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Bucket Hat Vs Fedora

Bucket Hat Vs Fedora. The Difference (With Pictures)

Fashion is different for everyone. For some, it is all about looking elegant and stylish, while for some, it might be staying comfortable and pretty. No matter what your choice is, there is a hat for either of the options. And this gives rise to various comparisons and questions.

And this is where the question of Bucket hat vs. Fedora hat pops up. Though you will find a visible difference between them but knowing the exact difference can help you make a valid choice while stylish.

So, let us explore the Bucket hat vs. Fedora hat in deep and find which of these is a better option when attending an event outdoor like going to trek, fishing, or just hitting the beach.

The Prominent, Notable, Or Main Difference

Finding the prominent points of difference between the Bucket hat vs. Fedora hat is crucial to know more about these hats. The most prominent differences lie in the design, occasion to wear, and the hat’s material. So, here are the differences.

Difference 1: Brim Style

A fedora hat with a 2.5-inch brim is the most common size. The brim of a fedora is turned up on one side or the other. Bucket hat brims are typically 2 to 3 inches down. The brim of the bucket hat droops or can be flipped up in the front.

Difference 2: Crown pattern

The fedora and the bucket hat have very different crowns. Fedora hat crowns are pinched to form a point that intersects the sides and top portion of the hat’s crown. Bucket hat crowns are designed to fit over the head of the person wearing them. The crown is round and fragile.

Difference 3: Material Used

Cotton, denim, canvas, and other breathable and foldable materials are commonly used in bucket hats. There are additional wool and wool-alternative variations available. Fedoras can be fashioned of felt, leather, or a variety of other materials like paper braid and seagrass. Cotton, polyester, and other breathable materials are also available.

Difference 4: Occasion Suited

Bucket hats are designed for casual wear or during fishing or trekking. On the contrary, Fedoras are common for formal and semi-formal occasions.

Which One Is A Perfect Casual Hat, Bucket Hat Or Fedora?

The most prominent question that arises while comparing Bucket hats vs. Fedora hats is their occasion suitability. While both hats are amazing choices, the purpose of each is different.

The Bucket hat is the clear winner when it comes to casual hats. It is designed as a fashion accessory and is primarily famous for casual occasions. You can wear this hat to fishing, trekking, gardening, or attending any casual party. At the same time, Fedoras are suited for semi-formal and formal events.

So, if you are looking for a casual hat from Bucket hat vs. Fedora, the first one is a clear winner.

What Is a Bucket Hat?

A fisherman’s hat or an Irish country hat are other names for a bucket hat. It has a round crown and a downward sloping brim. Cotton, denim, canvas, and other breathable and foldable fabrics are commonly used to make it. Wool and wool substitutes are also available.

bucket hat

The bucket hat was first used to shield farmworkers and fishermen from rain and wind. Over time, however, they grew into a wide spectrum of fashion statements noted for their classic design and contemporary appeal.

Amazing Features Of Bucket Hat

  • Hats with a round crown and a downward sloping brim fall into this category.
  • These are made of cotton, denim, canvas, and other lightweight materials.
  • Bucket hats made of wool and wool alternatives are a winter alternative.
  • These are commonly worn when fishing, working on farms, hiking, or camping.
  • Bucket hats have become a fashion statement because of the numerous variants available now.
  • When worn in the wind, these are not very strong and tend to lose shape.
  • These are foldable and convenient to transport.

What Is a Fedora?

A fedora is a formal hat initially worn by women as it was a fashion statement and symbol of the women’s rights movement. The main features of this hat are its soft brim and indented crown. Teardrop crowns, diamond crowns, center dents, and various creases can be used on fedoras, as can the placement of pinches.


The crown height is typically 4.5 inches, with a brim of 2.5 inches or broader. Wool, cashmere, rabbit, or beaver felt can all be used to make fedoras. This felt can also be combined with mink, chinchilla, vicuna, guanaco, cervelat, or mohair. Straw, cotton, waxed or oiled cotton, hemp, linen, or leather can also be used.

Amazing Features Of Fedora Hat

  • It was popularized in the 19th century when worn by a women artist.
  • The Prince of Wales wore a Fedora in 1924 that started its acceptance for males.
  • Generally, a ribbon is present on the crown of a man’s fedora with a bow and a snap-brim.
  • Fedoras are typically created by pressing a piece of felt over a mold and then using heat or sealant to lock the felt in place.
  • Raw, folded, and ribbon edges are available on Fedora hats.
  • Wool or its equivalents, like cashmere, are the most prevalent materials used in Fedoras.
  • Fedora hats are known for their practical design and structure.

Bucket Hat vs Fedora

Comparison PropertiesBucket HatFedora
Uses (for)It is used for casual to semi-casual occasions.It is used for formal to semi-formal occasions.
Ideal ForIt is used for formal to semi-formal occasions.  It was primarily known as hats for women and eventually transformed into unisex hats.
Distinct FeatureIt has a downward sloping brim and a round crown.It has a ribbon around the crown and a bow on the side.
Material UsedCotton, polyester, acrylic, wool, or wool substitutes commonly make bucket hats.It’s made of wool, cashmere, cotton, linen, or hemp. It can also be created out of several sorts of felt.
Crown CharacteristicsBucket hats have unstructured crowns that lose shape after a while when worn.Fedora has a structured and stiff crown that remains intact when worn without losing shape.
WeightIt is very lightweight and soft.It is comparatively heavier and stiff.
Fit And StabilityThe bucket hats contain a chin strap for stability and a loose fit.These hats offer a tighter fit for a more professional appearance.
FoldabilityBucket hats are very easy to fold and carry while traveling.Fedora can be folded, but it is a little difficult due to its brim.
Care and MaintenanceIt is simple to maintain and can be washed at home only.It is simple to maintain, but intensive care is a must when designed for expensive materials.
WeatherIt can be worn during any season but is mostly used during summers or rains.It can be worn during any season but are highly used during winters.

What Are Bucket Hats for?

Bucket hats are usually referred to as fisherman hats since fishermen and farm workers originally wore them. People eventually utilized these hats for trekking, camping, fishing, and casually wearing them for style. These hats were a trend-setter in the 1990s and are still fashionable today. Bucket hats come in various vibrant colors, fabrics, and styles, making them one of the most popular choices today. These are mainly used for casual purposes and are highly comfortable.

What Are Fedora for?

Fedoras were initially known for women but gradually started to be used as the man’s hat. These are known for their practical design, making them highly suitable for formal and semi-formal events. Being designed for rich material, they look very elegant and are great to go with tuxedos, gowns, or such formal attires. Perfected to offer a stylish look, Fedoras have been in vogue for years and is one of the finest choices of hat lovers. Additionally, it is an important addition to a man’s wardrobe in Orthodox Judaism.

The Best Bucket Hat

Packable Bucket Hat

A very lightweight and comfortable bucket hat designed with cotton and available in multiple colors. Great to wear all day long, the breathable material of the hat is soothing. Designed with the idea of one size fits all, this hat is available in multiple colors choices. The features are:

  • Material – 100% cotton
  • Closure – None
  • Fitting – Perfectly fitted
  • Care – Hand wash only
  • Measurement – Single size
  • Nature – Unisex

Travel Bucket Beach Sun Hat

A premium quality bucket hat with multiple sizes and colors is ideal for travel and the beach. Designed to help you with easy packing, this hat is foldable, soft, and comfortable. It is a perfect headgear available for all occasions. The features are:

  • Material – 100% cotton
  • Closure – None
  • Fitting – Perfectly fitted
  • Care – Hand wash only
  • Measurement – Multiple Sizes
  • Nature – Unisex

The Best Fedora

Two-Tone Wide Brim Fedora Hats

Incredibly comfortable and breathable, this Fedora hat is available in multiple sizes and color options with unique prints as well. These hats are perfect to match any occasion; these hats are soft, comfortable, and highly durable. The features are:

  • Material – Felt, Polyester, Cotton
  • Closure – Lace-up closure
  • Fitting – Comfortable fit
  • Care – Hand Wash Only
  • Measurement – Multiple Sizes
  • Nature – Unisex

Fedora Men’s Vintage Style Hat

A vintage styled Fedora hat, this is one with a feather on the side. Available in multiple colours, this hat is quite warm and comfortable. This fedora is perfect for any semi-formal environment, informal affair, or everyday office clothing. The features are:

  • Material – Wool 100%
  • Closure – Snap closure
  • Fitting – Comfortable fit
  • Care – Hand Wash Only
  • Measurement – Multiple Sizes
  • Nature – Unisex

Final Thoughts

It can be a difficult decision to buy a hat when so many amazing choices are available. While every hat is designed with a specific purpose in mind, the end use is to offer you elegance, comfort, and safety. Though the debate of Bucket hat vs. Fedora hat is mainly linked to making a choice, the best way to get an answer is to select a hat that suits your style. Additionally, having both these hats will make sure that you are ready to style your attire for every occasion, right from casual to formal. Just make sure to keep a check on quality, size, and durability while you plan to add these hats to your collection.

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