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Boonie Hat Vs Bucket Hat

Boonie Hat Vs Bucket Hat – The Difference? (Table & Pictures)

Boonie Hat Vs Bucket Hat is a clear cut difference. By looking at the two caps, it is elementary to understand which one is which. Even though both are hats, they have a difference in shape, which is very easy to view. There is no iota of doubt when it comes to these two types of hats. The difference lies in the shape and the nature of the brim. It is explained in detail in this post to help the potential wearers get a clear idea of what they need depending upon their purpose.

The Main Difference

As mentioned earlier, the difference lies in the shape of the two hats.

A Boonie is a typical hat that any military personnel wears. It has a flat or a lateral brim. Also, the brim has a stiff structure that maintains its shape.On the other hand, a Bucket hat is in the shape of a bucket. It has an elongated hump or the top while the brim is soft and droops or points downwards.

This is why it is relatively straightforward and easy to understand or identify the Boonie Hat Vs Bucket Hat.

What’s Warmer Boonie Hat or Bucket Hat?

Although nowadays, both Boonie and Bucket hats are made keeping spring or summer season in mind, originally bucket hat was made from Tweed; therefore, it was a warm hat while Boonie was always meant to keep the head cool or protect it from heat. There are several bucket hat options available in Velvet, Tweed, and other warm materials even today. So it can be safely said that either a Bucket hat is warmer than a Boonie or it is not warm at all; however, Boonie can never be warmer than a Bucket hat.

It is not about the shape. If a Boonie shaped hat comes in a warm material, then it is actually not a Boonie.

What Is a Boonie Hat?

Boonie Hat

Boonie hats are typically used in the military. Therefore, they need to be stiffer. The wide brim of these hats makes them stick in their place. This is very helpful in combat. Initially, these came in easy-to- camouflage colors; however, they are also becoming a fashion statement, so other colors are also available.

In Australia, a cross between Boonie and Bucket hat is popular. It is similar to a Boonie but has a shorter brim. This is known as a Giggle hat that was worn during the Malayan Emergency.

Coming back to Boonies, most of these come with the tie-knot feature to be tied around the chin. This makes the hat stable around the wearer’s head. It prevents the hat from falling as the wearer runs about or from getting blown away by the wind.

Sometimes, Boonies have loops around the crown through which a fabric band is passed. This setup is known as a ‘Foliage band.’ It is used to put some leaves and twigs to enhance the camouflage.

One of Boonies’ most critical purposes is that it is used for heat protection and sweat absorption. It is made from varied materials such as cotton, polyester, canvas, and at times uses Twill weave. It is soft and can be rolled up while packing.

What Is a Bucket Hat?

Bucket Hat

The most distinctive feature of a Bucket hat is its downward sloping brim. Because of the brim, the crown also appears elongated. At times it might seem so that there is no difference between the brim and the crown. However, that is not the case with Bucket hats.

Most of the time, the hat is worn in summer or spring while fishing. Therefore, the material used is cotton, denim, or canvas. However, if used in ice fishing, it is made from heavy woolen fabric such as Tweed.

These hats have their origin in Ireland, and soon they were propagated abroad. Later in the 60s, they became a women’s fashion accessory and soon were worn by men as well. A funny name for these hats is ‘Idiotka,’ used in Bulgaria and means, ‘Idiot Hat.’

Boonie Hat Vs Bucket Hat

Comparison PropertiesBoonie HatBucket Hat
Uses (for)Military Uniform, Fashion Accessory, SailingFishing & Fashion Accessory
Ideal ForUnisexUnisex
AdvantagesProtects against heat, absorbs sweat, can be easily folded and neatly packed, low wash care or maintenance required.Looks stylish, can be made for colder or warmer weathers, soft and foldable
DisadvantagesNon-waterproofThe brim can block the view
DurabilityRelatively less durable if made from cottonRelatively more durable if made from Tweed
WeightRelatively lighterRelatively heavier
Waterproof MaterialNon-waterproofCan be waterproof if made from appropriate material
Reflective MaterialNon-reflectiveNon-reflective
Care and MaintenanceLow care and maintenance requiredMore care and maintenance needed if made from Tweed
Types and StylesCamouflage design, Colorful, With or Without Foliage bandMetal rings on the sides of the crown, With or Without Foliage chin strap, buckled belt around the crown
WeatherSummers and SpringWinter, Summer, Spring, Fall
AvailabilityReadily available but relatively less varietyReadily available but relatively less variety

What Are Boonie Hats for?

Mostly used as part of Military uniforms, they are also a fashion accessory. These protect the wearer against severe heat emitted from the sun. They come primarily in camouflage colors, so they give the wearer a strong personality. These can be worn in the windy and sunny region because the chin strap keeps them stable over the wearer’s head.

What Are Bucket Hats for?

These are essentially a style statement. They can be made from many different materials, including cotton, leather, wool, canvas, velvet, and more. They can be worn with formal dresses or can be worn in fishing and hunting. Depending upon the purpose, the appropriate material and decoration items are used. These are not just for women; they can be worn by everyone and come in several styles matching the wearer’s personality.

The Best Boonie Hat

It is a distinctive military look Boonie hat with an American Flag at the front. It comes with a chinstrap, four ventilation holes, and two snap buttons. The wearer can fold the brim of the hat and button it to add style to her personality. There is also a foliage band to give it a more authentic look. It is a unisex option and can be worn while hunting and other outdoor activities. It is an excellent sun protector.

Yet another Boonie with snap buttons, chinstrap, and ventilator holes. It comes in various colors and styles. There are several camouflage options and many plain options too. It is perfect for camping, hunting, and many other outdoor activities. It is a unisex option and easy to fold and carry. This is a casual chat, not suitable for formal occasions. However, the variety of colors makes it a desirable option.

The Best Bucket Hat

This is a woolen bucket hat that comes in several exciting colors. It can be bought as a single piece or as a combo. It is very soft and skin-friendly. It can be worn on casual or formal occasions because it goes with various attires and styles. It is perfect for cold places and can be worn for a long time. There is a drawstring closure on this, which helps in adjusting it to the wearer’s head. Therefore, it fits most wearers.

A trendy looking bucket hat for women made from PU faux leather.  It comes in two stylish pastel colors, which make it appropriate for club or beachgoers, casual parties, and some semi-formal occasions as well. It comes in multiple sizes and therefore is suitable for wearers of most age groups. The bottom line with this is that it is a simple but stylish option and also great for gifting.

Final Thoughts

If the wearer needs a stylish option for formal occasions, you should choose a decorated bucket hat made from an upscale material. You have a choice between both Boonie and Bucket hats if you want fishing or a hunting hat. It depends on your personal preference. However, if you want a stable hat that stays in its position in sailing, or that which conveys a strong personality, then you should pick a Boonie hat.

Boonie Hat vs Bucket Hat Difference

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