’s okay to wash your hats and caps with general laundry or they need to be washed separately, etc.

  • Is the Hat/Cap Dry Clean Only?

If you see a ‘Dry Clean Only’ sign on your cap or hat, follow the instructions and only dry-clean them. You can either use home dry clean methods if the hats or caps are not too stained. Otherwise, you must take them to a hat expert.

If your cap or hat has a ‘Dry Clean’ sign, it means that your hat or cap is made of delicate material, and you need to be careful while washing them. In such cases, you can either spot clean or do a very gentle hand wash first and then try taking them to a professional if unsuccessful the first time.

2. Check the Brim

Check the Brim

Most hats or caps made before 1983 may have brims made of cardboard, unlike the plastic ones we have now. If you have a cardboard brimmed hat or cap, you cannot wash them in water because the cardboard will disintegrate. So, your only bet is a spot clean treatment if you want to wash them at home or else take them to a professional.

3. Check for Color Bleed

Check for Color Bleed

Just like some clothes, your colored hats and caps can bleed color if washed in water. So, it’s important to check before washing them, and a spot test is your way to do this.

Wet a clean white cloth in mild soapy water and gently rub it on an inconspicuous area of your hat or cap, like its underside. If any dye transfers to the white cloth, it means your hat is bleeding color, and you cannot wash them in water. If no dye transfers, your hat or cap is colorfast, and you can proceed with washing them in water.

How to Wash Golf Hats?

Like we said earlier, every kind of golf hat is made of a different material, and they respond to water differently. 

Let’s look into each of them and their washing methods.

How to Wash Golf Baseball Cap?

Baseball caps are a go-to for all kinds of activities and not just Golf, necessarily. Golf baseball caps are usually made of cotton, cotton blends, polyester, acrylic, and hence sturdier than the rest of the golf caps and hats. This durability gives them a variety of washing methods to choose from, making our jobs easier.

Check out our complete guide to know more about washing baseball caps.

How to Wash a Golf Beanie?

Didn’t we say there’s a golf hat or cap for every season? Golf Beanies are your buddy for a winter golf game. They remain so snug on your heads, protecting you from the chills and helping you focus on the game more! Being made of wool, they can be slightly tricky to wash, but it’s not an impossible task!

If you want to know all about washing beanies, check out our A-Z guide.

How to Wash Golf Bucket Hat?

If you are a golf player, a golf bucket hat is a must-have in your wardrobe. They are compact yet offer superior protection from the sun or the cold. Most bucket hats are made of cotton or cotton blends and hence offer many safe washing options. 

Check out our complete guide on how to wash bucket hats here.

How to Wash Golf Cowboy Hats?

This wide-brimmed beauty doesn’t just offer protection but gives you a classy look that is much needed to complete a golfer’s look. Golf cowboy hats are made from a range of materials like straw, leather, fur felt, etc. And it’s a different washing method for each.

Check out our article on washing all types of cowboy hats in the link here.

How to Wash Golf Fedora Hats?

Another wide-brimmed golf hat variety, fedoras, is mostly made of straw, leather, or wool. We don’t deny that all three materials are delicate and require extreme attention while washing, but if done right, you can get them fully perfect without taking them to a hat professional.

Check out our complete guide here to know more about washing Fedora hats.

How to Wash Golf Flat Cap (Ivy Cap)?

Golf flat caps are one of the easiest to wash, just like golf baseball caps. They are usually made out of tweed, polyester, and cotton blends. They can be hand-washed, machine washed, and spot cleaned without much headache.

Check out our complete guide to know more about washing flat caps (ivy caps).

How to Wash Golf Newsboy Cap?

Golf newsboy caps are popular amongst golfers owing to their compact and sleek structure. Newsboy caps are not delicate to handle, but you may damage them if not washed the right way.

To know more about washing newsboy caps, check out the complete article here.

How to Wash Golf Panama Hat?

Golf Panama hats are a charm in themselves. The wide-brimmed hats are extremely functional and stylish. A well-maintained and clean Golf Panama is all you need to get heads turning on the golf course.

Check out our complete guide to know more about washing Panama hats.

How to Wash Golf Straw Hat?

Let’s be honest. We know straw is a fragile material to handle. They are not a very water-friendly material and require extreme care while washing. But if you love your straw and want to see them longer, you’ll need to put in some effort. 

To know more about the safest, best, and fun ways to wash your straw hats, check out our complete guide right here.

How to Wash Golf Trucker Hat?

Trucker hats or mesh hats are no-nonsense, practical, and easy to handle caps. They are strong and hence can withstand almost any kind of washing method, including a dishwasher.

If you want to know more about washing trucker hats, check out our complete guide here.

How to Wash Golf Visor Cap?

From tennis players to golfers and normal people like you and us, visor caps are a brilliant option to protect our eyes and faces from harsh sunlight. The dirt on them will also be equally fierce, and hence it’s important to keep them clean. 

Check out our complete guide to know more about washing visor caps.

How to Care for Golf Hats?

1. Store Them Well

Store Them Well

Whether you are a golfer or not, golf hats and caps need to be stored well. A hatbox is the best option to keep your golf hats and caps safe, away from moths and other dust and debris.

2. Clean After Each Use

Clean After Each Use

If you’ve been on the golf course all day, your hats and caps are likely to be soiled. Don’t just take it off and leave them somewhere. Depending on how stained your cap or hat is, you need to either try DIY dry clean methods or wash them with water so that you’re ready at your game the next time!

Sweat stained hats need to be dried or even washed before they’re put back in the hatbox or cupboard, or else the next time you take them out, you’ll have stubborn sweat stains and a stinking golf hat or a cap.

How To Wash A Golf Hat-For All Types of Golf Hats

Final Thoughts

Golf hats or caps are part of a game that requires discipline and etiquette. Your hats and caps talk a lot about your personality, and you don’t want to be seen wearing a dirty and stinky one to your golf games. There are many best ways to wash a golf hat, but what you need to figure out is the method that works for you and your golf hat, and we hope this article will help you find one.

Happy Golfing and happy cleaning!

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