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Balaclava is most commonly known as a ski mask because that is where it is mostly used. It is a face covering made of cloth covering the head, the mouth, the ears, and sometimes even the neck. It exposes only some part of the face, mostly the eyes and the nose, so that the skier can ski freely without feeling the chill or snow coming onto his face.

There are many styles of Balaclava, such as those which don’t cover the head, for skiers who prefer wearing a ski helmet. Or a balaclava with battery heating for extremely cold regions.

As Balaclavas are used in winters, they are made of warm fabrics such as wool, fleece, cashmere, and the likes.

Types Of Balaclava

  • Solid Front Balaclavas
  • Convertible Balaclava
  • Neckwarmer Balaclavas
  • Hooded Balaclava
  • Hoodless Balaclavas
  • Sub Zero Ski Mask
  • Windproof Balaclavas
  • Water Resistant Balaclavas
  • Anti-Dust Balaclava
  • Battery Heated Balaclavas
  • Sun Mask Balaclava
  • Balaclava with Visor
  • 1 Hole Ski Mask
  • 2 Hole Ski Mask
  • 3 Hole Ski Mask
  • Double Layered Ski Mask

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These are all types of balaclava for every occasion. To read and learn more about each type check our all types of balaclava post.

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