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A Fascinator is, in fact, a hat alternative than a hat in itself. It is like a purely ornamental hair accessory. It provides absolutely no weather protection. The Fascinator is a very small and round construction worn with a tilt or a slant and has an ornamental decoration protruding upwards from it, attached to the band.

The Fascinator is a recent headwear that has become popular since the 1990s. It adds formality to the attire and is worn by women along with formal dresses and evening gowns. At times, the Fascinator is decorated by a net or a veil over it to make it even more formal.

In its current form, the Fascinator is very similar to cocktail hats worn in the 1960s, but the term has been in use for a long time for many different kinds of decorative hat alternatives. As of the current time, it has come to be referring to a particular style of headwear described above.

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