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Straw Hat Vs Bucket Hat

Straw Hat Vs. Bucket Hat. The Difference (With Pictures)

The bucket hat is distinctively known for its drooping brim, while Straw hats are a hat category encompassing various hat types. Therefore, in simple words, the Straw Hat vs. Bucket Hat comparison boils down to one single sentence, i.e., some bucket hats can be straw hats. Apart from the drooping brim, there is no other restriction on the material being used for making bucket hats. Therefore, bucket hats may be made from straw or other materials.

The Main Difference Between Straw Hat Vs. Bucket Hat

Instead of just one prominent difference, Straw hat vs. Bucket Hat has two very critical components.

Bucket Hats have a drooping brim, while straw hats mostly have straight brims. A combination hat, i.e., a bucket hat made of straw, has a drooping brim.

Another important difference that is implied by the above difference is that bucket hats can be made from other materials, while the Straw hat is always made from straw. There can be a variety of straw materials used, but essentially the material is straw.

What Cap is Sturdier?

As explained above, bucket hats can be made from materials other than straw. Most times, bucket hats are made from softer materials such as cotton or canvas. Therefore, Bucket hats are softer as compared to Straw hats.

Straw hats are made from different kinds of straw, which makes the construction stiff and sturdy. Therefore, out of the two, there are more chances of the Straw hat being sturdier. In fact, Bucket hats can be foldable; however, Straw hats can mostly not be folded, so it can be safely said that straw hats are sturdier.

What is a Straw Hat?

Straw Hat

A Straw hat can be distinguished from other hats as it is made from straw, while other hats are made from some kind of cloth fabric. There can be different shapes and styles. Some can have a round crown and a flat brim, for example, a Boater hat, while some can have a very shallow crown with a very wide brim so that the crown is not even visible, for example, a Cartwheel hat. Some might not even have a brim, such as the Conical Asian Hat.

Some straw hats, such as the Panama hat or the Leghorn Hat, are made from specific kinds of straw. Panama hats are made from Toquilla Straw, which is found in Ecuador, while Leghorn Hat is made from the straw of Italian wheat.

General Characteristics of a Straw hat:

  • Straw hats are made from weaving various kinds of straws extracted from plants
  • They are highly breathable and therefore perfect for hot sunny days; however, they are not appropriate for winter protection because straw hats can’t be made from any other material
  • Straw hats are sturdy and generally not foldable
  • They can be decorated with a ribbon around the crown, decorative flowers, feathers, and similar materials
  • They are perfect for beachwear, casual wear, and if decorate well, they even go with evening gowns worn on formal and semi-formal occasions.

What is a Bucket hat?

Bucket Hat

A bucket hat has a round crown, but the most distinctive feature is that it has a drooping brim that slopes downward. Generally, bucket hats are made from softer materials, which can be foldable and are extremely comfortable to wear. There can be many variations of a bucket hat; a few common ones are fisherman’s hat and Irish Country hat.

Generally, Bucket hats are made from breathable and lightweight materials such as cotton, denim, canvas, or other similar fabrics. However, the winter Bucket hats can be made of heavier materials such as wool or wool alternatives.

Originally, Bucket hats acted as rain protectors and were worn by farm workers and fishermen. The drooping brim contributed the most to rain protection. However, gradually it became a fashion accessory too.

General Characteristics of a Bucket hat

  • Bucket hats have a round crown and drooping brim
  • They are made from soft and breathable fabrics such as cotton; therefore, they are breathable and appropriate for summer use
  • As made from softer materials, they are easily foldable
  • They are appropriate for casual wear and outdoor recreational activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking

Straw Hat Vs. Bucket Hat

Comparison PropertiesStraw HatBucket Hat
Distinctive ComponentMost Straw hats have a stiff brim except those which don’t have a brim or a Straw bucket hatBucket hats always have a drooping brim, no matter which material is used in making them
Crown CharacteristicsStraw hats have a structured crown because the material used is generally not foldable. This means that the heat doesn’t lose its structure when not worn.Bucket hats have an unstructured crown as most times; they are made from foldable materials. This implies that the hat loses its shape when not worn.
Fit & StabilityStraw hats have a relatively tighter fit as compared to Bucket hat because of the structured crown, but those which need greater stability can have a chinstrap.Bucket hats have a relatively loose fit than Straw hats because of the unstructured crown and can easily blow away with the gust of wind. Even they can have a chinstrap for better stability.
Ideal ForBeachwear, unisex, casual wear, if decorated properly, can be worn with evening gowns for formal and semi-formal wear.Casual wear, unisex, outdoor recreational activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking. Good for rain protection.
FoldabilityStraw hats are generally not foldable because they are made from a stiff materialBucket hats are generally foldable as they are made from softer material; however, Straw Bucket Hats are not foldable.

The Best Straw Hat

This straw lifeguard hat is perfect for when you want to block out the sun while keeping your head cool. The toggle closure and draw cord with a cord lock means this men’s straw hat will be comfortable, versatile, and oversized but still easy-to-wear all day long!

This is a fantastic cowboy straw hat made from Raffia straw. The weave is sturdy, but the hat is extremely breathable because of the air vents all across the crown. Further, the brim is folded upwards, making the wearer look stylish. There is a thin leather strap decorating the crown and enhancing the wearer’s fashion statement. Further, it is available in multiple color variants, making it an attractive option to go with different outfits.

This is a wide and floppy brimmed straw hat with a draw-string closure for additional stability. The black hanging ribbon around the crown makes it look stylish and enhances the wearer’s fashion statement. The wide brim not only looks stylish but it also acts as a fantastic sun protector. There is a sweat-proof band that absorbs the sweat and makes that hat perfect for summer. The classic color variants give the wearer a great variety to choose from.

The Best Bucket Hat

Sun protection is important, but sometimes it’s hard to find a hat that feels comfortable. This Women Bucket Hat from has you covered with UPF 50+, high quality cotton and flax for all-day wear in any situation! It stays cool even when the sun gets hot thanks to its breathable construction, so your head won’t get as sweaty.

This packable bucket hat is perfect for your next outdoor adventure. Made with 100% cotton, it’s designed to be lightweight and cool in the summer heat.

Final thoughts

Straw hat vs. Bucket hat is a comparison more on the lines of which hat to be used when rather than a comparison of the two types of hats. Both hats are very different from each other and, therefore, have varying functions.

The key features such as the nature of the brim and foldability define the purpose for each hat. The wide-brimmed Straw hats are ideal for beachwear, sun protection, formal and semi-formal wear. However, the drooping brim Bucket hats are more appropriate for rain protection, casual wear, and outdoor recreational activity wear.

Further, foldability is another great contributor to the decision-making process. Straw hats are mostly stiff and therefore not ideal for places where foldability is required, such as packing in a suitcase. Therefore, each hat has its own purpose and is best suited for that. Knowing which hat is meant for which purpose is a defining factor in the purchase decision-making process.

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