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Chenille Vs Velvet

Chenille vs Velvet. Learn the Difference (With Pictures)

Chenille vs Velvet is one of the most challenging comparisons because both are formed using piled techniques. However, by looking at each of them, it is quite clear to tell them apart. So the question arises, what makes these two look so different from each other. The secret lies in how the yarns are put together to form the final fabric. This post discusses the Chenille vs Velvet distinction in detail and helps the reader decide which is more suitable for them.

The Main Difference

The most prominent difference is the look of the two fabrics. This is an outcome of how the two fabrics are woven using pile weave.

Chenille looks like a caterpillar; in fact, Chenille is French for the caterpillar. Chenille is formed by twisting the short length threads around a core yarn at right angles. This gives the fabric the bunched look.

On the other hand, Velvet is formed by slicing the piled cloth into two pieces so that the upper layer is separated from the lower layer. This leads to loose threads coming out and giving the cloth the raised look.

What’s Warmer Chenille vs Velvet?

Both fabrics are warm enough and suitable for making winter wear. The preference arises mainly from the look of the two products. Warmth doesn’t become a decisive parameter in the case of these two fabrics. Therefore, warmth is not a core point of distinction in the Chenille vs Velvet debate.

What Is Chenille and Chenille Fabric Properties?

Chenille Hat

Chenille has a distinct look. The fabric has a raised surface that is soft to touch. However, the pattern looks as if it is formed of tiny squares fused together. This is achieved through the twisting of short lengths of thread between the loops of the core yarns. Thread material can vary. Some commonly used fibers are silk, rayon, wool, and cotton.  Therefore, it is not always true that Chenille will be warm. Only that Chenille, which uses wool fibers, is warm.

To make the piles stick together, the piled yarn is steamed before weaving into a piece of fabric. This makes The yarn retain its texture and gives the fabric a distinctive look.

Some of the most prominent properties of Chenille are as follows:

  • Soft & Raised: As the short threads are piled and twisted, they create a raised effect that makes it fuzzy to touch or make it looked bunched. This also gives the fabric the softness it possesses.
  • Drapes well: Thefabric uses pile weave, which gives it the distinctive draping property. It makes it a popular choice for apparels.
  • Long-lasting: Pile weave makes the fabric very strong and durable
  • Wash Care & Maintenance: The fabric requires maintenance and gentle wash because it can shrink easily.
  • Iridescent: The right angles of the fibers reflect light and make the fabric look shiny and iridescent. Both these properties add to the fabric’s beauty.     

What Are Velvet and Velvet Fabric Properties?

Velvet Hat

Velvet again uses pile weaving construction that brings the raised look. Originally, silk was used, but now polyester and rayon are also used. The fabric is produced on the double cloth loom. The initial fabric woven in the loom is thicker.  The last step of production uses a cut knife to separate the upper and the lower layers. This cuts the thread into pieces, which gives it the softness and fuzzy and raised look.

There are different kinds of Velvet, each having a unique texture or look that makes it worth the effort producing it. Some properties of Velvet fabric are:

  • Softness: The fabric is very soft due to the pile weave and cut knife impact
  • Iridescent: Similar to Chenille, even velvet has iridescent or the color changing quality.
  • Warm: Velvet has good heat retention quality, which makes it perfect to be used in winter products
  • Wash Care: It is advisable to wash velvet products by hand and in cold water. Hot water should never be used while washing.
  • Durability: Velvet is a heavy, robust, and highly durable

Chenille Hats Vs Velvet Hats

Comparison PropertiesChenille HatsVelvet Hats
Uses (for)Casual & FormalFormal Wear, Accessory with Dresses and Gowns, Casual Wear.
Ideal ForUnisexUnisex
AdvantagesSuitable for winter wear, Stylish look, easy to cleanIdeal for winter wear, Stylish look, easy to clean
DisadvantagesExpensiveLess warm for very cool places
DurabilityStrong and long-lastingStrong and long-lasting
WeightRelatively lightRelatively heavy
Waterproof MaterialNon-waterproofVery expensive velvet is waterproof
Reflective MaterialNot reflectiveSlightly reflective
Care and MaintenanceGentle hand wash onlyGentle hand wash only
Types and StylesRibbed Beanie, Pom Pom Beanie, Cuff Beanie, Pull-On Hat, Snow Cap, Floppy Hat, Twist CapCaptain’s Cap, Beret, Vintage hats & caps, Beanie, Skull cap, Slouchy beanie, Horse riding helmet, turban
AvailabilityEasily AvailableEasily Available
Prices$5 to $50$1 to $60

What Are Chenille Hats for?

Chenille is a warm material, and therefore, Chenille hats are great for cold weather. They can be worn on formal and casual occasions, based on the hat design. If raw material other than wool is used, then it can also be worn in summers. The classic and iridescent look makes it very appealing to wearers.

What Are Velvet Hats for?

Velvet hats are suitable for winter wear as well. There are many options available for both men and women. These can also be worn on any kind of occasion, whether casual or formal, depending upon the style of the hat. The casual hat is perfect for hiking, biking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

The Best Chenille Hat

This is a casual but stylish beanie hat with a cute pom at the top that gives it an attractive look. It is perfect to be worn in winters and suitable for women. It comes in several different colors. It is a great holiday present too. Chenille knit makes it soft and warm.

This is a Chenille Fedora for women made from Fleece. It is appropriate to be worn in summers, on the beach, or even in light winters. It comes in three elegant pastel colors. It can be combined with dresses, beachwear, or even daily casual wear.

The Best Velvet Hat

Extremely classy velvet Russian hat available in multiple colors. It can go well with many formal dresses or on casual occasions. It is a stylish option that is soft, warm, and attractive. It is an entirely vegan option as no animals were harmed in its production. There is a pull on closure on this hat.

It is a casual velvet baseball cap. It comes in multiple colors and is suitable for both men and women. It fits well with almost all adults. It has a buckle closure on it that can be adjustable. It is perfect for outdoor activities in slightly cold places. It has an attractive look and can be a go-to accessory with daily wear.

Final Thoughts

Chenille vs Velvet is a comparison of looks and not of other properties. Chenille has more options for women, but Velvet has more options for everyone. Both are equally great for winter if wool is used as the raw material in producing the fabric. These are durable products but should be hand washed in cold water to avoid shrinking.

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