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Baseball Cap Washer Frames

Baseball Cap Washer Frames – 30 Things You Should Know

We feel you! Throwing off your stinking, stained cap is not a good idea when the day starts! But at the same time, nobody wants to ruin the shape of your favorite baseball caps to wash it. That is the worst nightmare, especially if you’re a regular hat-person! The very common debate spreading through word of mouth between hat wearers is the dishwasher method using the baseball cap washer frames. That’s when it hit us, to break down everything about using a baseball cap washer frame and how to wash a hat in a hat cage!

If you’re seriously looking for a solution to wash your cap only through the washing machine or dishwasher, let’s get this show on the road. For the next 5-10 minutes, you will become smarter enough to master the art of cleaning your cap using the godsend: hat cage for washing machine and dishwashers. 

1. What Is a Hat Washing Frame?

what is hat washing frame

A hat washing frame is a cage that protects caps from being damaged while washing in a dishwasher or washing machine. By pushing the center bar with thumbs, you can unlock the cage and fit and lock the cap within the position, and put them in the washer while retaining their shape. Washing frames are also called hat washers, hat holders, and baseball cap washer frames.

Hat frames for washing are also used as a shape retainer or hat holder for drying caps after being washed in dishwashers and washing machines. Additionally, customers enjoy using them for storing them in luggage and bags without folding them and occupying much space.

2. Why and When to Use Hat Washing Frames?

Throwing the cap alone into the washing machine or dishwasher increases the risk of losing its shape due to the machine’s agitation and overload. Hat washing frame acts as a cage of the cap and protects its shape, and holds it in place stable while washing in dishwashers and washing machines.

You can wash your caps with washing frames once or twice a week. However, if you’re a regular hat person and wash your caps every day, it’s better to prefer the washing method. Better safe than sorry!

3. Won’t Hat Washing Frames Shrink the Cap?

Hat holders for washing don’t shrink the sizes of caps during the cleaning process in dishwashers and washing machines. 

BUT REMEMBER: Always wash caps in a gentle cycle on cool temperatures (20°C to 30°C) and cold water. Washing your hat in hot water or exposing it to hot temperatures can shrink clothes and caps. Cotton and wool caps are more prone to shrinkage when washed in hot water.

4. What Are Hat Washing Frames Made of?

Hat washing frames are made up of environmentally friendly, ultra-sturdy plastic and designed to be more flexible and long-standing for years of usage. They cannot be easily broken and deform, resist heat since it’s constructed with high-quality polypropylene. Since it is resistant to sun and heat, drying them outdoors for a certain time doesn’t cause any damage. They are very easy to use, lightweight, and don’t cause any skin irritation and allergies.

5. Can You Put a Hat Washing Frame in the Dishwasher?

hat frame in dishwasher

YES, hat washing frames are designed for caps to be washed in dishwashers or washing machines. But before assuming, it’s important to check the care label of your cap. If it says“ hand wash only,” do not use a dishwasher.

If it says “machine friendly,” open your frame, place the hat inside the cage. Keep the hat in the top rack of the dishwasher since the rack will be farthest from heating elements, and start washing.   

6. Can You Use Hat Washing Frames Along With Dishes?

NEVER EVER  throw your white cap with your dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Even though your hat is dark-colored, it’s better to avoid washing them with dirty dishes since food residue can be washed out from your dishes and can be caught into the seam of your hat awkwardly!

7. How Many Caps Can You Wash at The Same Time in a Dishwasher?

There is no reason why you cannot use many caps at the same time with baseball caps washing cages to wash in a dishwasher! Instead of storing them with dirty dishes, it’s better to gather all the caps of your family and place them in the top rack as much as you can. Do not overload them.

8. What Types of Detergent You Should Not Use While Washing Caps?

Stay away from lemon-based detergents, chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach, and heavy-duty detergents. Chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach damage fabrics and can cause permanent yellowish stains. It’s better to avoid heavy-duty detergents and tablets since they may leave residue on the cap’s seams. So, make sure you use mild detergents that don’t contain bleach and enzymes.

9. Can You Put a Hat Washing Frame in the Washing Machine?

can you put a hat washing frame in the washing machine

The first thing to do is check the care label of your cap, whether it’s machine-friendly or not! If it says machine-friendly, you can wash them in a washing machine.

As mentioned earlier, baseball cap washer frames are designed in a way for the cap to protect its shape and survive against spinning, tumbling, shaking, and struggling processes in the washing machine.

10. Can You Use a Hat Washing Frame in the Front-loading Washing Machine?

washing frame in the front loading washing machine

Some people conclude that their caps come out well after using washing frames in front-loaded machines; some have said the method didn’t work out and became worse!

The hat frame manufacturers and we DO NOT RECOMMEND washing your caps with a hat washing frame in front-loaded drum washing machines.

Front-loaded machines work by tumbling action: tumble the clothes by several rotations in one direction, stopping and the tumbling clothes in the other direction. The process of tumbling the clothes back and forth has increased the risk of damage to the hat cage.

The ground-breaking machine present in the front-loaded washing machine spins the garments very faster than top-load washing machines and is more prone to vibrations which can lead to damage to your hat cage as well as your machine.

THE SCARIEST PART: You wouldn’t be able to remove the damaging hat cage from the front-loaded washing machine during the mid-cycle.

11. Can You Use a Hat Washing Frame in the Top Load Washing Machine (Impeller)?

hat frame in top load washing machine

Yes, most hat frame manufacturers recommend using the pulsator, top-loaded washing machine. An impeller washing machine ( not an agitator)  is constructed with low-profile cones, wheels, and discs that work with less motion. The impeller MAKE THE CLOTHES RUNS AGAINST EACH OTHER and clean gently and have better room in their basket.

Load the washer with only lightweight clothes and avoid jeans, rugs, and towels, etc. REMEMBER, Always set a delicate cycle and set the machine to a cooler temperature. DO NOT use hot water,  heavy detergents or set them to a higher temperature.

12. Can You Use a Hat Washing Frame in the Top Load Washing Machine (Agitator)?

Hat frame manufacturers recommend the usage of top-loaded washing (both agitator and impeller) machines. However, the impeller washing machine is safer than the washing machine, which has an agitator in the center.

The key difference is, when the impeller makes the CLOTHES RUB WITH EACH OTHER, the agitator RUBS AGAINST THE CLOTHES. Even though agitator washers are effective for washing clothes, they can cause damage to the hat washing frames with caps due to their more virulent action.

13. Do You Use the Hat Washing Frame in the Dryer?

NEVER EVER put your cap in a dryer unless you’re planning to wear it on your doll! As mentioned earlier, hot water and hot temperatures are the biggest enemies to a cap if you don’t want to shrink it. If the care label says, don’t tumble dry, tumble drying may cause your cap to shrink and pill. Caps made up of wool, cashmere, cotton, and silk are especially more prone to shrinkage.

Tumble dryers exhaust hot air continuously, and the tumbling action can ruin the shape of your cap, and you’ll be up the creek without a paddle!

14. Can You Put More Than One Washing Frames in the Washing Machine?

It’s okay to use more than one or two caps in an impeller washing machine that is loaded with lightweight clothes so that your caps don’t wash smacking with each other.

But, DO NOT overload your machine with too many dirty clothes. Stuffing them with clothes on a washing machine with a center agitator is a BAD IDEA since the restricted space of washing hat frames between the agitator and tank wall will cause an increased risk of damaging the hat frames.

15. Should You Use the Cap Washer in Cold or Warm Water?

DO NOT USE hot temperatures or hot water while washing. Even though polymer fibers are naturally short, they are stretched out when making garments.

Exposing them to hot temperatures may make the fabrics turn into their natural shorter shape. Additionally, the hot temperatures are harsh on fabrics and tend to cause more damage. This is why clothes or caps easily lose their shape when washed in hot water. The average temperature of washing caps is 20°C to 30°C. The cooler, the better!

16. What if you only have hot water in your dishwasher? Will it Ruin the Hat?

Many of you might have this question in your mind. Does the cold water dishwasher actually exist? No, dishwashers are only connected with the warm water line to clean your dishes. Dishwashers do not have a cold, hot water setting like a washing machine.

Place your cap in the top rack of the dishwasher to prevent overexposure to heating elements. According to the instructions, just run the normal warm cycle of your dishwasher and make sure you TAKE THEM OUT OF THE DISHWASHER BEFORE THE DRY CYCLE. Let your cap air dry!

17. Will Washing Frames Work With Hats That Have Flat Bills?

Certainly YES! Washing frames are designed in a way to fit caps with flat bills. All you have to do is, open the cage by pushing the center with your thumbs and fit the cap in position. Usually, they are designed with 10mm spacing between the hat and cage to retain the natural curve of the bill.  If you notice stains in your cap, it’s better to pretreat them with a delicate stain remover before washing them.

18. Will Washing Frames Work With Hats That Have Curved Bills?

Honestly, that depends on the manufacturing designs of the hat frames. When most of the hat frames are versatile for both caps with flat and curved brims, some hat frames are suitable only for caps with flat brims.  “Flat brim only” hat frames can’t cover curved brims since they are made up of brittle plastic and designed with a flat shape on their bill.

19. Will Washing Frames Work With Long Bill Caps?

Long bill caps are mostly designed with bills of 4″ to 5.25″ long. Before purchasing a hat frame, check the dimensions of the hat washing frame for the cap to fit inside without any hassle. Also, make sure that the frame has 10mm space between the bill area to prevent creasing in the front.

20. Will Washing Frames Work With Hats Without Bills?

Sure! Hats with no brims called the Yankee or docker hats can fit inside the hat cage without caring about what brim it suits. Their four-sided clip design enables them to lock your hat properly and hold the hat firmly within it during the wash.

21. Will Washing Frames Work With Low Profile Caps?

The crown of the low profile caps are very low and don’t rise above the brim. Generally, they are made up of materials like cotton, wool, leather and are unstructured in shape, making them fit into a baseball cap washer frame without any hassle.

22. Will Washing Frames Work With Flat Top Caps?

No! Flat top caps are designed with a flat crown and a curved brim. Since ball hat cages are meant for ball caps and manufactured in crown shaped design, it is impossible to fit flat top caps. Even though you tried to fit them in, it might ruin the shape of the cap.

23. Will Washing Frames Work With Trucker Hats?

Of course! Trucker hats, also called mesh caps or gimme caps, are designed with a dome-shaped crown and a flat brim. Baseball hat cages are designed in a way to fit any dome-shaped cap like trucker hats, dad hats, fitted caps, and flexible fit baseball caps, etc.

24. Will Washing Frames Work With Visors?

Even though most manufacturers of hat frames have recommended hat frames for visors, it’s better to check the dimensions of the hat cage before buying. Wide long brimmed visors are getting more popular, and it’s very important to check the brim length of them and see whether they can fit into the hat cage.

25. Can You Use These Washing Frames as an ‘Anti- Crusher’ for Traveling?

washing frames as an anti crusher

That’s a good idea! If you’re a frequent travel buff, hats and hat cages are the must-have accessories for you! Hat cages are very compact, space saving, and able to store one to two caps in one cage. Don’t stress too much if your cap has thicker brims. However, a hat cage can help your cap to retain its shape throughout the long journey.

26. What Size Baseball Hats Does Washing Frames Work With?

Baseball cap washing frames or hat washer rack work with all average sizes of ball caps, trucker hats, dad hats, fitted, flexible fit baseball caps. However, it’s better to check out the dimensions of the hat cage if you have a visor or a baseball cap with long bills, etc.

27. Can They Be Used on Both Adult and  Child Size Baseball Hats?

Yes, the upgraded baseball washing frames fit and protect both adult and child sized caps. Designed with the clip design on all sides, the washing frames can easily lock and unlock the cap. They keep your cap securely in place while washing in dishwashers and washing machines and retain the natural curve and stiffness of the bill for a long time.

However, there are some hat frames that can only fit kid sized frames, check the description of the hat frame before you buy one.

28. How Much Does Hat Washing Frames Cost?

Hat washing frames cost between 9 USD to 20 USD. The prices between them range according to the brand, quality, number of pieces, weight, and design. They are certainly a godsend for affordable prices, especially for regular users of baseball caps and sports players. The best part is their sturdy design which offers ultimate protection to your cap without worrying that washers might ruin the cap’s shape.

29. What to Know Before Washing a Hat with a Hat Cage?

People who don’t give two hoots about the washing will meet up with unexpected results. When you get a hat frame in hand, it doesn’t mean that you can simply lock them and load them with your dirty clothes and dishes.

Remember, when you’re washing in the dishwasher, place them in the top rack to keep them far away from heat elements.

Do not use lemon-based detergent while washing. While you’re washing in the washing machine, set a cooler temperature on a gentle cycle. Stay away from bleaching agents and enzyme-based detergents.

Check out the easiest step-by-step method of washing your hat using a hat cage in the washing machine and dishwasher.

30. Best Baseball Cap Washer Frames

1. Hat Cage for Flat Brims

Check out this 100% genuine quality hat cage from Ball Cap Buddy, which is made up of ultra-study polypropylene and is very easy to use! They fit only adult and teen-sized caps, cleans, dries, shapes and stores, transforming your dirty caps into almost new! Customers love this simple invention for its affordable prices.

  • Brand: Ball cap buddy
  • Material: Plastic
  • Used for adult and teen sized caps
  • Double hook latch at the back
  • Easy to use
  • Available at affordable prices 

2. Hat Cage for Both Flat and Curved Brims (Adults and Kids’ Caps )

Are you in search of a hat cage that fits both flat brims and curved brims of adults’ and kids’ caps? This is what you need! The special feature about the cap is they have 10mm spacing between the bills, making them flexible to fit both flat brims and curved brims. Another good news is, they come with two pcs of hat cages at an affordable price!

  • Material: Plastic
  • Used for adult and kid-sized caps
  • It comes with two pcs of hat cages at an affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Available at affordable prices

3. Baseball Hat Washer for All Sized Caps

Take a look at this sturdily designed black hat cage, which will let you off the hook from hand washing and keep your hat in beloved shape! This one hat washer fits both kids’ and adults’ sizes and all types of brims, squared- flat, rounded flat, and curved brims, and caters to the need for different caps. It is designed with five buckles of the cap holder and keeps your hat safe and secure while washing in the dishwasher or washing machine.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Used for adult and kid-sized caps
  • Easy to use
  • Available at affordable prices

4. 3 Pcs of Hat Cages for Flat and Curved Brimmed Caps

This is another worth-investing set of three hat cages for a reasonable price! An appreciated feature about these caps between customers is that the space between the hat washer’s edge to the center of the bill is ¾ inch and is suitable for curved and flat caps.

Customers love their versatility to maintain the curve of the caps without straightening them. If you have many dirty caps and don’t know how to wash them, get this and wash them using your dishwasher and bring them back to life!

  • Material: Plastic
  • Used for adult and kid-sized caps
  • Used for both flat and curved brims
  • It comes with 3 pcs of hat cages at an affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Available at affordable prices

5. 3 Pcs Combo Of Baseball Washing Cages

Last but not least, this is a 3 pcs combo of baseball cap washing cages that are used to protect the interior shape of the cap while washing. Customers love their snap design, high-quality, and ultimate protection to keep your hat safe and secure by bringing it back in shape and more cleaner!

  • Material: Plastic
  • Used for adult and kid-sized caps
  • Used for both flat and curved brims
  • It comes with 3 pcs of hat cages at an affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Available at affordable prices

Final Thoughts

Fun fact: Do you know that 40 million baseballs are sold every year? Baseball caps have been widely popular among people for centuries, and they are still as American as apple pie! The United States alone makes 7 baseball caps out of every 10 hats. Certainly, handwashing was the safest method when it came to washing caps rather than using hat cages for washing machines.

But, all of us are jam-packed and do not have more time to hand wash our baseball caps. But, just because nobody knows you have washed your hat or not doesn’t mean that you don’t need to wash it.

A hat washing frame,  hat cage or baseball cap washer frame is simply an awesome solution at affordable prices for you to get the most out of your money! Open them, fix your cap in and lock, put them into your washer, bring them new and save your time! WE REPEAT! ONLY cool water and gentle cycle, NO hot water, NO bleach,  NO dryer, NO front-loaded washing machines or Agitator Washers! If your care label already has it, they mean it!

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