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What Is Button On The Top Of A Baseball Cap Hat

What Is the Button on the Top of a Baseball Cap?

Have you ever wondered what the button is on top of your baseball cap? Yeah, that little thing that digs into your head whenever you wear a headset over your baseball cap. Or that disturbing thing that makes you think about what will happen if you remove the top button of your cap. Mark my word: all parts of the cap have a particular function, and so is the button! Together we have the answers to your questions, “ what is the button on the top of a baseball cap called? And, can you remove the button from your cap?  ”

What Is the Button on the Top of a Baseball Cap Called?

The fabric-covered button which is sewn in the center of the crown in your baseball cap is called “Squatchee” It is also called squatcho.

What Is the Purpose of the Button on Top of a Hat?

All or majority of baseball caps contain a button on the top of the cap, which has lead to many opinions to discover its actual use. While some people claim that it holds a function, many people say it is only for a decorative purpose. Both are true!

In the olden days, the button was located on the top of the hat, where all the six panels meet—the button work as a functional element that supports holding all the six panels together as a crown.

Now, the buttons are used as a decorative element that simply covers the center point of the stitch where the six panels of the cap meet, with the same matching fabric button. It is either made up of plastic or metal and is covered with a fabric material.

Types of Buttons of Baseball Cap

Surprising to find out even that hat buttons have different types. According to continental headwear, the following are the types of top buttons of the baseball cap.

1.     Screen Printed Button-

Allows the wearer to add text or even an image to the top button.

2.     Embossed Metal Button-

Enables you to stamp a customized logo on the button

3.     Woven Label Button-

It contains a logo that is woven on the fabric of the button. Mostly, it represents the brand name.

4.     Metal Button-

The top button of the Baseball cap is made of up metal rivet.

Where Did the Terms “Squatchee” or “Squatcho” Originate From?

Everything has its own name and so the button of your cap, which we might not even think of! The top button of your baseball cap is called a squatchee or squatcho. Sounds weird? There’s a reason!

A baseball broadcaster, Bob brenly, first coined the origin of the name. But additionally, he stated that he heard the button was called a squatcho from his teammate, Mike Krukow from San Francisco Giants team in the 1980s.

Brenly, who was a major league catcher, said that he would advise players to remove the squatcho since catchers didn’t wear helmets under their masks when they were playing. It was a piece of safety advice since the Squatcho will hurt heads and leads to serious consequences when get hit.

When Krukow was interviewed, he added that he found the term squatcho in a book singlets in 1984 from Pittsburgh bookstore. Rich Hall wrote the book, and in the book was the term of the top button of the baseball caps called squatcho.

Both Brenly and Krukow use the terms squatcho and squatchee in the baseball commentary, and that was how the top button of the hat was called squatcho or squatchee.

Should You Remove the Baseball Cap Top Button?

Today’s modern caps are designed with buttons to cover up the stitching and give a complete look to your cap. Since the button is made up of metal rivets, it can be very painful when you accidentally bump on something. If you want to get rid of this repeating pain, you can remove the baseball button.

However, in some cases, removing it improperly can make a hole in the baseball cap, which can get bigger and obvious after frequent usage.

What Is the Button on the Top of a Baseball Cap

How to Remove the Top Button From a Cap

How to Remove the Top Button From a Cap?

If you want to remove the top button of your baseball cap without ruining the shape, follow the steps below:

Materials Needed:


  • Hold the baseball cap firmly in your hand.
  • Secondly, fix the plier to the button and crush it as more as you can. DON’T try to pull it off since it can tear your cap.
  • Crushing it weakens the plastic or metal rivet without causing a hole.
  • Keep crushing until it pops out. You will notice metallic spikes or claws poking out from the underneath of your cap.
  • Turn your cap inside out and remove the claw-like thing. Don’t forget to leave it on the floor, which may cause injuries when you step on it.

Another thing to keep in mind is, NEVER TRY to peel the button of your cap with your hand, which will cause tears.

Some caps can have holes; however, you remove the button. So sewing the cap with matching fabric will solve the problem.

How to Fix the Top Button of a Baseball Hat

How to Fix the Top Button of a Baseball Hat?

Here’s a quick, easiest method to customize the baseball cap’s button of your choice.

Materials Needed:

  • Superglue
  • The fabric of your choice
  • 3 Pcs of cap buttons ( top part, fixing part, and the claw)


  • Firstly, you must glue the fabric with the top part of the button. Fold the fabric around the button while gluing again.
  • Secondly, after finish covering the top part of the button with fabric, glue the bottom of the top part to attach the fixing part to it. Please wait for 2 mins until it dry.
  • Thirdly, take the claw-like thing of the button, mark the center of your baseball cap and poke it from underneath.
  • Fix the button on the other side of the cap.
  • There you are, finished fixing a button to your cap.
What Is the Button on the Top of a Baseball Cap

Final Thoughts

If your love caps but hate their button that digs into the same part of your head multiple times when you wear your headset, you might have an idea of removing the top button of your baseball cap without ruining it. Go with proper instructions in our guide to not cause damage to your cap. Don’t forget what is the top button of the baseball cap called to keep up with the headwear industry lingo!

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