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A Pillbox Hat is a flat-topped brimless hat for women with straight upright sides. The hat’s shape resembled a pillbox, and that’s how the hat got its name. The pillbox hat doesn’t cover the entire head and is more of a fashion accessory than a protective hat.

A Pillbox hat is appropriate for cold weather as these are made from wool, fur, velvet, and similar warm materials. These hats are mostly solid-colored and are known for their simplicity and elegance. Therefore, they lack decorative accessories such as feathers and trims. However, they are at times accompanied with a veil to commemorate a solemn occasion.

In many Commonwealth countries, a forage cap similar to the Pillbox hat was worn by soldiers. It had a chinstrap for stability. However, now the Pillbox hats are worn on formal occasions with evening gowns and dresses.

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