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Fedora Hat Vs Trilby Hat

Trilby Vs Fedora Hat. What Is the Difference? (With Pictures)

Fedora Vs Trilby is the most debated hat topic in the history of hats. These two have so many similarities that they are almost spoken about interchangeably. Further, these two have caused so much controversy that it becomes crucial to explain the difference between the two. There are some very minute differences, but this doesn’t mean that they are invisible. If you really know your hats, you will easily distinguish between your Fedoras and Trilbies. You can decide which suits your purpose and will always be hat ready for every occasion.

The Main Difference

The trick lies in two key features: The crown and the brim of these hats. If you can identify these two differences, you will never have to give another thought about the Fedora Vs Trilby debate. Except while deciding to wear one of these.

Fedoras have a wide brim of approximately 2.5 inches and have a shallower crown of roughly 4.5 inches. The brim can be even wider. The crown is pinched on both front and back and has an inward dent at the top. Trilby, on the other hand, has a narrower brim, shorter than that of a Fedora. These hats are also known as ‘Stingy Brims’ because of their narrower brims. The crown is slightly taller and pointier as compared to a Fedora. However, even Trilbies have a pinched and indented crown, which leads to confusion as both the hats have similar construction.

What’s Warmer Fedora Hat or Trilby Hat?

The answer to this lies in the raw material used in making these hats. In an apple to apple comparison, if both are made from wool, then both are equally warm. So the debate is more on the looks and shape aspects than on the warmth or weather suitability options. Another part of the Fedora vs. Trilby debate is which occasions are they suitable for, which is discussed in detail in the below sections.

What Is a Fedora Hat?

Fedora Hat

Fedora, as mentioned earlier, is a wide brim hat with a shallow crown. Originally, it was a women’s hat introduced in a French play in the late 1800s. The lead character was named Princess Fedora, and it was she who first wore a hat that now matches the description of Fedora hats. Since then, the hat became a trendy fashion accessory and got its name from the character who first wore it. In 1924, Fedora became a part of men’s fashion after the Prince of Wales wore it.

Fedoras have gained popularity through its usage by many mainstream actors and characters, such as Indiana Jones and Sean Connery in James Bond films. Fedoras come with a snap brim, because of which, the wearer can bend it down or adjust it a little. 

Fedoras generally have a ribbon on the crown, even for men, and might even have a bow. There are various kinds of Fedora hats based on their edges as described below:

  • Raw edge cut: This is the simplest kind of a Fedora without any enhancements on the edge
  • Folded edge: The edge is folded inward and sewn in at the brim, making the end of the brim a little more prominent and stylish
  • Ribbon Edge: Instead of a plain edge, there is a ribbon sewn around the brim to give it a more formal look

The most common material used in Fedoras is wool or its alternatives such as cashmere. Most formal Fedoras are made of wool. However, if needed, these can also be made from lighter materials, more suitable for summers, such as cotton or straw. Material is not a defining factor for the Fedoras; the shape can be brought in on any material. 

One of the great qualities about Fedora is that they are very practical. They don’t block the wearer’s view and can be folded and packed without losing the shape. 

What Is a Trilby Hat?

Trilby Hat

As mentioned previously, Trilbies have shorter brims as compared to Fedoras. The brim could be measuring a maximum of 5 cm but generally have a lower measurement. Trilbies are unisex and can be worn on formal as well as casual occasions; However, they are mostly casually worn.

Trilbies are worn with a more relaxed look by pressing it from the back so that it raises from the front. It is an excellent look for musicians sitting around a bonfire or country musicians. One of the most popular celebs seen worn this hat was Frank Sinatra, one of the most famous musicians of all time. 

The hat derives its name from a novel by the same name authored by George du Maurier. When it was first adapted on stage, the short brim hat was first worn, and that’s when it became famous. . It was also a popular hat worn by horse race spectators in Britain. 

Trilby hats are made from wool, tweed, heavyweight cotton, or even straw. Therefore, they can be worn in different weather conditions.

Fedora Hat Vs Trilby Hat

Comparison PropertiesFedora HatTrilby Hat
Uses (for)Formal & Semi-Formal Occasions also for some casual occasionsMost time, worn casually but at times, if made from specific materials and colors, they can be worn formally
Ideal ForUnisexUnisex
AdvantagesWide brim protects from sun, snap brim can be adjusted, stylish accessoryCasual and relaxed look, a popular and stylish fashion accessory
DisadvantagesHave a gangster image attached to it, which might dissuade some wearersToo casual for some formal occasions
DurabilityVery durable if made from wool and its alternativesVery durable if made from wool and its alternatives
Waterproof MaterialIf made from wool then waterproofIf made from wool then waterproof
Care and MaintenanceWool Fedoras are easy to clean but they can shrink easilyWool Trilbies are easy to clean but they can shrink easily
Types and StylesRaw edge, Folded edge, Ribbon Edge
WeatherAll seasonsAll seasons
AvailabilityReadily availableReadily available
Prices$5 to $200$5 to $150

What Are Fedora Hats for?

Fedoras are more appropriate for formal wear and casual wear. Therefore, these are made from rich and expensive materials to make them worthy of the occasion. Further, they go with formal wear such as tuxedos and dresses. A Fedora is worn by pulling it slightly downward at the front so that the wide brim gives ample shade to the wearer. This also brings the formal look that goes well with the attire.

What Are Trilby Hats for?

Trilbies are more on the casual side. Although, initially they were known as a ‘Rich man’s hat,’ nowadays, they are more suitable for everyday wear. These are also worn casually by pulling them down from the back so that they rise from the front, showing a lot of forehead and even some hair of the wearer. Justin Timberlake is one of the most famous people who are often seen wearing a Trilby. The way of wearing itself suggests a relaxed, laid back, and casual kind of a hat.

The Best Fedora Hat

A classic fedora made of 100% wool. It comes in many colors with a matching ribbon and has an iconic and stylish look. It is highly recommended for formal occasions with its subtle colors and finish. Likewise, it is also wearable on casual occasions. However, its unique and classic look makes it a treasured accessory for your most memorable moments.

A nice folded brim Fedora available in multi colors and suitable for both men and women. It has a fleece finish and is made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester (fleece). Instead of the ribbon, it has a buckled belt look, which gives it a more casual look. It can be worn casually or on semi-formal occasions. Further, it is a right choice for outdoor activities such as hunting or wildlife safari.

The Best Trilby Hat

A crushable trilby that comes in 4 classic colors. It can be packed in small bags; therefore, great for traveling. It is made from 100% felt wool. There is a tricolor band on the crown that gives it a sharp look. There is a moisture-absorbing sweatband too, which makes it great to be worn in moist weather.

A unique looking braided trilby is an excellent addition to your casual wear wardrobe. It is made from polyester and blended fibers and is very easy to clean, but only hand wash is recommended. It is perfect for a laid back look. The crown has a teardrop design. It is a unisex option available in two unique shades that will draw a lot of attention towards the wearer.

Final Thoughts

Fedora vs Trilby debate is never-ending; however, now it is more of a preference debate than confusing them. Both hats have their specific looks, which make them more suitable for different purposes. Fedoras are more vintage and formal looking while Trilbies are more casual and relaxed looking hats. So it depends on what kind of look you are going for to choose one from another. Both are stylish and add a lot of style to your attire.

Fedora Hat vs Trilby Hat Difference

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