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How To Reshape Baseball Hat

How to Reshape a Baseball Hat – All Things You Should Know

Days after days, game after game, travel after travel, you might start noticing creases and dents on your favorite baseball cap! Even though hats are just hats for some people, some of you will be so obsessed with your caps since they might have been in your favorite moments, whether it’s a game, concert, or gathering. If you’re having your misshapen cap in your hand and up the creek without a paddle, you’re on the right page to check out the effective methods on how to reshape a baseball hat and bring it back to the original shape.

What to Know Before Reshaping a Hat?

1. Read the Care Label

First things first! Care label is there for a reason in your caps. Many of us may fail to check this out, but they give a clear idea of what you should and shouldn’t do with your cap. Read the care label of your cap.

If your cap is a very old one, chances are there for its brim to be made up of cardboard. So, extra care is needed for those caps. Caps’ bills today are made up of durable plastic and withstand reshaping.

2. Know The Material

No two manufacturers make their caps in the same process, not even the same material. Today’s caps are made up of cotton, polyester, spandex, acrylic, wool, leather, linen, corduroy, etc.  Man-made fabrics can withstand hot temperatures to relieve shrinkage; natural fibers don’t.

Exposing the wrong type of fabric in hot water might damage their fibers and shrink the size of the cap. So, make sure you know what type of fabric you’re dealing with.

3. Understand What the Issue is, Not to Repeat it

A bad workman blames his tools! A cap can never go wrong by itself. Whether you’ve accidentally sat on your cap, or found squashed under your clothes, or forgotten about it until the next season comes, reshaping your by hand for once doesn’t fully do the trick. Make sure you clean your cap and store it properly after every usage.

How to Reshape a Baseball Cap Crown?

How to Reshape a Baseball Hat Crown Using a Kettle

Reshape a Baseball Hat Crown Using a Kettle

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Fill the Kettle with Hot Water

Yes, your kettle can do more impressive things than hot beverages! Turn on the stove and start heating the water in your kettle until you can see lots of steam from it. Be careful with hot water and keep your face aside!

Step 2:  Show Your Misshapen Hat Before the Steam

Expose your cap in the steam path in a way that the steam permeates both inside and the outside. Use your hands to reshape the dents and creases in your crown and brims. Make sure you don’t overexpose your hat to steam since an overly moist hat makes reshaping difficult. Allow your hat to sit and dry and repeat the process.

Note: If you don’t have a kettle at home, don’t sit back! You can use a regular cooking pot to steam. You can also use a clothes steamer, plug into the hottest setting, and shape your hat.

How to Reshape Your Baseball Hat Crown in Hot Shower

Reshape Your Baseball Hat Crown in Hot Shower

Materials needed:

  • Hot shower
  • Hook


Step 1: Turn on Your Shower to The Hottest Setting

Place your cap on a hook or shower door, and turn on your shower to the hottest setting, and shut the door. Make sure it is near the exposure to the hot air and not the water.

Step 2: Wait for 10- 15 Minutes and Reshape

Don’t waste water! Save all the water by using a non-plastic tub for reuse. After 10 minutes, turn off the shower and use your hands to reshape the cap. Let it air dry your cap without direct exposure to sunlight!

How To Reshape the Brim Of a Baseball Cap

How to Reshape the Curved Brim of Your Baseball Hat Using Ball

Reshape the Curved Brim of Your Baseball Hat Using Ball

Materials needed:


Step 1: Spray Your Cap with Water

Fill water in the spray bottle and spray the baseball cap with water. Don’t immerse the cap in water and make it overly wet.

Step 2: Wear the Cap On a Small Bowl

To reshape the dents and creases of your crown, and wear the cap on the small bowl.

Step 3: Use a Band to Fix the Ball Under The Brim

Use your hands to curve the brim of the cap gently. DO NOT bend the brim of the cap. Tie the brim of the cap with a regular-sized ball, and be sure it’s pulled down and stay tight.

Step 4: Dry the Cap Using a Heat Source

Use a radiator or space heater to dry the brim of the cap. This makes the hat completely dry. After drying, untie the ball and remove the cap from the small bowl.  Leave it for a day or two for effective results.

How to Reshape The Curved Brim of Your Baseball Hat Using a Cup

Reshape The Curved Brim of Your Baseball Hat Using a Cup

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Wet Your Cap in Warm Water

Fill the water in the tub with warm water and submerge your cap in the tub.

Step 2: Press Out the Water

DO NOT wring the cap or twist it. This may lead to unnecessary damage. Place a towel underneath and gently press out the water.

Step 3: Stick the Bill of The Cap into a Mug

This is a really effective method to give the hat a perfect curved brim. Ensure the cup’s mouth isn’t too little or wide for the brim to go through easily. Leave the cap overnight with the mug to dry for effective results. Take out the hands and gently recurve the bill if it’s too curved.

How to Make a Large Baseball Hat Fit Without Shrinking?

How to Make a Large Baseball Hat to Fit Baseball Hat

Make a Large Baseball Hat to Fit Baseball Hat

Many people go with shrinking their baseball caps, but what if your cap shrinks more than you expected? You don’t need to take the risk of shrinking your cap to make it fit. Here comes an excellent hack!

The idea of this hack is to occupy some space physically without shrinking and making it fit better on your head

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Cut the Mole foam Padding into a Rectangular Strip

Unwrap the packet of the mole foam padding and place them on the table. Measure the breadth of your sweatband. Use the scissors and cut the padding into a large rectangular strip or two square pieces much smaller than the breadth of your sweatband.

Step 2: Stick Into the Sweatband

Turn the cap inside out, and unfold the sweatband. Expose the self-adhesive layer of the padding and stick it into the sweatband. Flip down the sweatband. The best part is, once you wear the cap, they will stick, don’t move, and get trapped within the sweatband.

Note: The foam padding is skin-friendly and soft to the skin. It doesn’t cause any itching or discomfort when inserted into the sweatband.

Does Bending the Brim Make the Cap Smaller?

No, the brim is a different part of the cap, which is not related to the crown’s head covering part. Brims may be curved or flatten, depending on how you bend them.  Maybe, they can differ in the way they enable visibility.

Can You Shrink a Cap by Putting In a Dryer?

DO NOT shrink or dry by tumble drying your caps! The hot temperatures, increased overload, agitation, and increased spinning may damage the fibers of your cap and ruin their shape.

Instead, you can shrink your cap in warm water in a tub below 30°C. Let your cap stay in the tub, swish back and forth, and air dry after 10 minutes. DO NOT over soak it.

What Type of Caps Should You Steam to Reshape?

When you want to reshape your hats without shrinking, you can steam them using a clothes steamer or under the hot shower or with the hot water kettle.

Caps made up of man-made fabrics are heat resistant and prevent shrinkage while reshaping. However, caps made up of natural fabrics like cotton and wool can shrink slightly under steam when exposed to steam.

How to Store Your Caps Properly After Reshaping?

Storing the caps is as important as cleaning and shaping the baseball caps. Improper storage is the main cause for your cap to lose its shape. You can use baseball washing frames to flatten brims and to keep your baseball hat in shape while you’re traveling.

You can also stack them straight and keep them in your wardrobe. The best way to store cotton and wool caps is to keep them in cedar drawers since they prevent mold and other fabric-eating bugs.

Reshape a Baseball Hat

Final Thoughts

Nothing ruins your look like a poorly misshaped baseball cap. But it’s entirely possible to bring them back to their original shape if you spend only 15-20 minutes reshaping your hats.

To sum up everything, you can reshape your baseball hat using the steaming method with a kettle, hot shower, or clothes steamer. Want to adjust the brim of the cap? Go for the ball and mug method! Also, don’t forget about the technique of how to make your large-sized baseball fitted cap fit your head without shrinking! Trust us or not, you’re going to save all your caps if you follow these effective methods on how to reshape your baseball cap.

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