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Types Of Hat And Cap Shapers

Hats & Cap Shapers | 18 Types of Shapers and Crown Inserts

Unarguably, when it comes to baseball caps, the look of the face depends on how your baseball cap sits nicely on your head without looking like a flat pancake! For that, you need a clean and crisp-looking, structured hat or something that gives structure to the cap while wearing it! Sounds great? If you feel your cap should look better and chicer on you, you’re already on the right page to check out about the hat shapers or baseball crown inserts. Believe it or not, you’re going to love these hat paddings if you hate the weird space on top of your crown!

What is a Hat Shaper?

A hat shaper is a hat liner that can be inserted into the hat’s crown, which holds the crown up to give a structured appeal to the wearer’s head. Baseball crown inserts are mostly made up of high-quality, closed-cell foam and are just ¼ inches, 6mm thick, and don’t cause any discomfort.

These hat shapers come in various styles to suit the particular shape of your hat. Hat shapers are also called baseball ball crown inserts, foam hat liners, hat panel inserts, hat paddings, or hat supports.

What Are the Benefits of Crown Panel Inserts?

  1. Hat shapers are inserted into the crown to retain the shape for a long-lasting time after washing it.
  2. While wearing them, they prevent sweaty scalp, are skin-friendly, and avoid discomfort.
  3. Soft foam lining prevents deterioration to the inner lining of the cap.
  4. It gives a fuller look without leaving extra space on top.
  5. They are also available for Panama hats, fedora hats, snapback caps, ball caps, flat caps, flat top caps, eight-point cover caps, straw and sun hats, etc.
  6. The baseball cap crown inserts are odorless, crack-resistant, dustproof, resistant to oil, and long-lasting.
  7. They are available at extremely affordable prices.
types of hat shapers

18 Types of Hat Shapers

1. Baseball Cap Crown Inserts

Baseball caps crown inserts are used to restore the crown shape of your baseball cap. They are made up of high-density closed-cell foam, which fills the extra space on the top of your crown and prevents deterioration of the inner lining due to sweat and body oils. You can use them as a shape retainer while drying and traveling or even wearing them.

They are very comfortable and skin-friendly with your head since they are made up of soft foam, and you won’t even feel the discomfort caused by the brim’s edge.

Works for: Baseball caps, cowboy hats, fedora, and Panama caps.

2. Hat Shapers for Low Profile Caps

Low-profile hat shapers are specially designed for caps with a crown height of 2-3 inches. They are soft and short enough to get hidden behind the edge of the cap and not reveal the secret! Low-profile hats shapers make the crown stand more sturdy and the embroidery logo more obvious. They are weather-resistant, dust and odor-resistant, draw away moisture and provide greater usage by preventing inner deterioration to the cap.

Works For: Low profile caps, dad hats  with a crown height of 2-3 inches

3. Semi Circle Inserts for Ball and Trucker Hats

Semi circle inserts are a more popular option among hat people, which enables the option to cut and resize them according to the shape of their hat. As the name sounds, they can be placed only to the front of the cap and hold their shape.

With caps with a mesh panel, say trucker hats, semicircle inserts are the best option not to look obvious. They are made up of fiber and polypropylene, which guarantees a stiff fit without any discomfort. Another advantageous feature of a semi-circle insert is, they allow more breathability and prevent a sweaty scalp.

Works for: Fitted baseball caps, snapback caps, military hats, and mesh caps.

4. Baseball Cap Crown Web Shaper 

The distinctive feature of baseball caps crown webshaper, which consists of two separate pieces of shapers, which can be installed together when you’re drying your cap or wearing it on your head. The main purpose is to retain the shape of larger dome-shaped caps like trucker hats, fitted baseball caps, six-panel, or 7-panel caps.

Another advantageous feature about web shaper is its space in design which allows good breathability. They are lightweight, dustproof, and hassle-free so that you don’t have to switch them every time.

Works for:  caps with large-sized crowns, like trucker hats and 6-panel caps.

5. Baseball Dome Panel Shaper 

Even though it might look very similar to a web shaper, it is not the same. The key difference between the dome panel shaper and a web shaper is, the dome panel shaper is non-wearable since they don’t have any holes or spaces between them to allow breathability.  Instead, dome panel shapers are useful for storage, travel, drying your caps and an excellent choice for store displays too. The panels work effectively to embrace the crown in an upright position and protect them from further wrinkles.

Works for: all large caps, snapback hats, cowboy hats, and fedoras

6. Hat Shaper for Flat Caps

A flat cap shaper is specially designed for flat caps, ivy caps, golfer caps, newsboy hats, and ascot caps. This flat cap dome panel shaper isn’t wearable on the whole but can retain the shape of the cap for a long time if you stick with the frequent habit of drying and storing your caps with them. To wear them, the panel shaper must be removed with the crown insert left in the crown, which continues to keep your flat crown in shape. They fit with low-profile flat caps, which have a crown height of 2-3 inches, are crack and odor resistant, and waterproof too!

Works for: flat caps, ivy caps, golfer caps, newsboy hats, and ascot caps.

7. Hat Panel Shaper for Flat Top Uniform Caps

Army caps liners are manufactured by keeping uniform caps in mind and folded to fit inside the flat-top crown. They do an excellent job of holding the shape of the crown upright and make the embroidery logo more obvious. Another good feature is, like all other hat shapers, they draw away the maximum of sweat running down the forehead and gives an instant pristine look to the uniform.  They are also available in a variety of styles and designs according to the fabric of the cap.

Works for: caps with flat top crowns, military and cadet caps

8. Dome Panel Shaper for Floppy Sun Hats

A sun hat shaper helps to renew the shape of your sun hat every time it gets deformed. Mostly, they are made up of non-plastic materials which are environmentally friendly, odor and crack resistant, dustproof, and provide long-lasting usage. The dome panel shaper can also be used for floppy hats and bucket hats of one size. They are space-saving alternatives for hat forms that you can use while traveling and for storing.

Works for: floppy hats, sun hats, and bucket hats

9. Cap Insert Shaper for Six Panel Caps

This panel insert has a legendary design and is flexible to be fixed with each panel of a six-panel cap. They are made up of patented ultra-light material, which makes you feel very comfortable when worn.  You can also simply throw it into your bag with this panel insert to reform the shape anyplace.

The panels are light in weight, flexible, and provide good breathability as well. Additionally, they can be cut into the required size and used as a hat protector for sportspeople.

10. Four-Way Hat Stretcher for Circular Crowns

A hat stretcher is a tool used to stretch the size of the crown and provide a more loose fit when it is smaller to your head. They also help to maintain their original shape for a lifetime and prevent shrinkage, especially if the cap is made up of natural fibers.

This four-way stretcher is different from the construction of a two-way stretcher, which consists of wood on all sides and guarantees to stretch evenly on all sides. They are adjusted using the center panel of the hat and do not make a crown longer oval but circular. They are made up of genuine wood, absorb moisture over the sweatband and work perfectly for all types of hats and caps.

Works for: all types of hats and caps

11. Two Way Hat Stretcher Longer Oval Crowns

A two-way hat stretcher consists of two pieces of wood on the top and the bottom, adjusted using a metallic center panel. This hat stretcher is particularly suitable for people who want to make their crowns longer- oval. 

The most important thing to take note of while using a hat stretcher is, you shouldn’t stretch your cap more than ¼” at once. The stretch depends on the material, quality, and duration of usage. To stretch them easily, pop in the hat stretcher and show them to the steam. This steaming method will loosen up the fibers and stretch to the shape of a hat stretcher.

Works for: caps with larger oval crowns, fedora hats, and cowboy hats

12. Heavy Duty Wood Hat Stretcher

The heavy-duty hat stretcher is suitable for all one size fits all caps and consists of two pieces of wood at the top and bottom and relieves pinching. It is adjusted using the heavy-duty turnbuckle in the center and stretches your hat outwards, making it wider. Ensure the labels are up and the panel is parallel to the center of the crown. They make a noticeable difference in the size if you steam your hat with the hat stretcher.

Works for: all one size fits all hats and caps

13. Vintage Wooden Hat Stretcher 

Vintage-style wooden hat stretchers were also used in the earlier times as a hat stretcher and a primitive decor. The wooden hat form is an excellent option to stretch the sides of the crown evenly without any hassle. Since it’s designed with a wooden panel in the center, it’s resistant to rust and carries the admiring, vintage look for a lifetime.  Additionally, the wood makes the hat stretcher and more durable too.

Works as:  both a hat stretcher and primitive decor

14. Hat Latch for Felt and Straw Hats

A hat latch is a must-have accessory for people who love to style the brims of the hats often. A hat latch is also called a hat carrier, hat shaper, and brim shaper. They are excellent options for retaining the brims of cowboy hats and works wonders to hold the brims in position for a long time.

They are mostly made up of plastic and consist of two velcro straps to be fastened together. Whether it is rodeo style, the pro, winner, all around, or the boss, the hat latch holds the back of the brim. They are very easy to use and reduce the effort to style your brims every time.

Works for: cowboy hats and other felt hats

15. Ball Cap Brim Shaper for Curved Brims

A hat visor shaper, also called a cap bill bender, is made up of plastic and can be fitted on the cap’s bill to become perfectly curved overnight. This is an ultimate space-saving option and can be used anywhere. The best time for you is after you hand wash or machine washes your ball caps. This is a must-have accessory for people who have a huge collection of baseball caps. 

16. Baseball Hat Cages

Baseball hat cages are very popular among hat fanatics for making machine washing easy! To be clear, this is an ultimate protective cage that can lock your cap inside, maintain its shape, and keep it in place while you’re washing your baseball caps in dishwashers or washing machines. They are very easy to use and are available in various designs for flat brims and curved brims.

They are made up of ultra-sturdy plastic and protect the shape of your cap while washing in the dishwasher and a washing machine.

Check out to know everything about baseball hat washing cages!

Another great advantage is, you can also use them as storage cases to preserve the shape of your cap while you’re drying and traveling.

Works for: Baseball caps

17. 8 Point Crown Shaper for Navy and Military Caps

An 8 point cover shaper is specially designed for 8 point cover crowns to highlight the cap’s edges and make it look more structured.  The best part is, you can also unsnap them, fold and keep them in your pocket. It’s waterproof, durable, resistant to weather, oil and maintains the shape of your caps for a long time. They are made up of ultra-sturdy plastic, easy to use and carry, and durable.

Works for: Suitable for navy and military caps with 8 point crowns

18. Uniform Hat Shaper

 A uniform hat shaper is used to maintain the shape of a uniform and is adjustable to fit all kinds of one size fits all caps. They are made up of tough material and hold your cap’s shape for a long time. Whether it’s an 8 point cover cap or a baseball cap, this hat shaper is flexible to maintain all hats.

Works for: uniform caps

How Much Do Hat Shapers and Hat Stretchers Cost?

Hat shapers and stretchers cost between 8-25 USD. The prices between them vary according to the material, quality, brand, size, and additional features. If you’re a regular hat person, a hat stretcher or shaper is a must-have tool for you to retain the shape of your cap for a lifetime.

different types of hat shapers

Final Thoughts

Sometimes we fail to understand that we should pay attention to not only the style of the cap but also how to make it look better when it does not fit well. Now you might have a clear idea of how to reshape your hat and make it look crisp and sharp with these easy-to-use hat shapers and hat stretchers.

Whether you have a ball cap, cowboy, fedora, flat top, or a newsboy cap, we have hat liners for all, which work like a miracle on your hats. For all hat wearers, we all need hat shapers and hat stretchers, but we didn’t know it! Go for it now!

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