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Wash A Hat With A Hat Washing Frame

How to Wash a Hat with a Hat Washing Frame – The Right Way

You might have read about a hundred ways you can wash a hat, but are you confused about the right way to wash them? Hat washing frames or hat cages aren’t new, but how many of you have used them to wash your hats safely? Forget use; most people aren’t even aware of their existence. If you are someone who’s never heard of a hat cage or someone who’s never used them, you are at the right place! Today, we will make you experts on how to wash a hat with a hat cage.

Your hats are exposed to the most extreme of climates and terrains. So, it’s natural that they will be dirty and stinky by the time you take them for a wash. 

Hats are delicate accessories and need special care, and that’s why we want you to know all about hat frames so that washing your hats is never a terrifying task!

So here we go!

What is a Hat Washing Frame?

A hat washing frame is a shield that protects your hats from damage during washing and cleaning processes, especially if you are going to use dishwashers or washing machines.

Hat washing frames are typically made of environment-friendly plastic and are very sturdy in structure!

What’s more interesting is its shape. It’s almost shaped like a baseball cap, which is why these hat cages are mostly used to wash baseball caps and their variations like flat bills, trucker caps, etc.

Check out our complete guide if you want to know more about baseball cap frames.

What Are the Benefits of Hat Washing Frame?

1. Both Dishwasher and Washing Machine Friendly

Yes, you heard that right. A hat washing frame or a hat cage is compatible with both dishwashers and washing machines. 

Directly throwing in your hats in a machine is a nightmare. But with a hat washing frame, you’ll no longer need to worry about the agitation and spin inside. Same with the dishwasher as well.

2. Your Hat’s Structure Will Remain Intact

The most important thing about your hat is obviously the shape. If a baseball hat no longer looks like one, the whole purpose of the hat is lost. And washing frames ensure that your hats remain well-protected and rock-solid even in the toughest washes!

3. Hat Washing Frames Aren’t Just for Washing.

Well, it might surprise you, but hat frames have uses other than washing. Any guesses?

If you are a hat person and a traveler, chances are you might carry tons of hats on your trips. You might have also got your hats and caps crushed due to over-stuffing in the suitcases. It’s in such cases that a hat frame is going to be your savior.

Pack your hats in a hat frame. They are compact and saves your hat from any distortion.

What to Know Before Washing a Hat with a Hat Washing Frame?

1. Check the Care Label

If you have never read a care label before, now is the time. A care label will have all the information regarding your hat – from what material it is made, what washing methods are advised, other warnings, etc.

If your hat’s care label says it’s okay to do a machine wash, then you can go ahead with the method. But before tossing your hat in the machine, make sure the hat frames are on!

2. Use ONLY Top-Rack of Dishwasher

If you plan to wash your hat in the dishwasher, once you’ve put the hat in the hat washing frame, KEEP IT ONLY ON THE TOP RACK. 

Also, TURN OFF THE HEAT DRY OPTION before washing hats.

Why is it important?

Dishwashers use extremely hot water to function, and hot water is very harmful to a hat’s fabric. The top-most rack of a dishwasher is the only place that isn’t directly exposed to the heating element; hence the temperature is slightly better for the hats.

3. Use Only Bleach-Free and Non-Lemon Scented Detergents

Choose your detergent with care. Avoid anything that has bleach and citric content in it. The acidity in citrus flavor is bad for the fabric!

4. Top Load Washing Machines are More Hat Frame Friendly

If you plan a machine wash, always use the hat frames with a top load washing machine rather than a front load.

A top-load machine is more gentle on the cleaning action than a front-load that causes a lot of tumbling back and forth movement. Hats or caps, being made of delicate materials, may not survive such extreme movements.

5. Set Your Machine Controls Correctly

Again, if you are machine-washing the hat, make sure the wash cycle is set to ‘DELICATE’ when using hat frames. 

DO NOT overload your machine with clothes. Avoid heavy clothing like jeans, rugs, etc.

USE ONLY cold water and maintain a small or medium water level. Hot water will damage your hat’s fabric!

6. NEVER Put Hat Washing Frames with Dishes

Hat and dishes require different dishwasher settings. So do not put the two together. 

If you put them together, instead of getting your hats cleaned, you might get them even dirtier with food particles stuck on them!

Which Are the Type of Hats that Can Be Washed in Hat Washing Cage?

All types of Baseball caps – fitted, flexifit, dad hats, snapbacks, flat bills caps, trucker hats, curved bills, etc can all be washed using a hat washing frame or a hat cage. But always check your hat’s care label to confirm if your hats are machine-washing friendly. 

And always make sure you buy the right-sized hat frames for your caps.

How to Place Hat in a Hat Washing Frame?

Your hat washing frames come with an instruction manual on how to use them. Do go through it before anything. 

If you don’t find a manual and are clueless about it, worry not! We’ve got you covered.

  • If you have a hat washing frame, you’ll see two clips in the front and one at the back. With your thumb, push the clip at the back to open the frame. DO NOT open the front clips. Once it’s opened, position your hat inside the frame. 
  • Press down on the back clip to lock the frame. Make sure the cap sits tight inside and there is no free movement. To check this, you can give a bit of a shake to the frame; if the hat isn’t moving, that’s perfect!

How to Wash a Hat with a Hat Washing Frame

How to Use a Hat Washing Frame in the Dishwasher

How to Use a Hat Washing Frame in the Dishwasher?

Hat enthusiasts will never agree on washing hats in a dishwasher, and it’s a long-going debate. We think dishwashers are a good option for baseball caps and variant hats as long as they are washed using a hat frame!

Let’s see a step-by-step guide on how to use a hat frame in the dishwasher.

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Pre-treat the Stains 

If your hats are super-dirty, it’s always best to pre-treat the stains using a stain remover. Apply a small amount on the specific stain areas and leave it for about 30 minutes or more, depending on the amount of staining.

Step 2: Place Hat in the Hat Frame

Place your hats in the hat frame as we explained. Once the hat is snugly fit in the frame, keep the frame on the top-most rack. 

Step 3: Add the Detergent

Add the required amount of detergent to the soap dispenser. As we said, make sure the detergent is free of bleach and is non-lemon scented.

Step 4: Set Your Machine Controls

Adjust your dishwasher to a NORMAL setting. SWITCH OFF the HEAT DRY option.

Step 5: Dry the Hat with the Hat Cage

Once the wash cycle is complete, it’s time to dry the hat with the hat cage to retain the shape for a longer time. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. 

Find a spot with good air circulation and let the hat air-dry.

How to Use a Hat Washing Frame in Top Load Washing Machine

How to Use a Hat Washing Frame in Top Load Washing Machine?

Hat frames work well with top-loading machines. Their functioning is more gentle and suitable for washing hats using a hat frame. Let’s see how.

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Place the Hat in a Hat Frame

Like we explained, place your hats in the hat washing frame so that they fit just well.

Step 2: Set Your Machine Controls

Ensure the machine is on a Delicate cycle and use ONLY cold water. The water needs to be at a small or medium level, and do not stuff the machine with many clothes. The washing frame will need some space to move around.

Avoid adding heavy fabrics like jeans and rugs. Stick to lightweight clothes if you’re washing the hat with general laundry.

Step 3: Dry the Hat with the Hat Cage

Once the cycle is over, take out the hat. Set it to air-dry.

Can You Use a Hat Washing Frame in the Front Load Washing Machine?

NO. It is never advised to use a hat washing frame in a front-load machine. Front-load machines may clean better, but the constant back and forth or the tumbling action is bad for the hat and hat frame.

How to Wash a Hat with a Hat Washing Frame

Final Thoughts

Hats complete the outfit; there is no question about that. But the question we always have is how to wash a hat, more importantly, how to wash a hat with a hat cage or a hat frame. 

Now that we’ve solved it for you, you can wash your hats easily and confidently in a dishwasher or a washing machine using hat frames.

Hat frames or hat cages are the best gifts you can give your hats if you want to see and wear them longer!

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