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What Is A Durag

What Is a Durag? – 18 Things You Should Know (Do-rag)

Anyone who is trying to get the perfect 360 waves should wear a durag without a second thought! We’ve all been there trying our best to retain an amazing hairstyle, especially if it is waves or braids. Wearing a durag works wonders! Beyond being a stylish icon among African-Americans, it has inspired many of us with its mind-blowing benefits. If you’re serious about your hairstyle but new to a durag, cheer up, we’ll walk you through the whole process of telling what a durag is and everything you should know about it.

1. What Is a Durag?

parts of durag

A durag is a close-fitting, stretchable cloth cap, which is tied around the head to secure the hairstyle and has long ends to be tied in the back.   They are used to retain the look for hairstyle and also used as fashion accessories by rappers and helmet liners by sports players and bikers.

Durags are usually made up of cotton, polyester, velvet, silk, mesh and features a knot in front or back of the head. According to Merriam Webster, also called as do rag- rag which protects a hairdo. Durags are also called silky caps and wave caps.

2. What Does a Durag Do to the Straight Hair?

Durags are tight-fitting headwears that cover your head snuggly and helps your hair to lay flat on your head, and prevent it from growing outwards to achieve waves. Wearing a durag during the night helps to reduce unnecessary motion between hair strands and secures the hair in place until the next morning.

3. What is The Difference Between Durag and Bandana?

durag vs bandana

Some people may refer to durags as bandanas, but they are not the same. Here are the differences between a durag and a bandana.

StyleA tight-fitting cloth that fits closely to your head and comes with a cap.A large headband which can be worn around the head, or neck, and face.
UsesUsed as a secure hairstyle, helmet linerUsed as helmet liners, face mask, sweatband
Additional FeaturesIt has long ends to be tied in the back.It doesn’t have ties.

4. A Brief History of Durag

harriet  tubman with durag
This image of Harriet Tubman wearing Durag, taken in Auburn in 1892

Dated back to history during the 19th century, durags had a deep connection with the African American Culture. Do you know where they began from? Slavery!  In earlier days,  poor African American women used to wear scarves to label themselves.

This later developed as durags between the 1930s and 1960s. According to Wikipedia, durags were used to maintain hairstyles in the 1930s during the Harlem Renaissance and the Great depression.

Years rolled over, and during the black pride movement in the 1970s, durags became a fashion statement among African-Americans. Popular rappers and athletes start setting the new durag trend. Sports Players start using them as helmet liners beneath their helmets; however, it was banned by the national baseball association and football league.

But today, rappers, hip-hop artists, and hipsters enjoy creating a signature look with durags. People rock this new style to express themselves, take care of their hair, and reclaim their culture.

5. Who Invented the Durag?

According to New York Times, no one invented a Durag. As mentioned earlier, African-American women label themselves by wearing tight-fitting clothes on their heads. And the use of durags became popular in the concept of protecting hairstyles.

The president of so many waves, Darren dowdy, claimed that his father William dowdy added durag as a part of the hair grooming kit. As he hated the name durag, he named the headwear “tiedown,” which was sold widely in 1979.

6. What Does a Durag Symbolize?

Durags represents the inner-city black culture, and it was most popularized by rappers like Chamillionaire, 50 cents, and nelly, who wore them everywhere! Do Rags were a testament and marker of Africa Americans simply representing their shared experience or understanding.

It was similar to the heart-touching scene when Barack Obama allows his white house staff’s son to touch his head when he whispered that both of their heads look alike. According to highsnobiety, the durag was a reason behind the recognition of their similarity.

7. What Is the Purpose of a Durag?

The purpose of the durag to be worn is to maintain 360 waves. Wave is a hairstyle where the hair is trained to lay down on the head without letting the hair grow outwards. The durag comes here to compress the hair in a curly pattern, preserve moisture, and helps to maintain the 360 wave pattern by holding it in place.

8.  Can You Wear a Durag?

Even though some people labeled durags as rude and criminal, the fashion world is taking back durags again and redefining them. Be it fashion, art, or music, durags have been embraced for being a marker of eye-catching identity. Now, people forget to think about whether it is a cultural appropriation or not and wear a durag if they want!

9. How Long Should You Wear a Durag?

Some of you might love wearing it all the time for its stylish look, but if you’re not fond of it, wear a Durag at least 30 mins to 1 hour per day after brushing your hair and wear it overnight while sleeping to retain moisture and hold waves in place.

10. Are Durags Bad for Your Hairline?

The efforts taken to achieve your hairstyle should be made without risking your skin. Make sure you don’t wear durags too tightly. Wearing your durags too tightly might cause red marks or dark lines on your forehead. If you notice a receding hairline, it’s better to minimize the usage of durags and allow your hair to regrow and regenerate itself.

11. Can You Put a Wet Durag on Hair?

Yes, you can put a wet durag on your hair which immediately lays down your hair and prevents mess, and maintains your style. Don’t forget to massage your scalp with a good moisturizer for your hair.

12. Can You Sleep With a Durag?

Sleeping with a durag is a good idea to prevent hair breakage when your head is in contact with your pillow when tossing and turning at night. They keep your hairstyle secure, retain moisture and prevent your hair oil from staining your pillows which cause acne and breakouts.

13. What Happens if You Wear a Durag for Too Long?

Wearing a durag for too long can result in unnecessary strain on your hair roots, which can cause hair breakage and thinness of the hairline. Make sure you give enough time for your scalp to breathe. A sweaty scalp can lead to dandruff and a bad odor.

14. Who Made the Durag a Fashion Statement?

Durags became a fashion statement in the 1970s during the black pride movement. They became widely popular among the crowd when rappers like Jay-Z, Nelly, and 50 cent began to create striking looks with durags. They received a good comeback when rapper A$AP Ferg was seen with waves.

15. Durag Materials  

Velvet Durag

You would have already experienced that velvet gives an instant luxurious look in any shade. Velvet durags are full, delicate, extremely soft to wear, and have a great elasticity to stretch around your head. Another greatest advantage about velvet durags is, they can easily pair up with anything, and you look dressed up without much effort. They don’t fade easily, and their soft feel when touched makes velvet durags an irresistible choice among rappers and artists.

Silk Durags

Silk durags are made up of natural fabric, silk, which contains hypoallergenic properties, and are suitable for people with sensitive scalps. Another good advantage of silk durag is, they reduce hair breakage, receding hairline, hair loss, and thinning.

Naturally, silk durags have good breathability and keep you sweat-free compared to other fabrics. Silk durags help the body to retain heat in cold weather and release heat in warm weather.  On the whole, it helps your body to regulate at the right body temperature.

Mesh Durag

Mesh durags are incredibly popular for their mind-blowing breathability and durability. Covering your head in hot summer may lead to sweat scalp, but mesh durags save you from sweating buckets. Additionally, they are light to wear, easy to clean, and have a good stretchability to stretch to any head size.

Acrylic Polyester Durags

Even though they are called silky durags, sometimes they are not made up of 100% silk. They are made up of manmade fabrics like acrylic, polyester, nylon, and elastane. When they are only made up of silk, nylon, or polyester, the resulting durag is called satin durag. 

When it comes to man-made fabrics, they have long-lasting durability, stretchability and are resistant to shrinkages and wrinkles. Additionally, they have moisture-wicking properties to draw away sweat and keep you sweat-free throughout the day.

16. Best Durags

1. Velvet Durag

If you’re new to durag, this black durag will never get wrong. This black velvety fabric is extremely soft that it will tempt you to touch every time and takes your waves to the next level. Made up of durable velvet and lined with polyester, it delivers long-lasting durability with excellent stretchability. It is designed with double wide and extra-long straps, which provide the right fit and prevent dark lines after removal. This is the best choice because,

  • Made up of velvet and lined with polyester
  • Available in 17 colors
  • Rich, luxurious look
  • Designed with long, thick straps
  • Long-lasting durability

2. 4 Pcs of Silk Durags with Caps

If you’re a regular durag user, this combo pack of 8 pcs, 4 pcs of headwraps, and 4 pcs of close-fitting wave caps is a great deal for the money! These caps are made up of silk and have enough stretchability to fit any head circumference. Since the close-fitting caps come with an elastic band, you don’t need to worry about fitting.

  • Made up of silk
  • Combo pack of 8 pcs
  • One size fits all style
  • Good stretchability and elasticity
  • Long durability
  • Suitable for regular usage
  • Available at affordable prices

3. 3 Pcs of Mesh Durags

Forget about sweaty scalp during this summer when you have these 3 beautiful mesh durags for the best prices! Since the durags are made up of high-quality chinlon, they offer amazing breathability until you don’t feel like you’re wearing one. Customers love their cool mesh design, high quality, versatility, and long tie tails to provide a snug fit.

  • Made up of high-quality chinlon
  • Combo pack of 3 pcs of mesh durags
  • High-quality design
  • Long tails
  • Good breathability
  • Affordable price

4.  Satin Durags

Check out their stylish combo of satin durags which will instantly make you stand apart from the crowd. Made up of satin, all durags are lightweight, breathable, very easy to wash, and also dries quickly.  These durags are more suitable for smaller to average head circumferences and are a great value for the buck. Additionally, it also comes with a close-fitting cap that helps secure your hair in place throughout the night.

  • Made up of satin
  • Combo pack of 4 pcs of durags with cap
  • More suitable for small to average head sizes
  • Affordable price
  • Long-lasting durability

17. How Much Does a Durag Cost?

Durags cost between 9 USD to 20 USD. The prices of durags vary between the material, size, brand, quality, number of pieces, and additional features like caps. If you’re interested in durags, you can definitely go for them without a second thought since they are available at affordable prices and have mind-blowing benefits on your haircare.

18. Benefits of Wearing a Durag

Beyond being a popular fashion accessory, durag is a deep cultural item with awe-inspiring benefits that most of us fail to notice. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or protect your hair from damage, this durag is an ultimate solution with 12 advantages.

1. To Maintain 360 Waves

One of the hottest hairstyles which are getting all the rage is waves. Creating this style is not so easy and requires a lot of effort when not done correctly. Once done, the cool flattened curls make you stand apart from the crowd. Without durag, waves are not easy!

Waves is a process of flattening and training your hair in a curl, wavy pattern. Hair growing outwards is a problem when you’re trying to achieve waves, and this is when a durag comes in. Durag makes your hair lay flat to your head, secures them in a place, and helps them grow in the trained direction to achieve your new look.

2. Reduce Frizz and Hair Breakage

When we sleep, our bodies, including our scalps, become dehydrated. Dry scalps produce not enough natural oils, making our hair look dry and frizzy the next day.

Additionally, your cotton pillowcases may absorb the oiliness in your hair and cause breakage in your hair strands when you toss and turn during the night. Wearing a silk cap reduces the unnecessary friction on your hair and seals in your hair’s moisture.

3. Straightening the Coarse Hair

If you’re a woman, you might know how hard it is to straighten your hair every time you go out. Usually, before straightening, perming the hair frequently may weaken, denature your keratin proteins, dry and weaken hair strands. A durag helps to keep your hair strands in place and avoid detangling.

4. Helps During Workout

No more disturbing hair strands in your way! This durag cap saves you from adjusting your hair strands at least  50 times when you’re in the gym.

Durag also has moisture-wicking properties to draw away sweat and keeps your scalp dry. Make sure you wear a sweatband to be extra comfortable. It also prevents sweat from dripping through your brows and secures your hairstyle in place even if you move.

5. Maintains Hair Hygiene

The cleaner your hair, the more healthy your hair. Beyond being a fashion statement and keeping waves intact, a durag helps your hair to maintain healthy hygiene. It reduces the contact of your hair with the dirt, dust, debris, smoke present in the atmosphere.

This further decreases the risk of developing scalp infections, dandruff, hair loss, etc. Whether you’re going on a bike trip, camping with friends, bringing your dog out, this durag is a stylish accessory to cover up your head.

6. Ready to Go Hair

Whether you have short dreadlocks or waves, this soft silky cap helps reduce unnecessary movement of your hair strands, keep your curls intact, and make your next morning easier! No need to worry about spending a lot of time setting your hairstyle again.

7. Protects Hair From Weathers

Whether it is summer or winter, headwear is necessary! Don’t let the cold temperatures trick you!

Even if the weather is not too cold, UV rays are produced all year long, which can damage your hair. Wearing durags helps to trap our body heat and keep us warm. Additionally, the scalp is more prone to dehydration in winter, which can lead to dry scalp. Durags help to retain moisture.

During summer, durags help to cover up your head against harmful UV rays and prevent the risk of sunburns. Make sure you don’t wear a darker shaded durag in summer, which will absorb heat. Go for lighter shades as much as possible.

8. Used as Helmet Liners

Are you observing hair fall when you are wearing helmets?  Regular usage of helmets for a long time leads to the accumulation of sweat, bacterial growth, which in turn causes fungal infections like dandruff and hair loss.

Another important cause might be traction alopecia, which might result in hair loss. Wearing helmets for a prolonged period increases pressure on your head and damages your root hairs easily. Wearing do-rags as helmet liners reduces contact between your helmet and head, reduces stress on your hair follicles. They also prevent odor, oil, sebum, and sweat from entering your helmets.

9. Saves Money

In the world of pricey hats and caps, durags are getting incredibly popular for being fashionable, functional, and affordable at the same time. Whether you’re going for a workout, traveling on a bike, or sleeping in your bed, this durag is the ultimate solution to protect your hair without compromising your style wherever you go. Since they are made up of high-quality fabrics, they are durable and have excellent stretchability and elasticity for a long time.

Final Thoughts

By now, you would have known what a durag is and must have been inspired by the mind-blowing benefits of durag.  Even though it was seen as sarcastic headwear in the olden days, today, they are high-end fashion statement pieces.  Take David Beckham, Eminem, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner,  50 Cent, who have already started to rock the style, and now, durags are in great demand, and people are snatching away at great deals. Aren’t you?

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