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French Hood is 16th-century headwear for women that was round in shape. It was worn over a close-fitted cap known as the coif. The coif was made of linin and tied under the chin. French Hood had a black veil attached at its back; however, sometimes, the veil was replaced with a silk or a linen crepine. On top of the crepine or the coif, there was a stiff piece of a band-like structure known as a paste. This was of a contrasting color for aesthetic purposes and was decorated with beads and pearls. Finally, the construction was completed with borders known as billaments.

French Hood was a symbol of liberalism in that era as its shape left some part of the hair uncovered. One of the most famous wearers of this headwear was Anne Boleyn; however, it gained popularity in England when Mary Tudor, the then Queen of France, visited the English court in the early 1500s.

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