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thin balaclavas

Thin Balaclava | 18 Best Thin Ski Masks for Men and Women

For those who are curious about the origins of the Balaclava, here's an interesting piece of history on the topic. Balaclavas originated during the Crimean where the British troops donned hand-knitted balaclavas to shield them from freezing temperatures. The name…

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under helmet balaclava

17 Best Under Helmet Balaclava and Ski Masks (Unisex)

Balaclavas were primarily introduced as part of regular winter wear. The British soldiers first used balaclavas during the Crimean war of 1854 to shield themselves from the cold winters. Ever since then, balaclavas continue to be used for different purposes…

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13 Best Funny Balaclava and Ski Masks (Unisex)

Balaclavas were initially designed to shield from extremely cold temperatures but ever since balaclavas have evolved into diverse designs and styles to serve different purposes. Balaclavas are no longer just for the cold winter season. You can wear some balaclavas…

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