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Find The Right Hat For Your Face

Find the Right Hat for Your Face Shape | All Different Hats

Yes, we knew it! There is an immense variety of hats to choose from! Fedoras, Panama, boaters, bowlers, cowboy hats, floppy, bucket, sun hats, and the list goes on! But the STRUGGLE IS REAL when finding the perfect hat to flatter your face shape and give a well-proportioned look. Even if you pick up the right size, you’ll be all at sea since you started the hunt. This is all because you’re not finding the right hat for your face shape.

Sadly, most of us and even hat stores don’t understand that face shapes play an important role when picking a hat, and not all hats suit all face shapes. Choosing the right hat according to your face shape helps you highlight the most attractive features of your face. In this guide, we’ve covered everything about determining your face shape easily and which is the best hat for your face shape!

Let’s get this show on the road!

How To Find Your Face Shape?

Whether it is a diamond, oval, round, oblong, heart, or square-shaped, you can find your face shape easily. Here’s how you can find your right face shape without any confusion anymore.

Look Into The Mirror

Step 1: Look Into The Mirror

Firstly pull your hair back. Look into the mirror, and focus on your face outline. Just keep your face happy by widening your eyes and smiling very minimally in the picture. Smiling at minimal makes your cheeks not look slender nor chubby. Focus on your phone’s camera and take a picture.

Take a Print and Draw the Dots

Step 2: Take a Print and Draw the Dots 

Secondly, print out your picture and mark dots on your face in the following areas.

  • On the center of your hairline,
  • The widest part of your foreheads,
  • The widest part of the cheeks,
  • The widest part of your jawline,
  • The tip of the chin
Connect All The Dots

Step 3: Connect All The Dots

Connect all the dots altogether and figure out what kind of face shape you have.

Types of Face Shapes

1. Oval Face:

Your face looks longer than its wide. Your jawline looks curved and will be narrower than your forehead. An oval face looks more like an egg.

2. Heart Face:

The most distinctive feature of finding heart-shaped faces is their heart-shaped hairlines. Your forehead is wider than your jawline, and you will have a pointed chin.

3. Diamond Face Shape:

Diamond face shapes are similar to heart shapes; the only difference is the hairline. If you have a tapered hairline, you will have a diamond-shaped face.

4. Square Face:

If you have a square face, your face is as long as it is wide. Both your jawline and your forehead width will be roughly similar. If your jawline looks straight and less curved, you have a square face.

5. Round Face:

Both squared and rounded face shapes are almost similar. The only difference is, you will have a rounded, curved jawline when you have a round face.

Note: If you don’t have a printer, just outline your face on your computer or mobile. You can also look into the mirror, stand steady, and outline your face using lipstick. Another thing you can do is, after finishing your bath, when the mirror is too foggy, look into the mirror and draw the outline. We told you, It’s easy as ABC! 

Hat Styling Tips For Face Shape

hat styling tips for face shape

1. Round Face

If you have a round face, you must have full cheeks and a rounded chin. Wearing a hat with a high crown, like a fedora, will highlight your wider cheeks and make it more round. Since the rounded face shape has no angles, structured hats with crisp lines make your face create an illusion of looking angular and slimmer.

Going for hats with a structured shape and flat-topped crowns like a boater, baseball caps, or bolero will cover up the round face and make your face look more slender. You can also go for pom-pom beanie hats which add extra length and catch attention with the fluffy pom pom on top.

Hats for Round Shaped Faces:

Boaters, beanies with pom-poms, and baseball hats

2. Oval Face

If you’re an owner of an oval face, you’re lucky since you can play with most of the hat styles. Your forehead will be wider than your jawline, and your face looks longer than its wide.

Hats with downward sloping brims like bucket hats look excellent on you. They ideally balance your long face shape. If you have slender cheeks, fedoras, boaters, and newsboys caps add a touch of refinement to your style. To contrast the egg curved features, you can also go for medium brimmed sun hats.

Hats for Oval Shape Faces: 

Bucket hats, fedoras, boaters, newsboys caps, and medium brimmed sun hats.

3. Diamond Face

The most distinctive feature of a diamond face shape is the pair of high, wide cheekbones. Choosing hats for diamond face shapes can be a tricky task. AVOID going for hats that add more height to your head. This makes your face shape look narrower.

Choosing flat caps makes you look more fashion-forward and completes as an incredibly stylish ensemble. A fair amount of depth and width in flat caps reduces the angles of your face and looks curvy. You can also go for turbans and beanies, and also hats with small to medium brimmed hats with shallow crowns.

Hats for Diamond Shaped Faces:

Flat caps, newsboy caps, turbans and beanies, small to medium brimmed hats with shallow crowns.

4. Square Face

If you’re an owner of a square face shape, your goal should be to soften the angular features and make your face look a little curvy. To hide your angular features in winter, you can go for trapper hats and leave the ear flaps down. The other hat options suitable for you are floppy hats, beanies, berets, and flat caps. Bowler’s hats, with their rounded crowns, also look great on square-shaped faces. Hats with a wider brim, like floppy hats, cross your forehead and reduce the effect of a long face.

Hats for Square Shaped Faces: 

Trapper hats, floppy hats, beanies, berets, cloches, and flat caps.

5. Heart Shaped Face

Since you have a pointed chin, avoid oversized, wide, narrow crown hats, which can overwhelm your narrower face shape. Medium brimmed hats like fedoras, cloches help to balance the widened look of the forehead and flatter your slender face shape. If you’re a fan of wide-brimmed hats, styling your hair into a side-swept hairstyle can cover up the width of your forehead.

You can also leave your hair to touch your jaw to avoid the pointed look of your chin. Heart-shaped faces are often cute, and you can make them look cuter with beanies, fedoras, homburgs. Tilting them a little bit adds a playful touch to the overall style.

Hats for Heart Shaped Faces:

Fedoras, cloches, beanies, baseball hats, flat caps, homburgs, and jockey caps

find the right hat for your face shape

Other Tips to Choose The Best Hat

Know Your Body Type

Another important thing to consider while selecting your hat is your body shape. For example, if you’re a fatter and taller figure, going for bigger hats makes you look well-figured. AVOID going for shorter brimmed hats. If you have a skinny and tall body type, AVOID going for hats with narrower, taller crowns.

Consider Your Skin Tone and Occasion

Make sure your hat complements your skin tone and matches your outfit and the occasion you’re going to. If you have a pink tone, cool colours are more suitable for you. Colours like bright red, brown, pink, black, and tan looks good on everyone.

Keep The Weather In Mind

Select the best material of the hat for the weather. Hats made up of cotton, felt, and leather are good choices for summer, while hats made up of synthetic fabrics, wool, and cashmere keep you warm in winter.

Build Your Confidence

Last but not least, try all your favorite hats and see which is comfortable on your head the fastest. Choose the colors, fabrics and wear what you love.

Final Thoughts

By now, you might have a clear idea of what your face shape is and what types of hats you should choose according to your face shape.

The main key is, if you have a rounded or oval face, the goal is elongation and making your face look angular and slimmer with structured hats. If you have a squared or diamond face shape, go for rounded crown hats and wide brims, which can cut across your forehead, reduce the length and the angular look of your face.

Knowing your face shape is not only important to select the right type of hat, but also for the hairstyle, length of beard, glasses, makeup, and more! From now on, keep your face shape in mind, and there you’ll be smooth sailing when selecting a hat to become a 100% perfect hat person.

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