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Conical Asian Hat is the oriental hat worn by rice farmers in many southeast Asian countries. It is a round hat with a conical tip. It is made from straw, bamboo, bottle gourd, or similar woven materials and is used as a sun or rain protector.

The hat is generally bigger than the wearer’s head and therefore needs a chinstrap and an inner headband to keep it in its place. However, the hat’s bigger size is also helpful as it protects not only the head but also the wearer’s neck and other body parts.

The hat is often worn in summers and is also water-dipped to have a cooling effect on the wearer. Although a farmer’s hat, it was, at times, also worn by noblemen in Spanish colonies, who decorated them with jewels to make the hat worthier to their nobility.

Conical Asian Hats Can Also Be Called

  • Asian Sun Hat
  • Asian Straw Hat
  • Chinese Sun Hat
  • Asian Farmer Hat
  • Rice Farmer Hat
  • Asian Gardening Hat
  • Asian Hat
  • Asian Bamboo Hat

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