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Asian Straw Sun Hat | 12 Best Asian Farmer Hats (Conical Hats)

Take yourself to the land of fashion by picking these stylish and catchy hats. These Asian sun hats are originated in Asian countries like Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, etc., and usually used for protection from rain and burning sunlight. In East Asia, Nowadays, these hats are a hot topic in the fashion industry. As a result, the well-known fashion designers are giving their valuable time to bring out the best of these hats instead of the regular hats. So, If you have great taste in fashion, then these hats are only for you. The high-quality material and the unique design of these hats won’t disappoint you without a doubt.

What is an Asian Coolie Hat?

Asian coolie hat is such a hat that is made from bamboo straws and also from other sown materials. These hats are also known as Asian rice hats, Chinese sun hats, farmer’s hats, and also oriental hats. On rainy days and hot summer days, farmers in Asian countries wear these lovely hats. They also used cloth on the top of their head to support these hats.

asian straw sun hats

12 Best Asian Sun Hats

1. Eco-Friendly Chinese Bamboo Hat

Are you looking for an incredible present for your special one? Then grab this marvelous hat and give a huge surprise to him/her. It is a handmade hat, and natural bamboo straws are used to create this gorgeous Asian sun hat. Bamboo straws are consumable, and that’s why it doesn’t negatively affect our eco-system. Another positive part of this bamboo straw is that it doesn’t allow the outer environment heat to transfer through the hat. That’s why it will keep your head warm on winter days and also cool during the summer season.

Things We Like

  • Made by pure natural bamboo straws
  • Maintains heat balance
  • Doesn’t affect on eco-system

2. Adorable Fishing Coolie Hat for Adults

You can’t ignore the cuteness of this Chinese sun hat. The cuteness of this hat is overloaded. The diameter of this hat is 16.5 inches, and the depth is 6 inches. That’s why it can cover your face at ease and protect you from sunburn. You can comfortably carry it because of the lightweight of this hat. There is also a chinstrap in this hat, which will allow you to adjust the hat’s size for getting a perfect fit. If you want to add a little bit of Asian style to your living room, then this hat will be the right one.

Things We Like

  • 16.5 inches diameter and 6inche depth
  • Adjustable chinstrap
  • Protects from the blazing sunlight

3. Catchy Polyester Asian Sun Hat

if you are looking for a hat for your fancy dress parties, then check this amazing hat. This Asian conical hat will make your outfit more attractive and cool. This hat is manufactured with polyester, which provides durability and flexibility to this hat. Due to the tight weave, any kind of outside pressure won’t affect its actual shape. It ensures all-day sun protection and also suitable for hand wash. For a stable fit, there is an internal frame in this hat.

Things We Like

  • Polyester for ensuring durability
  • All-day sun protection
  • Internal frame for stable fit

4. Super Durable Rice Asian Farmer Hat

Durability is the main priority of this attractive hat. This Asian rice is made in such a way that the same hat can be used for multiple seasons. For heavy users, undoubtedly, this hat will be a perfect one. This hat features the design of several leaves on the side portion of the hat. Moreover, the chin strap of this hat ensures your hat stability on windy days. This good-looking hat was made with 100% bamboo straw, which is eco-friendly. Besides, this hat also helps you to get rid of sweat by ensuring a cool and comfortable environment inside the hat.

Things We Like

  • 100% bamboo straw
  • Eyecatching design
  • Suitable for heavy use

5. Eyecatching Asian Bamboo Hat

This handmade hat is a mandatory accessory that is always worn with a traditional dress in Thailand, Vietnam, and some other Asian countries. So, Those who love to collect traditional and authentic items of various geographic locations must check this coolie hat. This hat is 16 inches in width and also 6 inches in depth. Because of this extensive size, it can fit every person’s head and also blocks the burning sunlight during summer days at ease. This hat can pair with every type of outfit comfortably and brings some Asian vibes to your clothes.

Things We Like

  • Protects from the harsh sunlight
  • Brings Asian style to your outfit
  • Adjustable chin strap

6. Premium Looking Traditional Chinese Sun Hat

The moment you see this hat, it will blow your mind. The unique and premium design of this hat is enough for taking you to the land of fashion. If you always love to go with the trend, then you should pick this Asian sun hat. The chin strap of this hat allows a custom fit. Moreover, there are many small gaps all over the body of this hat, and as a result, the air can continuously flow through this hat. So, on hot summer days, it will give a comfortable experience by helping your head to remain cool.

Things We Like

  • Exclusive design
  • Allows continuous airflow
  • Adjustable chin strap for a custom fit

7. Amazing Asian Bamboo Hat for Adults

How can you ignore this fashionable Chinese hat? For rocking a theme party or decorating a wall, it will be a worthy accessory. The material of this amazing hat is pure natural bamboo. The interesting thing about bamboo is that it doesn’t allow the conduction of heat. That’s why during the summer season, it can maintain the heat balance quite well between the inner environment and the outer environment at ease. This hat is flexible, and also you can comfortably adjust the size of it.

Things We Like

  • Perfect for decoration and theme party
  • Pure natural bamboo material
  • Maintains the temperature balance

8. Traditional Homemade Collie Sun Hat

The more you see it, the more you’ll fall in love with this adorable hat. This Asian conical hat is so light that it will not give you an uncomfortable experience during a long journey. This exclusive hat comes in medium size, and so it suits both kids and adults. You can also find an attached chinstrap in this hat, and that’s why, when a strong wind is blowing, it avoids the fall by keeping it tight on your head. Besides, for multiple purposes, this hat is a suitable one.

Things We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Ensures comfortable experience
  • Attached chin strap

9. Light-Weight Farmer Conical Hat

Your special one will be happy as Larry if you give him/her this hat as a gift. Because of this Asian rice hat’s medium size, your face can be covered at ease, and so, the harmful rays like UV rays can’t touch your sensitive skin. When you are on a long holiday or journey, you can comfortably carry it due to its lightweight feature. The elastic closure of this hat prevents on windy days by making it more stable on your head. This hat can be worn at different parties because of the premium and catchy looks of it.

Things We Like

  • Blocks UV rays
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Elastic closure for the stability of your head

10. Black Color Samurai Bamboo Hat

Samurai, the ancient Japanese swordsmen, are the finest warriors you ever know. Their unique sword fight style and their patriotism touches people’s hearts and helps to gain worldwide popularity. So, if you want to have something different for cosplaying, it will be the perfect one for drawing others’ attraction. This magnificent hat is manufactured with natural bamboo straws, which make this hat durable enough. This coolie hat will be a great value for money without a doubt and so, check this good looking hat.

Things We Like

  • Enough durable
  • Manufactured with bamboo straws
  • Best for cosplaying

11. Exclusive Red Asian Costume Hat

Be the crowd’s talk at fancy dress parties and on Halloween parties by wearing this red color Asian sun hat. You can find Hanzi, the Chinese characters all over the body in this hat. The chin strap of this hat will help you to keep it in place. The vivid color of this hat won’t be fade at ease after heavy usage. This wonderful hat also offers you all day sun protection and keeps your tender skin away from the burning sunlight.

Things We Like

  • Ensures all day sun protection
  • Vivid color
  • Suitable for any parties

12. Gardening Conical Sun Hat for Adults

Summer is the best period if you are planning for traveling, hiking, camping, fishing, outing, boating, and so on. But the problem is its blazing sunlight, which ruins the plan. So, for making your summer vacation plans successful, you can choose this Chinese sun hat. This 16 inches round hat ensures the protection of your eyes, neck, and face perfectly. You can also use this hat as a stage prop and also as a themed hat for parties.

Things We Like

  • Ensures protection from the harsh rays
  • 16 inches round
  • Adjustable chin strap

Why Should You Buy an Asian Sun Hat?

 Working outside for too long on hot summer days causes problems like skin rashes and sunburn. This Asian conical hat is highly recommended for those people who spend most of the time outside under the burning sun. Moreover, it is eco-friendly because it can be consumed at ease by the soil of our environment. So, if you want an eco-friendly hat, then try this one. Besides, these premium-looking hats have become a fashion trend recently, and so, for being the central gem of any kind of party, you can buy these eye-catching hats.

How Much Does an Asian Sun Hat Cost?

The prices of these baby boy sun hats are affordable. The range of cost of these hats starts from 10.81 US dollars to 24.56 US dollars. These hats’ average price covers a wide range starting from 17.5 US dollars to 19.5 US dollars.

Final Thoughts

Finally, from the above writing, we can say that whether it is a theme party or a fancy dress party, these hats will be suitable for both and, it will suit your personality without a doubt. Because of this hat’s high-quality bamboo straws, this Asian rice hat is sturdy enough and will remain the same after heavy use. Moreover, whenever you wear these hats, you feel special, and your confidence level will be boosted up. These hats will also help you keep your health safe and sound during both the summer and the winter seasons. That’s why seize these hats as soon as possible and treat yourself and your special one with these exclusive gifts.

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