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How To Wash And Clean Wool Baseball Caps

How to Wash Wool Baseball Caps – Quick & Easy Cleaning

You’ve landed on the right page if you came here to check out how to wash a baseball wool cap easily without ruining the quality and shape.

If you’re a hat person, your baseball cap might be your best friend to throw it on your head and enjoy a nice warm feeling on a chilling day and continue your sport or any favorite activity. Even though you’re the only one who knows your cap is stinking or stained, it doesn’t mean you can go healthy with it for a long time.

A sweat-stained cap can lead to fungal infections like dandruff and cause hair loss and itchy scalp too. So, let’s not wait and find out the best method to clean your baseball wool caps and give a fresh look for your next game.

Can You Wash Wool Baseball Hats?

Of course, yes! Wool is a natural durable fabric to withstand wear and tear, yet the delicate fibers require careful handling. Even though,  they have excellent stain-resistant qualities; they can also be prone to permanent stains if left untreated for a long time.

Since wool is a natural fabric, a sweat-stained cap can easily attract fabric-eating pests too! So, it’s necessary to wash a cap if it gets dirty and dingy.

Baseball Cap Washing Guides

When Should You Often Wash Baseball Caps?

Laundry time can be confusing when it comes to wool caps and hats. Here’s when to wash your baseball cap to enjoy long-lasting usage.

  • If your ball cap is your favorite, and you wear it every day, wash it at least once or twice a week. Handwashing is the best method when you’re an everyday wearer.
  • Wash them two to three times in a season if you’re not a frequent wearer of the cap.
  • If you notice any accidental stains, spot clean them immediately with a brush or sponge using a delicate stain remover formulated for wools.
  • Make sure you wash them when you’re going to store them for a long time until the next season to prevent moths, silverfish, and carpet beetles from living on your cap.

What to Know Before Cleaning a Wool Hat

1. Stay Away from Enzyme Based Detergents

Be sure not to wash your wool baseball cap with an enzyme-based, heavy-duty detergent. Detergents with enzyme ls and bleach will slowly start to destroy the proteins and deteriorate the quality of your cap.

2. No Chlorine Bleach

Avoid using chlorine bleach even if you have got a white cap. According to the journal of advanced research, chlorine bleach can yellowish your wool fibers and can cause irresistible stains.

3. Don’t Wash Them in Hot Water with Motion

According to a SIFO study, wool garments can even be boiled in hot temperatures to disinfect them. But they have to stay still during the whole process since wool shrinks when you’re combining hot water with motion.

4. Never Set the Temperature High in Washing Machine

Remember, high heat with motion can shrivel up and shrink the delicate fibers of the wool. The average temperature to wash any wool cap should be 20°C to 30°C. The cooler, the better. You can also use the wool setting in your washing machine to wash your wool cap.

5. Don’t Tumble Dry

Tumble dry is a big no-no when it comes to drying your caps. According to research, the increased temperatures and machine agitation can ruin the shape of your structured baseball cap. Whether hand-washed or machine washed, let the cap air dry without being exposed to direct sun rays.

6. Check Your Visor

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the material of your visor before submerging into water. Vintage caps are mostly stitched with cardboard brim, which can ruin when immersed in water. 

Tap the brim of the cap and check whether it’s made up of cardboard.

If it is cardboard, you have no other choice than to spot clean them. You can also treat them with baking soda to remove the odor. If it is made up of plastic, you can wash them.

How to Wash Wool Baseball Caps

How to Hand-wash Wool Baseball Caps in 4 Steps?

Check out this quick method to brighten up your wool baseball cap within a few hours.

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Fill Water in the Washing Tub and Add the Detergent

Fill cold water in the washing tub and add the detergent to the water according to the package instructions.

As mentioned earlier, avoid using heavy-duty detergents or powders, leaving residue and damaging the delicate animal fibers.

Step 2: Soak the Cap

Swish the cap forward and backward in the water and soak the cap for 30-45 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse the Cap

Rinse the cap in running water and remove all the soapy residue sticking to the brim, eyelets, inner panels, and inner brim.

Step 4: Dry the cap

Do not wring or squeeze the baseball cap. Lie the cap flat on its natural shape on a fresh towel and gently press the water. Hang it on the line to dry without being exposed to direct sun.

Wear the crown of the cap onto a small bowl to bring the cap into shape.

How to Machine Wash Wool Baseball Caps?

Always check the care label, and wash your wool beanie if it is machine washable. Make sure to set a cooler temperature setting on a delicate cycle.

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Insert the Cap Into a Mesh Bag

Inserting your favorite baseball beanie into a mesh bag or pillowcase can help to prevent the cap from losing its original shape. If you don’t have a mesh bag, turning them inside out can protect their fibers.

Put them together with several pieces of clothing and make sure the machine is not overloaded. Don’t stuff your cap in too much dirty clothes!

Step 2: Add a Mild Wool Detergent and Set a Cooler Temperature

Go for a non-enzyme, non-bleached detergent to wash your cap. Make use of the wool setting if you have it in your washing machine. If not, set it to a cooler temperature.

The right temperature to wash wool cap is 20°C. Exposing your cap to hot water, heat can shrink your cap and damage its fibers. The cooler, the better.

Step 3: Run on a gentle cycle

Normal cycles can be very agitating and release potential heat to your cap and ruin your cap’s structure. Make sure to wash your cap in the delicate, wool or hand wash cycle.

Step 4: Dry your cap

Do not tumble dry your wool caps. Take out your cap, lie it flat on a fresh towel, press the water out.

Avoid the usage of hairdryers and hang them in line to dry without sunlight. Also, overdrying your cap may cause them to shrink and fade.

How to Keep Wool Baseball Caps Smelling Fresh Without Washing?

Due to sweat absorption, baseball caps can give off a bad odor when worn a few times. Here are some easiest ideas to keep your cap fresh from the next wash.

1. First things first! Hair hygiene is important.

Wash your hair daily if you sweat excessively. After a game, wipe down the inner crown of your cap with a damp cloth. This will reduce the sweat absorption of your cap.

2. Prevent Sweat Absorption into Cap

Place napkins or paper towels underneath your cap or inside your sweatband. Change them after every use.

3. Leave your Cap to Breathe

Turn your hatband outwards and allow it to dry completely after every use. Do not dry them in direct sunlight, which causes shrinkage and fading.

4. To Remove Sweat Stains from Your Baseball Cap

Dip a cloth into distilled white vinegar and wipe down the stains. You can also mix 1 TSP of baking soda with a cup of water, dip a cloth in the mix and wipe and freshen up your cap.

According to research, vinegar and baking soda are the safest cleansers, natural, non-toxic, and cheaper choices.

5. Baking Soda Works Wonders

If you’re a laid-back person and not fond of washing hats every time, but need to remove the bad smell of your cap without washing, here’s an effective, easiest method.

Sprinkle a little amount of baking soda on the inner crown of your cap. Wait for 30 minutes, shake it out without leaving any residue, throw it on your head and go!

Which Types of Wool Caps are Machine Washable?

Merino wool caps are the most common type, which has fine fibers on smaller scales. They are both hand washable and machine washable.

Angora wool has incredibly hollow fibers, which makes them fragile and easy to get damaged, so machine washing is not recommended. Handwashing is the preferred method for angora wool caps.

Cashmere wool beanies are popular for their fine fibers and soft feel. Even though hand wash is best, you can machine wash them if the care label has instructions.

Note: Don’t forget to turn the cap inside out or insert it into a pillowcase while washing. Always go for machine wash  if the care label allows machine wash.

How to wash wool baseball cap

Final Thoughts

Since buying your baseball cap, you’ve worn it more times than you can remember, and deep down, you should have realized it needs cleaning too.

Our ultimate guide might now have given you a clear answer on how to wash a wool baseball cap and how you should not. Are you still having a hard time choosing which method is the best to clean a baseball hat? No doubt, handwashing is the best way to retain the shape of your structured baseball cap for a long time! Better safe than sorry!

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