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What Is A Golf Hat

What is a Golf Hat? – 15 Types of Golf Hats & Caps

If you’re an avid golf player, you would have definitely realized there’s so much to love about golf. And the feeling when you first break 100, 90, 80, or even 70 helps you feel how much you are head over heels in love with golf! But what if you lose your shot when you fail to see the course ahead of you without a proper golf cap to make your vision clear? You got it, you’ve to change your golf cap, and you’re already at the right place! We have types of golf hats to help you hit your next shot!

What Is a Golf Hat?

Some people think a golf hat is just a hat, but it’s more than that. A perfect golf hat should speak more about your personality and bring out your golf etiquette when you’re approaching sport. Remember, no silly hats! A proper golf hat should protect you from the sun even if you’re in the ground all day. And, gentlemen, wear the cap only with the bill facing forwards!

Should  Golfers Wear Only White Hats?

No. There aren’t official rules to wear only white and white during a golf game. The colors of golf hats are not specified in the dress code. Some golf courses might have strict rules, but some don’t. No matter what color is chosen, wearing appropriately is a common courtesy among golfers.

types of golf hats and caps

15 Types of Golf Hats

1. Golf Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are mostly structured caps with rounded crowns and stiffer brims,   very easy to pull together with anything,  class up your look, in addition to offering you shade. The inbuilt moisture-wicking sweatband prevents your sweat from dripping through the brow and disturbing your focus. 

Mostly fitted baseball caps are meant for sports for their snug fit style without closure in the back. Go for a snapback cap for a one size fits all style. Dad hats are not preferable for golf since they offer a loose, relaxed fit. Beyondbaseball, baseball caps are for all sports and everybody!

2. Golf Beanie

A beanie is a head-hugging type of wear that covers your head, forehead, and neck. They are available with cuffs and without cuffs. Cuffed beanies can be folded up and down to cover your ears when you feel hot.

If you’re going through a biting winter season now, forget ball caps or visors! The beanie is a lifesaver to hug your head and protects your ears from the chill blow. They are made up of thermal insulating fabrics, which makes them extra potent against cold. They are one of the universal flattering hat styles and instantly cover up an unruly mop of hair in the blink of an eye! What’s not to like?

3. Golf Bonnie Hat

Bonnie hats were initially camouflaged and traced back to their origin in the military. Bonnie hat is a hat that is designed with a wide brim and a crown. Because of their malleable crown and shapeless form, they are a perfect match to break their silhouette and cover up the identifiable shape of soldier’s heads.

Okay, what do Boonie hats have to do with golf?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear one. They give you a holiday look, with excellent sun protection. Their unstructured shapes are easily foldable to tuck into your bag without taking many shapes. Additionally, they are designed with drawstrings to hold on to your head and not let the pesky wind steal your cap!

4. Golf Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are hats made out of simple soft cloth and designed with a wide downward sloping brim. They are very popular hats among people for their comfortable, non-stiff fit like the baseball cap, fedora, or Panama cap.

By offering a loose, relaxed fit, they offer more shade than ball caps. One of the most important things to consider when buying bucket hats is their drawstrings. When some people hate them, some prefer them for windy conditions. When fake teens in “Pen 15” to BTS love these informal, playful bucket hats, why shouldn’t you give it a try?

5. Golf Cowboy Hat

This Western-style classic cowboy hat is designed with a wide brim, bigger crown and provides shade around your head, face, neck, and shoulders. While cowboy hats are catching your attention everywhere from Lil Nas X’s old town road to your road, why not try the new trend?

Did you know that, in earlier days, it was designed to survive in all seasons, from the hail, shine, rain, or snow!  But certainly, there are other more contemporary hats with modern technology to survive the rain. However, for summer golf, make a cowboy hat your signature style!

6. Golf Fedora

A fedora hat is a type of hat designed with a small brim and an indented crown.The crowns of the fedora can be creased into teardrops, diamonds, center dents, side dents, gutter dents. It is usually designed with a snap-brim which can be snapped up or down.

One of the notable hallmarks of fedora hats is, they can be creased, shaped, bent into multiple styles according to the taste of the wearer. There was once a time when no man leaves the house without a fedora! Bring back the vintage style again with your favorite sport!

7. Golf Flat cap (Ivy Cap)

Flat caps, also called ivy caps, are softly rounded caps designed with a smaller, stiff brim in the front. It has an even and trimmed silhouette, with a triangular profile based on the single-piece construction. The body of flat caps is usually pulled over the brim to create its iconic shape.

They make a softer statement than fedoras and Panama caps. Flat caps are not popular like other hats, but if you know how to wear them and do it right, they are sure to make you stand apart from the crowd. Bring a lovely British charm to your outfit and create a strong impression with your flat cap!

8. Golf Floppy Hat

Floppy hats are particularly designed to provide shade to the head, neck, and shoulders of the wearer. They are mostly made up of straw and are designed with wide floppy brims to protect yourself from UV rays.

Undeniably, these floppy hats are trending in social media for their picturesque look. Say goodbye to sunburns with wide-brimmed floppy hats!

9. Golf Gambler Hat

A gambler hat is a rugged style, which is designed with a round, oval crown and contains a wide brim with a small upturn on the side. Some hats come with brims that can be flipped or down with for sun protection.

Who says it is only related to a deck of cards, lemonade, and cigar? The name! Give it a try to transport yourself back in time with a golf stick!

10. Golf Duckbill Cap

A duckbill cap is a type of cap that looks similar to ivy(flat) caps. It is made up of cloth fabric, with the peak’s brim looks like a duck’s beak. The difference between duckbill and flat cap is duckbill caps have downward, inward folded brims and are a more fitted style. Flat caps have flat brims with roomy crowns.

11. Golf Newsboy Cap

A newsboy cap, also called a baker’s cap or paper boy’s cap, is a low profile, rounded cap with a small, stiff brim. They are mostly referred to as ivy caps, but they are not similar.  A newsboy cap looks more rounded, puffier, and baggy, designed with eight panels, while an ivy cap is a snug fit when worn.

As the name sounds, these caps were more popular among newspaper boys in the olden days, but today’s modern newsboy’s caps are worn by upper classes for outdoor activities, particularly wealthy golfers. 

12. Golf Panama Hat

A Panama hat, also known as jipijapa hat or toquilla straw hat, is usually a straw hat designed with medium-sized brims. The greatest advantage of Panama is that they are built with UV protection, are lightweight, and are breathable, which makes them an excellent choice for hot, sunny weather.

Panama hats are always about their material and not shape. They are woven from toquilla palm found in Ecuador and are woven there until today. Therefore, this timeless, iconic Panama hat should be in the wardrobe of any golfer.

13. Golf Straw Hat

The straw hat is a wide-brimmed hat woven from wheat straw, rye straw, toquilla straw, parabuntal straw, Baku straw, etc. The main use of the wide-brimmed hat is to protect from sunburns and is used as a uniform.

Depending on the tightness of the weave and the number of holes in a straw hat, it can provide sun protection. The tighter the weave, the better sun protection it will give.

14. Golf Trucker Hat

Trucker hats are caps which are a style variant of baseball caps, designed with the crown made up of foam in the front and mesh panel in the back. The mesh panel design allows good ventilation for the wearer without resulting in a sweat scalp. With an adjusting snapping strap, like snapback hats, they are one size fits all style.

Trucker hats are a summer staple that can shine in your day-to-day wardrobe. If you hate your fitted baseball cap, this trucker cap will save you from sweating buckets.

15. Golf Visor Cap

A visor cap is a type of crownless cap and designed with a visor or bill that sits on your head with the support of the velcro strap that encircles your head. Since it is crownless, it allows good breathability, provides shade, and looks sporty as well. It is also called a sun visor or sports visor.

If you’re looking for extra coverage to beat the summer sunshine disturbing your vision, the visor is what you need! Visors keep you cooler because their open-top allows more breathability than a regular baseball cap. And yes, you can enjoy the sudden gust of cool breeze in the mid-mornings with a visor! Ladies, whether you wear a messy bun or ponytail, you can’t get enough of a visor.

Why do Golfers Wear White All the Time?

Most golfers wear white belts to pair up with their white shoes. Next, white pants are preferred by golfers since they make them look clean, professional and stay a bit cooler in the summer than black pants. And white shirts, you would have guessed! Golfers wear white because they like them!

Why do Golfers Take off Their Hat During Shaking Hands?

It’s a sign of respect and is an important golf etiquette every golfer follows. Taking off their hats and shaking hands with your player shows respect and friendship between each other even in defeat.

What Is the Purpose of a Golf Hat?

We all know that golf courses can take a long time to finish. Golfers should have to stay a long time in the ground under the sun. If you’re a beginner golfer and wondering if it’s just a hat, No! There are three reasons for you to make you understand that you really need a golf hat.

Protect you from UV rays

You would have definitely known that staying a long time under the sun is not good for your health. Harmful UV rays are present all year round, even in the winter too. So don’t let cold temperatures trick you! Get a golf cap without letting the sun drain your energy and provide shade to you.

For a Perfect Vision

A perfect focus is very necessary when playing golf! Under the scorching sun’s rays, your eyes may be very sensitive, and you might miss your target without good vision. Golfers also use sunglasses to keep their eyes cool and comfortable. A golf hat is necessary to take a perfect shot, see the ball flight and meet your target!

To Promote a Brand

The hat is the most selected location by companies to promote a brand since the media works by taking close views of people’s favorite players where the hat is right there with an advertisement to be viewed by the audience. Professional golfers make cash by promoting a brand on their caps. Of course, two benefits in wearing a cap.

Do You Have to Use a Cap or a Hat for Playing Golf?

When it comes to caps, which are more often referred to as ball caps, they are compact in size, snugly fit your head, and provide a lesser degree of shade to the wearer when compared to a hat. A hat is a more relaxed fit compared to a cap, offers more breathability, and provides a greater degree of shade to the head, face, neck, and even shoulders. So, the choice is yours! Having both in your bag saves your game any time.

What to Look for Before Buying a Golf Hats?

1. Check for The Right Size

Make sure you check your head circumference before purchasing a cap. Wearing a too-tight cap may leave red marks on your forehead and reduce ventilation to your scalp. Wearing a too loose cap can make your hat fall off and lose focus.

2. Check the Material

Keep in mind to check the material of your cap. Since the material only determines how comfortable it will be and how long it will last.


Hats made up of natural fabric like cotton are suitable for any season and allow good breathability. Another advantage of the cotton is, they have hypoallergenic properties and are a suitable choice for people with sensitive skin.

Acrylic, polyester, and nylon

Caps made up of these manmade fabrics are a suitable choice for regular usage since they offer long-lasting durability, stretchability, and elasticity. They have stain and shrinkage-resistant properties too.


Soft to touch, light to wear, flexible, durable, and offer a picturesque look to start the conversation. Straw hats are mostly made up of weave straw, toquilla straw, and rye straw.


Undeniably, wool is the best fabric to keep you warm during winter. Another interesting fact is, wool has natural antibacterial properties which kill away bacteria and prevent odor.

3. How Protective is Your Hat

Check the ultraviolet protection factor score in your cap before purchasing a new one. Hats with wide brims provide a degree of shade to your face, neck, and shoulders, and you can prevent wearing sunscreen on your face with the right hat.


Choose a headwear that suits your personality. Brightly colored or caps with patterns will cause distractions. Go for plain black, white, blue, or any muted or neutral tones.


Golf is a gentleman’s game! Of course, both functionality and style of the cap are important. Anything you choose, keep it simple. Baseball caps and visors are the most appropriate golfing headwear.

But today, golfers are trying all the flat caps, panamas, fedoras, bucket hats, and even cowboy hats. Take Ben Hogan, who can’t get enough from his straw hat, and they are allowed on most golf courses. Step up with your own style, create your own statement in the field.

Which is The Best Attire To Wear With Golf Hats?

best attire to wear with golf hats


Go for polo shirts and collared shirts, which are made up of cotton or polyester. Polo shirts are also comfortable like T-shirts. You can also wear roll necks, turtle necks, and don’t forget to tuck them into your bottoms. Women should wear collared t-shirts too. Halter tops, tank tops, crop tops are not allowed.


Wearing shorts is allowed, but not too tight or loose. Your shorts should be no more than 3 inches above the elbow. Casual trousers, khakis, golf slacks are allowed. Go for bottoms that don’t restrict your movement, draw away sweat and let your skin breathe.

Professional golf players love white belts to pair with their golf pants. Do not wear yoga pants, sweatpants, jeans, cargo pants, etc. This applies to both men and women.

Wear Proper Shoes

Go for shoes that are designed with plastic spikes, hard rubber, or other soft spikes. Metal spikes can tear the course, so it isn’t recommended. You can also wear a good pair of running shoes and sneakers if you don’t have golf shoes with you. Sandals and flip-flops are not recommended.

When it comes to socks, you should wear matching socks when you wear long trousers. Go for light-colored socks if you’re wearing shorts. Ankle socks are recommended. Additionally, choose socks made up of moisture wicking fabrics that will not leave your feet sweaty throughout the game.


Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses with you to protect your eyes from UV rays. Wear simple jewelry and avoid dangling earrings which are inappropriate with the dress code and might get caught too. Wear golf gloves to avoid blisters and injuries and a waterproof watch.

These are basic instructions of the golf club’s dress code that you should never forget. However, this can vary from place to place. Never think twice to call your golf club if you’re not sure what to wear.

Final Thoughts

By now, you must have seen a wide variety of choices for a golf hat in our ultimate guide of 15 types of golf hats. One of the most annoying things about golf is when you don’t hit them the way you have thought. As you have already known, concentration and proper visibility are very important factors to be taken care of when playing golf. Get your right golf hat, and not let the sun drain all your energy and disturb your focus. The most important shot of the goal is the next one! “Hit ‘em straight! ”

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