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Tweed Vs Twill

Tweed Vs Twill. Learn the Difference (With Pictures)

Tweed vs Twill is a sought after distinction because they are similar sounding words. However, they are very different from each other. Tweed is a pattern, while Twill is a weaving style. Although these two mean different things, one of the reasons why the confusion has erupted is because Twill weaving is used to create the Tweed pattern. This post focuses on explaining Tweed vs Twill in detail. In this process, the readers will understand which is most suitable for them.

The Main Difference

As explained above, Twill is a weaving style. Textile products have three weaving techniques – Plain Weave, Twill Weave & Satin Weave. When different colors of threads are used to create a specific kind of pattern using the Twill weaving style, the resultant pattern is known as Tweed.

As Twill is a weave, it can use various fabrics as raw material. However, Tweed uses wool mostly. Therefore, Twill products don’t need to be warm. Twill most commonly uses cotton or polyester fabrics. However, Tweed is always warm because the fabric used is wool.

What’s Warmer Tweed or Twill?

Twill may or may not be warm, depending upon the fabric used as raw material. Tweed always uses wool material, so it is warm. When Tweed is the subject of discussion, then indirectly, Twill is also being discussed. However, as Tweed is only a subset of Twill, it can be conclusively said that Tweed products are warmer than those Twill products which are not Tweed.

What Are Twill and Twill Fabric Properties?

Twill Hat

Twill is a fabric weave. It can be thought of as at the other end of the weave spectrum as compared to Satin. Satin has a single warp thread and multiple weft threat, while Twill has multiple warp and a single weft.

Suppose there is a 3/1 Twill fabric; it will have one weft thread woven over 3 warp threads and then under 1 warp thread. Further, every row of thread is offset by the row above it. This leads to the diagonal pattern.

There are several patterns that use the Twill weave. These differ in the raw material used or the kinds of patterns created using the Twill weave. Some of the popularly known Twill weave patterns are:

  • Tweed: Multiple colors of yarn or threads are woven using a Twill weave. The raw material used is wool; therefore, Tweed Twills are warm.
  • Denim: The heaviest application of Twill weave is in Denim fabric. The Raw material used is pure or blended cotton.
  • Chinos: Although similar to Denim in the Twill weaving style, the raw material used is much lighter than Denim jeans.

Other applications of Twill are jumpsuits or overalls for industrial workers, upholstery, and accessories.

Some of the most prominent properties of Twill are as follows:

  • Long-lasting: The fabric is durable or long-lasting and therefore extremely appropriate for products that are exposed to rough handling or wear and tear. This is one reason Twill is common in industrial overalls, upholstery, denim wear, and winter wear.
  • Opaque: Each material has its own application. Opacity makes Twill perfect for clothing, upholstery, and curtains.
  • Difficult to get stained: As the pattern is diagonal, it hides dirt easily. Therefore, it can be worn several times before needing a wash. This is another reason why the Twill weave is used in Denim. Denim wear is most popular in casual wear and worn while working on projects that involve a lot of dust.
  • Doesn’t wrinkle easily: Another reason why Denim can be worn multiple times without requiring ironing. Twill doesn’t wrinkle easily.
  • Wash Care & Maintenance: As it doesn’t get stained quickly, it is a low maintenance weave. If it is a Denim Twill, then it is a machine wash product. However, Tweed Twill is a gentle wash product because the base material is wool, which can shrink easily.

What Are Tweed and Tweed Fabric Properties?

Tweed Hat

As mentioned earlier, Tweed is a type of Twill achieved using multiple color threads and woolen raw material. There is a little history surrounding it. It has Scottish origins and was initially called Tweel. Tweel is very similar to Twill in its sound. However, a merchant misinterpreted the name as Tweed thinking that it was named after the Scottish River Tweed. This is how the pattern came to be known as Tweed.

It even has a royalty associated with it. Back in 1848, the famous Balmoral Tweed was produced by Prince Albert. It became the emblem of his estate in Balmoral. Later on, the trend caught on to other estates as well, and each produced their own Tweed fabric. This is how Tweed gained its classic and stylish appeal, which is carried on to this date. This is why Tweed is still used in high-end suits, blazers, jackets, and some accessories.

There are endless types of Tweed patterns; however, some of these are the most popular and are listed below:

  • Saxony Tweed: The wool comes from Merino Sheep, and this type of Tweed was first made in Saxony in Germany. As Merino wool is very soft, the Tweed made out of it is also soft and smooth.
  • Herringbone Tweed: The weaving is patterned to form V-shaped patterns looking similar to fish bones.
  • Barleycorn Tweed: Again, named after the pattern’s shape, the thread work looks like barleycorn kernels.
  • Cheviot Tweed: The wool comes from the sheep found in Cheviot Hills. The pattern is rough or coarse to touch, and it is slightly heavier compared to other Tweeds.
  • Donegal Tweed: It originated in Donegal, Ireland, and uses rainbow-colored threads. It is popular because of this distinctive colored pattern.
  • Harris Tweed: This is the Champagne of Tweed. Only that Tweed that is handwoven & finished on Outer Hebrides island, by the locals can be termed as Harris Tweed. Further, the wool should be pure and should also be spun on the island. 

Tweed has mostly similar properties to Twill. However, other Twill fabrics might require lower maintenance and could be machine washed; however, Tweed requires gentle wash because the wool can shrink.

Tweed Hats Vs Twill Hats

Comparison PropertiesTweed HatsTwill Hats
Uses (for)Casual, Semi-Formal, FormalCasual
Ideal ForMen, Women, Everyone elseUnisex
AdvantagesWarm, Durable, Doesn’t stain easily, Stunning PatternsDurable, Multiple fabrics, Suitable for all weathers, Doesn’t stain easily
DisadvantagesCan’t be machine washed, expensiveNot appropriate for all occasions
DurabilityHighly DurableHighly Durable
WeightRelatively heavierRelatively lighter
Waterproof MaterialNon-WaterproofNon-Waterproof
Reflective MaterialNon-ReflectiveNon-Reflective
Care and MaintenanceGentle hand wash, low maintenance as doesn’t stain easilySome Twill hats don’t require a gentle wash, low maintenance as doesn’t stain easily
Types and StylesNewsboy hat, Flat Cap, Peaky Blinders Hat, Baseball cap, Deerstalker hat, Irish Walking Hats,Baseball cap, Bucket hat, Safari Hat
WeatherWinterDepending upon the raw material, suitable for all-weather
AvailabilityRelatively more options availableRelatively less options available

What Are Tweed Hats for?

Tweed hats can be used on casual and formal occasions. Depending upon the color chosen and the kind of attire to pair with, Tweed hats can be worn on any type of occasion. As they are made from wool, they are more suitable for winter. There are a lot of options for men, women, and everyone else.

What Are Twill Hats for?

Generally, Twill hats are more popular in cotton or polyester materials apart from Tweed hats. Therefore, they are more suitable for summer, spring, hunting, fishing, and similar times. These are mostly casual looking, and so, they can’t be worn on formal occasions. More suitable for baseball games and outdoor activities.

The Best Tweed Hat

A stylish cotton and wool blended hat newsboy hat for women. It comes in several vibrant colors. It goes with all kinds of attire, casual and formal, and comes with an adjustable drawstring. It has a vintage appeal and is a lovable product.

A Donegal Tweed hat made of 100% wool and has a Taffeta Viscose lining. It has an Irish design and wide brim. It comes in three different colors and can be paired with casual and semi-casual attire. It requires a little more maintenance and delicate care.

The Best Twill Hat

The classic baseball hat available in multiple colors. Made using 100% cotton. It has a buckle closure, and one size fits most adults. It is perfect for men while playing baseball or going for any kind of outdoor activities such as hunting, biking, and hiking. It can be worn casually, too, with daily attire.

A unique US Flag bucket hat to be worn on the Fourth of July. It is a unisex hat made from 100% cotton. It will bring out the wearer’s patriotism and American Pride.

Final Thoughts

Tweed is a subset of Twill, which is a weaving pattern. Tweed is more suitable for winters and comes in a lot more variety for men and women. However, Twill has lesser options and is more suitable for warmer weather and casual occasion. So if the wearer requires a formal hat, then they should go with Tweed, but for a lightweight and casual look, Twill is better.

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