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Taqiyah is the holy cap of the Muslims. Muslim men wear it during religious activities, formal occasions, or even casually. It is a rounded skull cap covering the skull but doesn’t fit very tightly on the head. Therefore, hair around the forehead, ears, and back is easily visible. Other than the round shape, a Taqiyah can be cylindrical, hemispherical, boat-shaped.

Taqiyah is made from a mesh-like, breathable fabric making it very comfortable for wearing for a long time. The base material could be anything including cotton, wool, or fleece fabrics, suiting the weather conditions; however, the weaving technique gives it its distinctive mesh-like appearance.

As Taqiyah has varying styles in different parts of the world, it is known by different names such as ‘Topi’ in South Asian countries, ‘Kufi,’ in the US, and ‘Araqchin’ in Afghanistan.

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