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Tyrolean Hat Vs Fedora

Tyrolean Hat Vs Fedora. The Difference (with Pictures)

Do you know most formal uniforms have a particular type of hat associated with them? Also, do you know that there is a cap linked to most sports? It is not wrong to suggest that hats hold an important part in appearance and styling. But that’s not it.

With numerous hats available in the market, the selection process can be a little hard. This is where the debate of Tyrolean hat vs. Fedora takes birth. Though most of the distinction is quite clear, knowing the points is important.

So, let us deeply explore the Tyrolean hat vs. Fedora and identify what makes these hats so special.

The Main Difference

The difference between the Tyrolean hat vs. Fedora is quite visible. But still, no doubt pinpointing these differences can make it easier for one to identify the hat type. The main ones are as follows:

Difference 1: Style And Structure

A fedora is a hat with a brim of 2.5 inches or broader and a crown height of 4.5 inches. Pinch crowns, teardrop crowns, diamond crowns, and center dents are common. Raw, folded, and ribbon edges are used. A traditional Tyrolean hat had a crown that tapered to a point and a brim about the breadth of a hand. It comes in various shapes and colors, and it’s frequently paired with feathers.

Difference 2: Material Used

Fedoras are made of felt, leather, paper braid, seagrass, cotton, polyester, and other breathable textiles. Generally, a Tyrolean hat is made from green felt. Though few other materials are available for the same, this is still the most prominent.

Difference 3: Origin

Tyrolean hat originally came from the Tyrol in the Alps. This is now part of Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Fedora hats were first seen in play in the USA, then adopted by many Haredi and other Orthodox Jews.

Which One Is Better For Winters, Tyrolean Hat or Fedora?

When it comes to Tyrolean hat vs. Fedora, the biggest question is to find out which is better for winters. Though both the hats are made from wool or felt, these are a great option to keep you warm. But still, there is a need to find the best one.

Without a doubt, a Tyrolean hat is the most appropriate choice when looking for a warmer hat. Being made from the green felt, and a hat originally belonged to the Tyrol region in the Alps mountains, a Tyrolean hat is perfect. Though Fedora is also available in wool and wool alternative material, it is one that is noted for its style more.

So, if you are looking for a truly warm hat, select the Tyrolean hat.

What Is a Tyrolean Hat?

The Tyrolean hat, also known as the Bavarian hat or Alpine hat, is a form of the headwear that originated in the Alps in Tyrol. Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland now claim it. It’s an important and distinctive part of the local folk costume.

tyrolean hat

A traditional Tyrolean hat is constructed of green felt and has a crown that tapers to a point and a brim about the breadth of a hand. It comes in various shapes and colors, and it’s frequently paired with feathers.

Amazing Facts Of Tyrolean Hat

  • The hats are distinguished by a colorful, corded hatband and a spray of flowers, feathers, or “brush” on the crown’s side.
  • The hatband is a spiraling colored cord created from the hair of the chamois goat’s beard that is wound around the crown to decorate the hat.
  • The hat styles vary slightly; some Tyrolean Hats have a folded brim in the back and a bending down brim in the front, while others have a flat brim all around.
  • The Tyrolean hat became a tourist emblem, representing “Tyrolean culture,” and was highly popular during folk meetings and beer festivals.
  • The homburg is claimed to have been inspired by the Tyrolean cap.

What Is a Fedora?

In 1891, the term “fedora” was coined. Its popularity grew to the point where it overtook the homburg, similar appearance. It was the hat most popular in the late 19th century.

Women use fedoras as a fashion statement and emblem of the feminist movement. The soft brim and indented crown are hallmarks of this hat. Fedoras can have pinches, teardrop crowns, diamond crowns, center dents, and various creases. A crown height of 4.5 inches is normal, with a brim of 2.5 inches or wider.


Fedoras can be made out of wool, cashmere, rabbit, or beaver felt. Mink, chinchilla, vicuna, guanaco, cervelat, or mohair can all be used with this felt. You can use straw, cotton, waxed or oiled cotton, hemp, linen, or leather.

Amazing Facts Of Fedora Hat

  • Initially, Fedora was a hat for women, but in 1924, the Prince of Wales wore a Fedora that made it a unisex hat.
  • Fedoras were widely associated with gangsters in America during the Prohibition era.
  • A ribbon with a bow and a snap-brim are frequently found on a man’s Fedora crown.
  • Asymmetrical brims, vivid colors, unusual patterns, and dazzling ornamentation are popular features of today’s fedoras.
  • Fedoras are usually made by pressing felt over a mold and sealing it with heat or adhesive.
  • Indiana Jones re-popularized the Fedora in the Indiana Jones franchise.
  • The most common materials used in Fedoras are wool or its substitutes, such as cashmere.
  • Fedora hats are well-known for their functional structure and design.

Tyrolean Hat vs. Fedora

Comparison PropertiesTyrolean HatFedora
Uses (for)It is a hat that is mostly associated with the traditional outfit.It is more suited for formal to semi-formal events.
Ideal ForMales with local costumes mostly dons it.It is a hat famous as the hat for women’s fashion.
Distinctive Feature  The crown of a typical Tyrolean hat tapered to a point, and the brim was roughly the width of a hand.A fedora is a hat with a crown height of 4.5 inches and a brim of 2.5 inches or wider.
Material Used  The main material that is used to design this is green-felt. Though the new variants might have different materials, the first is prominent.Fedoras can be made from wool, cashmere, rabbit, felt, straw, cotton, waxed or oiled cotton, hemp, linen, or leather.
DurabilityIt is highly durable and reliable.It is highly durable and reliable.
WeightIt is lightweight.It is lightweight.
Origin Of HatThis hat is originated from the Tyrol in the Alps.This hat was seen during stage plays in America mainly.
HeadbandThe hatband is a colorful spiraling rope wound around the crown and is used to decorate the hat.The headband of the Fedora is a simple ribbon with a bow on one side.
Care and MaintenanceIt is easy to care for and maintain.It is easy to care for and maintain.
WeatherIt is quite prominent in cold weather.It is apt for all the seasons.
FoldabilityIt is easy to fold and carry.It is comparatively harder to fold, but there is an easily foldable version.

What Are Tyrolean Hats for?

Tyrolean hats have a long history associated with their origin and utility. These hats are most commonly associated with the official local folk costume or tracht. This hat is made from felt and is mostly used in cold weather. The Tyrolean hat gained even more popularity due to Edward VIII of Great Britain’s numerous stays in Austrian Styria after his abdication and frequent wearing of a Tyrolean hat. This hat is mainly popular for males and is definitely one with high intrinsic value.

What Are Fedora for?

Fedora is known for its stylish and perfectly practical structure. They are mainly used from formal to semi-formal occasions, making them a classic hat to add to the collection. Initially, these hats were famous with women and were linked to the women’s movement. But later, Fedora turned out to be a unisex hat. It appears very attractive and works well with tuxedos, gowns, and other formal attires. For years, fedoras have been in trend and are one of the best hat choices for hat aficionados. Fedoras have been perfected to offer a stylish look. Furthermore, in Orthodox Judaism, it is an essential part of a man’s clothing.

The Best Tyrolean Hat

Green German Tyrolean Hat

This hat is designed to offer you the authentic look of the green-toned Tyrolean hat. Designed to offer you the optimum comfort level, this hat has a 6-inch high crown and a 2-inch brim. There is no satin lining in the hat, but the rope decor on the cap makes it look exotic. The features are:

  • Material – Felt, Wool, Satin 
  • Closure – None
  • Fitting – Perfectly fitted
  • Care – Hand wash only
  • Measurement – Multiple sizes
  • Nature – Unisex

Tyrolean Ewald Deluxe Grey Hat

This Ewald deluxe hat is a kind Tyrolean hat decorated with ribbons, flowers, and feathers. Designed to suit all the occasions, including Beerfest, Oktoberfest, beer festival, shows, parties, theme parties, this is highly comfortable and easy to maintain. The features are:

  • Material – Felt
  • Closure – None
  • Fitting – Perfectly fitted
  • Care – Hand wash only
  • Measurement – Single size
  • Nature – Unisex

The Best Fedora

Classic Wool Blend with Herringbone Band Fedora Hat

This fedora has a fashionable, elegant, and eye-catching appearance. It looks well with any ensemble, whether vintage, modern, or classic. With a 2″ brim, a teardrop-shaped pinch front crown, and an internal comfort headband, this fedora is sure to please. Designed to offer comfort and warmth, this hat is truly a perfect piece of art. Defined as something that can never go out of style, this hat is all you need to stay classy. The features are:

  • Material – 80% Polyester, 20% Wool
  • Closure – None
  • Fitting – Perfectly fitted
  • Care – Hand wash only
  • Measurement – Multiple Sizes
  • Nature – Unisex

Unisex Straw Fedora Sun Hat

This Fedora hat is made with bendable and foldable material. It can be packed easily to carry around while you travel. Designed with precision, this hat is with a sweatband has an adjustable drawstring making it perfect for everyone. Perfect for both casual and formal occasions, this hat is amazing. The features are:

  • Material – Straw
  • Closure – Drawstring
  • Fitting – Perfectly fitted
  • Care – Hand wash only
  • Measurement – Multiple Sizes
  • ●       Nature – Unisex

Final Thoughts

The debate of Tyrolean hat vs. Fedors is quite a common one. But where a Tyrolean hat is linked to the traditional outfit, Fedors has a close link to the formal attires. While both hats have a prominent place in styling, no doubt understanding their utility can help make a better choice. Designed to offer the optimum comfort, both these hats can help you stay warm, but Tyrolean is a better choice to make in this respect. While if you are willing to make a style statement, Fedora should be your pick. So, plan your styling and get the hat of your choice.

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