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What Is A Dad Hat

What is a Dad Hat? – Everything Thing You Should Know

Dad caps have been roaming with us for a long time, but when you have no idea what a dad hat is or how they are different from other caps, you’re not alone! If you’re new to dad hats, you’ve come to the right place to know everything about dad hats.

The best thing about dad hats is you don’t need children to wear them. Jokes apart! Dad hats are a timeless trend, classic accessory and can be worn by everyone, everywhere, anytime with anything! Don’t you think you should know more? 

What Is a Dad Hat?

Dad hats are similar to the popular baseball caps but designed in an unstructured form. They are low-profile caps designed with six panels, not so stiff, and form a floppy crown with a slightly curved brim. They are mostly made up of cotton, soft to wear, comfortable to fit, and easy to carry around.

Why Do They Call It a Dad Hat?

In the earlier days, dad hats were a reservation to be used for adult males. Their unstructured, loose forms hardly fit the head size of a teen or child. Dads and senior citizens only wore dad hats. This is the reason why they are called dad hats. But today, they are manufactured for everyone!

Features of Dad Hats

features of dad hat

1. Brim

The brim of a dad hat is round, pre-curved, but not too curved. The cap’s crown forms an obtuse angle with the brim and generally looks smaller than the structured snapbacks and fitted caps.

2. Front Panels

The main difference between the dad caps from other caps is, they are an unstructured form of a baseball cap.

Additionally, they don’t have a front lining underneath the crown like in baseball hats. Designed with five to six, not-too-stiff panels, they are slightly oversized for a wearer’s head and offer a relaxed fit.

3. Closure Type and Fit

Dad caps are designed with a velcro strap and metallic closure. This enables adjustable closure and is available for everyone in a one size fits all style.

4. Style

Undoubtedly, dad hats are vintage-style accessories and have never taken a break from the hat fashion world. From day to day activities, like fishing, going out with your dog, they have stayed with us permanently.

Not only dads, today mothers, teens, and children can create their own style with dad hats. Wearing dad hats forwards is the best way since the velcro strap or metallic buckle can cause discomfort or red marks in the backward style.

Differences Between Dad Hats and Baseball Caps

dad hat vs baseball hat
  • Firstly, dad hats are mostly unstructured forms and soft to wear, unlike the regular fitted baseball caps.
  • Secondly, they have a pre-curved brim but not too curved like a baseball cap.
  • Thirdly, they are designed with a velcro strap or metal buckle, which the fitted baseball cap doesn’t have.

Even though dad hats might look similar to baseball caps, there are some main key differences you should know to pick what you need. To learn more about the differences between dad hats and baseball caps, click here!

What Materials Are Used to Make Dad Hats?

Traditional dad hats are mostly made up of materials like cotton and canvas. In the olden days, cardboard was used inside the brims to design a stiff and sturdy structure and provide shade to the wearer.

Today, dad hats are made up of a combination of fabrics like cotton, canvas,  polyester, acrylic, wool, linen, and even corduroy. The stiff and sturdy brims of dad hats are lined with buckrams.

Materials like rubber and lycra are used to design elastic bands and improve the elasticity of your cap so that the pesky wind doesn’t steal your hat!

How Did Dad’s Hats Become a Trend?

celebrities with dad hat

Dad hats are trending” even though the statement seems true, they are debatable at the same time. Dad hats have existed for a long period. To be precise, they are vintage, just like the name sounds. Our customers love these floppy dad hats for their unstructured forms, nontough comfort fit, adjustable closure, and ability to pull off with anything.

People snatch them away at affordable prices when they see popping photos of Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner with these dad hats. Unarguably, dad hats are a winner for their mind-blowing utility, versatility, and functionality they offer!

How, Where, and to When Use Dad Hats

How To Use Dad Hats?

Dad hats are versatile accessories to stick with any of your personal styles. The best place for dad hats to shine is your day-to-day wardrobe. Their loose, relaxed fit and pre-curved brims go with any casual wear like oversized tees, graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, crewneck sweaters, distressed jeans, chinos, or baggy trousers. Don’t forget to add your sneakers to your outfit idea to complete the fashion ensemble.

Hat Tip: Mostly, dad hats are worn facing forwards since the backward styling can cause discomfort and itch by the velcro strap or metallic buckle.

When and Where to Use Dad Hats?

Since dad hats are best for daily, casual wear, you can throw and go running to the grocery or when going to the gym class. Since they are mostly made up of cotton, it offers good breathability and keeps you sweat-free in summer. Yes, you heard that right! This is a perfect functional piece which can be worn with various outfits and makes you stay cooler in the shade even on a hot sunny day.

How to Not Wear a Dad’s Hat?

  • Don’t Wear it Too Tight  – Unlike the snug-fitting baseball caps, dad caps offer a more relaxed, oversized fit for your head. Since they are available in one size, don’t use their adjustable strap to wear them too tight and leave marks on your forehead.
  • Avoid Wearing Them Backwards- As mentioned earlier, wearing dad hats backward can cause discomfort and itch to the forehead by the velcro strap in the front. So, wearing a dad’s cap forward is a more comfortable option.
  • Don’t Wear the Wrong Fabric for the Season- As long as you feel comfortable with your cap, the fabric doesn’t matter.

But sometimes, it’s better to understand the material before buying one for the season. If you want a cap for summer, which keeps your scalp sweat-free and breathable, go for a cotton dad’s hat.

If you’re searching for something long, durable, and suitable for the rainy season, go for caps made up of manufactured fabrics like polyester and acrylic.

Want to keep yourself warm in the cold? Go for wool or corduroy hats without a second thought.

Best Dad Hats

1. Adidas Dad’s Hat with Strap Back

When you’re new to dad hats and not sure to pick which, you really can’t go wrong with this six-paneled Adidas cap. Made up of 100% cotton, it guarantees breathability and keeps you sweat-free throughout the day with its inbuilt sweatband. With an iconic trefoil logo embroidered in the front and back, this is a winner with mind-blowing ratings and reviews.

  • Made up of 100% cotton
  • Six-panel construction
  • Unstructured, relaxed fit
  • Trefoil embroidery logo on the front and back
  • Unisex
  • Strap back closure
  • Amazing customer reviews

2. Carhartt Men’s Dad Hat

Take a look at this six-panel, unstructured cap from Carhartt, which will add an extra bit of texture even to the simplest outfit and completes it. With a myriad of 17 colors available, they make your selection easier without searching anywhere else.

  • Made up of 100% cotton
  • Six-panel construction
  • Unstructured, relaxed fit
  • Medium profile with pre-curved visor
  • Designed with a moisture wicking sweatband
  • Carhartt label is sewn on the front and on the closure strap
  • Hook and Loop closure for an adjustable fit

3. Outdoor Cap Mountain Dad Hat

Simple, sophisticated, and sleek! The tiny mountain embroidery offers a hint of refinement to the cap. Since it’s unstructured, you can fold and throw it in your bag easily without occupying much space. This cap is available in 5 more muted and neutral tones; check them out at affordable prices now!

  • Made up of 100% cotton
  • Six-panel construction
  • Unstructured, relaxed fit
  • Low profile with pre-curved visor
  • Simple mountain embroidery design
  • Adjustable antique brass buckle closure
  • Available at affordable prices

Final Thoughts

Dad caps came into the scene in the 1970s when mostly used by the players on the baseball field. Soon, people wore them outside the pitches, and they were all the rage in the 1990s. After celebrities set the new trend of dad hats, they were an instant hit and were a favorite among teenagers and adults. Today, they are worn by nine years old to ninety years old.

By now, you might know what a dad cap is. Don’t you think the evolution of dad hats deserves a hat-off? Maybe, a hat on! Go and get the timeless style, dad hat now!

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