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Sombrero vueltiao is a traditional Colombian hat made from drying and weaving the caña fleche leaves, a regional cane tree. The leaves are sundried for many days to get the distinctive beige or white color. They are then tinted black, and strips of alternate colors are woven and sewn together to provide the black and beige color combination. Some hats even have finer patterns on them.

Like Sombrero, the Sombrero vueltiao also has a wide brim raised upwards and winged upwards so that they have the curved upward part on both sides of the wearer’s head. The crown is cylindrical and frat at the top and slightly tapered so that the bottom is wider than the top.

Sombrero vueltiao is a part of Colombian national heritage and is therefore worn in traditional ceremonies or events such as the Barranquilla’s Carnival.

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