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A Turban is basically a cloth wrapped around the head. Men and women of various cultures wear the turban, and therefore it varies in its wrapping style and shape. One of the most popular styles is known as a ‘Dastar,’ and is adorned by men in the Sikh community.

Turban is one of the oldest forms of headgears with inconclusive origins. The wrapping style can have layers of twisted cloth wrapped in concentric circles around the head, giving a spiraling look to the headgear. It could even be plain, wrapped cloth on a structured frame. The material and appearance vary from culture to culture.

Another popular wearing style of turban is with a fanned-out tail on the crown and a train hanging down at the back. This version is referred to as a ‘Safa’ in western India and is worn popularly in Indian weddings.

Turban is a symbol of pride, strength, and dignity in different cultures.

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