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How To Wash And Clean Satin Bonnet

How to Wash and Clean Satin Bonnets – Quick & Easy Cleaning

You have your hair rollers on, or you’ve just got a new hairstyle. Just before bed, you are searching for your silk bonnet, and you SCREAM. Why? Because they look really dirty and you do not know what to do about it, because it is your first-ever silk bonnet that you’ve been using for almost two weeks. You have no clue about washing satin bonnets. We know, we feel you!

And this is why we are here for you. Desperate times call for desperate measures, don’t they? This article will take you through everything that you’ll need to know about your satin bonnet. Cleaning them can seem to be scary at first. But the more you read on, the more confident you’re going to get handling your precious satin bonnet!

What is Satin?

what is satin

A lot of people think satin is a fabric material. Allow me to break it to you. It isn’t. It is a kind of weave, and you can have a satin weave of polyester, wool, nylon, and of course, the much-loved silk.

All said satin is very glossy, shiny, and very smooth to touch, especially the ones made with Silk. And talking about satin bonnets, if you want to gift your hair something, give it a satin bonnet and take a break from all those chemical hair products.

Can You Wash a Satin Bonnet?

YES, YES, and a YES. Though satin is very delicate, it is pretty easy to wash. All you have to do is take proper precautions, and your satin bonnet will always look new.

What to Know Before Cleaning a Satin Bonnet?

DO NOT SKIP this section. You might have heard hundreds of things about the what’s and why’s of satin. But you aren’t sure which one is true. Here we have broken down the DO NOTS of washing a satin bonnet in the easiest way possible.

1. Check the Label

It is the first step to washing your satin bonnet. As we said, do not confuse satin to be a material. So, if you want to know what your satin bonnet is made of, read your care label. It will also have washing methods and other important warnings to take note of.

2. Never Wash Satin with Normal Clothes

Satin, being very delicate, will not survive if you wash it along with regular clothes, especially in the machine. The constant whirling with other clothes will ruin your satin bonnets to no end. 

Separating satin bonnets from other laundry is especially necessary if you use a lot of greasy hair formulas. We do not want those oils stains to get stuck to your regular clothes.

3. Your Washing Detergent Depends on the Satin Material

If you own a silk satin bonnet, you need to be extra cautious while choosing your detergent. Being a fragile material, Silk should only be treated with a mild soap or detergent and cold water. Other fabrics like polyester and nylon satins are slightly stronger; hence they can be treated with any liquid detergent meant for delicate fabrics and warm water.

Can You Wash Satin in Hot Water?

 No. Hot water is the worst enemy of satin. It can shrink satin by 10-20%.

How Often Should Satin Bonnets Be Washed?

If you are a heavy hair product user and wear almost every day, we suggest you wash it once a week. You don’t want to accumulate all the oils, dirt, and grime in the satin bonnet; it can damage both the bonnet and your hair.

But if you don’t use many hair products, you can wash them once in two weeks.

How to Wash Satin Bonnets

How to Hand-Wash Satin Bonnet

How to Hand-Wash Satin Bonnet?

The safest way to clean satin is definitely by hand-wash without a doubt. Once you’ve made sure that your satin hat can be hand-washed, you can proceed with the steps given below.

Also, make sure to use a mild detergent for Silk Satin and any delicate liquid detergent for other satins.

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Make the Cleaning Solution

Fill the bucket, tub, or sink with cool water. Add a small amount of the detergent. Ensure the soap is evenly distributed in the water.

Step 2: Soak the Satin Bonnet

Before soaking, make sure to put the bonnet inside-out; we don’t want to harm the glossy, smooth surface. Once it’s done, soak the bonnet in the solution for about 5-10 minutes.

Step 3: Rub the Bonnet in Cleaning Solution

Gently rub the bonnet in the cleaning solution to remove the stains.

Step 4: Rinse the Satin Bonnet

Empty the bucket, sink, or tub with the dirty water. Add clean water and dip your bonnet in it. Soak it for about a minute so that any residual soap gets washed.

Step 5: Air-Dry the Satin Bonnet

Take out the bonnet. Be careful not to squeeze, for the bonnet’s shape will get ruined if you do so. You can place the bonnet on a clean towel to remove excess water. Always air-dry the bonnet in a well-ventilated area.

That wasn’t all that hard, right?

How to Machine-Wash a Satin Bonnet

How to Machine-Wash a Satin Bonnet?

Once you’ve made sure you can do a machine-wash on your satin bonnet, you have nothing to worry about. We understand that hand-washing requires your hands to get dirty as well, and machine washing is mess-free. So, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Put Your Bonnet Inside Out

It is a step you can never skip. 

Step 2: Add the Mild Detergent

To be on the safe side, you can place the satin bonnet in a mesh bag. It will ensure that your bonnet’s shape remains the same after the wash. Add the mild detergent to the machine.

Step 3: Adjust the Machine Controls

While washing the bonnets, always turn on the delicate mode of your machine. The water has to be cool as well.

Step 4: Air-Dry Your Bonnet

Once the wash cycle is done and your bonnets are washed, find a spot to air-dry your bonnet. Ensure it is not drying under direct sunlight. It could harm the fabric.

Can You Tumble Dry Your Satin Bonnets?

It might surprise you, considering satin is a delicate fabric. But you can tumble dry. When we started off the article, you already had your hair rollers or a hairdo done. And you can’t wait till the bonnet gets dried naturally. So, tumble dry is your best bet.

But always make sure you tumble dry them on the lowest heat. Extreme heat is going to damage the fabric.

Can You Iron Satin Bonnets?

iron satin bonnet

YES, you can. But do not use the iron directly on the satin. As we said, satin is not that heat-friendly. Always keep a clean cloth on your satin bonnet and iron. Set your iron to low heat. You should also iron on the wrong side of the bonnet and not on your shiny, glossy side.

Most of your satin clothing will get wrinkled after a wash. Ironing is the best method to get your satin bonnets wrinkle-free.

How to Get Rid of Really Stubborn Stains from Satin Bonnets?

If your satin bonnets have difficult stains on them, try treating them with a  vinegar – water mixture or even an enzyme-based spot cleaner. It will get rid of most of the stubborn stains. But if the stain persists, it will likely be an oil stain, for which you can read the next section below.

Check it out!

How to Remove Oil from Satin Bonnet?

Since satin bonnets are in constant contact with your hair and face, the most obvious kind of dirt will be oil. So, what do we do about oil stains? It’s easy. Sprinkle a small amount of flour or talcum powder on the stains. Leave it for about an hour so that the flour or powder gets enough time to absorb the oil.

After an hour, you can brush off the flour and apply a pre-treat spray. Keep this pre-treat on for about 5 minutes, and then wash your satin with warm water. 

Your satin bonnet is officially oil-free!

How to Care for Satin Bonnets?

Now that your bonnets are spick and span, what do you do? Throw them inside your cupboard? NO. It will ruin all your efforts so far. Just like washing, caring for your satin bonnets is important. So, what can you do? A lot of things.

1. Storing Your Satin Bonnets

If not using, always store your satin bonnets in breathable cotton storage bags. DO NOT store in plastic bags because there is almost no air circulation, and this can lead to yellowing or even promote mildew.

2. Use a Spray to Keep them Fresh.

Even if you are going to wash once or twice a week, it is a good practice to use a fabric spray to remove odors or keep them fresh.

3. Wash Often If You Have Hair Allergies

Hair allergy or hair issues are common things. If you do have any of those, it is better to wash your satin bonnets or even replace them more often.

How to Wash Satin Bonnet

Final Thoughts

A satin bonnet does not just look good on you but also protects your hair in so many ways. Since we know how important they are to you, we have made this guide. Washing satin bonnets will never be a problem for you!

Make every day a great hair day with clean satin bonnets!

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