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How To Fix A Wrinkled Hat

How to Fix a Hat That Is Wrinkled – The Right Way

Is your favorite cap wrinkled and squashed out of shape? We know, washing a hat is a tricky process.  Whether you’ve thrown it in your washing machine, dishwasher, or forgotten it for a while and found it crushed your suitcase, we have a solution on how to fix a hat that is wrinkled and bring it back to its original shape.

One thing you have to do now is don’t regret it anymore and keep reading until the end. We’re here to walk you through the process of what you should know before fixing a wrinkled hat, how to transform your hat into its crisp, structured shape in the easiest ways and how to store it properly.

Can You Fix a Hat That Is Wrinkled?

Yes, you can definitely fix a wrinkled hat after knowing the important stuff about your cap, like the material it’s made up of (in the crown and the visor) and some other factors that you will be reading below. 

Removing the wrinkles out of a cap isn’t rocket science, and you don’t need to cough up a few bucks to a professional hat shaper to fix your cap or buy a new one every season. All you have to do is stay gentle throughout the process so that you can save all your caps.

What to Know Before Fixing a Wrinkled Hat?

Stop here! Before we jump straight into the methods, it’s highly crucial to know the below-mentioned stuff before washing the hat without ruining its shape.

1. The Material Of Your Cap

First things first! Check the material of your cap. Hats are made up of a variety of fabrics today, both natural and synthetic.

Natural fibers like cotton, wool, silk, felt, or velvet are more sensitive to hot water and temperatures, which can make your hat more prone to shrinkage. Hats made up of artificial fabrics like polyester and acrylic can comparably withstand exposure to high temperatures compared to hats made up of natural fabrics.

2. Don’t Miss to Check The Inner Lining and Sweatband.

Probably, most of your hats may be lined up with an inner lining. If you have a baseball cap, it might be lined with a sweatband. If your inner lining or sweatband is made up of genuine leather, or suede, it’s very important to avoid minimal contact with steam.

Since exposing the synthetic leather sweatbands or inner lining to steam, you might have chances to rip them. To prevent deterioration of the inner lining and sweatband, all you have to do is simply use a dry cloth to wipe the moisture when you’re doing a steaming method to remove the wrinkles.

3. Check The Care Label

NEVER IGNORE the care label of your hat for the only reason that’s tiny! They are sewn into the cap for a reason and give you the right information. In addition to mentioning the material, it also tells you what you shouldn’t do with your cap, like no machine wash, do not iron, or don’t use hot water.

4. Check the Visor of the Cap

Probably, if your hat is too old and made before 1983, check the visor! It might be made up of cardboard and not plastic. As you might have already known, wetting cardboard can damage its shape very easily. Tap the brim of the cap, and if it sounds hollow, it might be made up of cardboard. Use Method 5 if you have a cardboard brimmed hat.

How to Fix a Hat That Is Wrinkled

Removing the Wrinkles By Steaming using Kettle

Removing the Wrinkles By Steaming using Kettle

During steaming, the heat and moisture of the steam will work to penetrate the fibers and loosen them up, removing the wrinkles.

This is a very effective method used by professional hat shapers using pricey hat steamers. However, you can do this at home very easily using a tea kettle.

This Method Works For:

Hats and caps made up of felt, cotton,  and polyester, acrylic.

Don’t Work For:

 leather hats, fur hats, velvety hats

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Boil Water in the Kettle

Fill water in a tea kettle with a large spout. If you don’t have a tea kettle, you can also use a cooking pot.

Step 2: Expose Your Hat to the Steam

While you have enough steam, use your kitchen tongs to hold the hat. Make sure you’re at least five to six inches away. Maintain the kettle at a steady temperature so that it is not too hot! Do not overwet your hat while steaming since it might cause difficulty to reshape. 

NOTE: If the sweatband or inner lining is made up of leather and suede, make sure you wipe them frequently to avoid soaking and damage.

Step 3: Let it Dry

After exposing all the areas, gently use your hands to reshape and dry it in your hat form in a dry place WITHOUT DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

Remove Wrinkles Using An Iron

Remove Wrinkles Using An Iron

The heat released from ironing helps remove their wrinkles on the brim and can straighten ONLY the deformed brim of the hat. But, direct heat has the possibility of damaging your cap depending on the quality and age.

SO MAKE SURE you use a cloth or an old t-shirt to place on the area of the hat you’re ironing. Ensure the cotton cloth doesn’t bleed colors too. 

This Method Works for:

Felt hats, cotton and polyester hats, linen, nylon.

Does Not Work for:

Silk, velvet and leather hats, cashmere, real fur and faux fur, wool hats

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Place the Damp Cloth Over the Brim

Gently try to reshape the brim of your hat and cap to its shape by using your hands. Place the hat on the ironing board.

Step 2: Set the Iron to The Medium Setting

If your iron has different temperatures options for different fabrics, make use of it. Otherwise, setting it on a low- medium setting is the safest.

Step 3: Start Ironing The Brim

Gently iron the hat’s brim and be very careful not to rest the iron in the same area of the hat. Maintain the same gentle pressure from your hand throughout the hat.

Step 4: Let It Rest On a Hatform

To reshape the crown, you can wear the crown on a small bowl or a soccer ball which mimics the appearance of your head. You can wear it after it cools.

Soak and Reshape the Hat with Lukewarm Water

Soak and Reshape the Hat with Lukewarm Water

How Does it Work:

Palm leaf hats do not have more chances to wrinkle but can easily deform. Once they are deformed, they can be very stubborn to get back to their shape. Soaking them in lukewarm water can help to soften their brim and treat their wrinkles and deformed shape.

REMEMBER, lukewarm water and NOT HOT WATER OR COLD WATER. While hot water can damage the hat, cold water can cause mold.  The safest temperature for washing hats is 25-30°C. Your lukewarm water should be at an ideal temperature of 15°C to 30°C.

This method works for:

Palm Straw Hats, polyester, acrylic hats (not for hats and caps with leather and suede sweatbands and inner lining). 

Don’t Work For:

Cotton hats, leather hats, wool hats, fur hats,  For caps with leather and suede sweatbands.

Materials Needed:

  • Tub
  • Lukewarm water


Step 1: Fill The Tub With Warm Water.

Firstly, fill the tub with lukewarm water and NOT HOT WATER or COLD WATER. The tub should be large enough to soak your hat fully without any hassle.

Step 2: Soak Your Cap for 20-30 Seconds

Submerge your cap inside the tub for 15-20 seconds. You don’t need to swish it back and forth.

Step 3: Take the Hat Out of the Tub and Dry

After soaking, take out the hat and use your hands to reshape their brims. Stretch them gently to remove the wrinkles and creases. Let it dry.

Use a Ball to Remove the Wrinkles

Use a Ball to Remove the Wrinkles

How Does it Work?

This method is the easiest method without using water. All you have to do is, wear them on a hatform and let them stay overnight to remove their wrinkles. You can also wait 2-3 days for effective results.

Works for:

All types of hats and caps, including hats made up of leather, velvet, fur, cashmere, etc.

Materials Needed:


Method 1: Wear the cap on a hat form

All you have to do is, wear the cap on the ball or a small bowl. You can also stuff the hat’s crown with a balloon or a paper bag ball of newspapers.

Method 2: Reshape the Brim and Let it Stay

Make sure the brim of the hat rests on the surface. Place some heavy books on the brim to bring them back into shape. If it is a baseball cap, wear a brim shaper on the brim. Let it stay overnight. You can also wait for 2-3 days for effective results.

Removing the Wrinkles During a Hot Shower Steam

Removing the Wrinkles During a Hot Shower Steam

As mentioned earlier, steaming helps to loosen the fibers and therefore removes wrinkles.

This method works for:

Hats and caps made up of felt, cotton, silk, wool, and polyester, acrylic

Don’t Work For:

Leather caps

Materials Needed:

  • Hot shower


Step 1: Turn On the Hot Shower

Firstly, please turn on the shower and set it to the hottest setting, and shut the door. Remember, save water! Try to collect the water in a non-plastic tub or have a bath.

Step 2:  Hang the Hat On a Hook

Secondly, hang the hat on the hook where it can be best exposed to the steam only. MAKE SURE it is not exposed to hot water. Exposing the hat to hot water can damage its delicate fibers and ruin the shape. Wait for 15-20 minutes.

Step 3: Let it Dry on a Hat form

After waiting for 10-15 minutes, turn off the shower and gently use your hands to reshape the brim and creases of your hat. Let it dry on a hatform without direct sunlight. Repeat the same method until you see effective results.

Could Any of the Methods Cause Damage to the Hat?

Most of these methods are commonly used, best methods to remove the wrinkles of your hat. Make sure you check out which method is suitable for the fabric of your hat. REMEMBER, DO NOT SOAK ANY HAT IN HOT WATER to remove their wrinkles. That might damage even more.

How to Care and Store for Your Hats?

1.    Hat cages

Hat cages are not only for washing. They are excellent options to retain your ball caps’ shape for a long time. They are also lightweight, easy to throw into your bag while you’re traveling.

2.    Hat shapers

Using hat shapers, also avoid wrinkles in your hat and maintain their crisp and structured shape. The best part is you can also wear a cap along with the hat shaper, which is available at jaw-dropping affordable prices.

3.    Hat boxes and Cedar Drawers

When you’re storing your hats and caps, which are made up of natural fabrics, make sure you keep them in hat boxes without any moisture since fabric-eating bugs love to live on natural fabrics. This can lead to holes and wrinkles. Cedar drawers are also an excellent place to keep them away.

4.    Keep Your Hat Clean

Last but not least, wipe them with a damp cloth daily after usage and keep them fresh in a dry environment by placing them in a hat form. This prevents wrinkles, and prevents inner deterioration, cleans up sweat stains, keeps your hair healthy,  prevents hair loss and  dandruff.

How to Fix a Hat That Is Wrinkled – The Right Way

Final Thoughts

In the end, we should not leave you without appreciating, searching how to fix your wrinkled hat without throwing it away, spending a few bucks for buying a new hat, or for professional reshaping.

A hat is not a hat! It might have been with you in many of your favorite moments, like during your favorite sport, graduation, or your dinner date, and throwing it away will be disheartening. But now, you have almost mastered the art of removing the wrinkles of your hat by being so patient! Now, take the next step!

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