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What Is Visor Hat

What is a Visor Hat? – All Things You Should Know

Do you think you’re the only one who can even soak up some sun instead of wearing a suffocating cap that makes you sweat bullets? You’re not alone, and we have the best idea for you to keep you cool and offer you enough shade while you’re sporting or shopping! Visors are caps without a crown and give you shade from the scorching sun. Let’s see what a visor is and everything you should know about it!

What Is a Visor Hat?

Visors are crownless hats that are only designed with a wide visor, which is supported by a velcro strap encircling your head.  They are also called Sunvisor, visor caps, and sports visors.

Without a crown, the top of your head is not covered, allows good breathability, and provides shade to your forehead, face, and neck. Visor caps are designed with flat brims or pre-curved brims, enabling clear visibility, especially for golfers, tennis, and volleyball players.

Why is it Called Visor Hats?

The visor is derived from the Latin word“ visus,” which means eyeshade. Visor actually refers to surfaces that shade the eyes from the sun, bright light, or any other elements. Any vertical surface of a cap is called a visor, and since the visor is the only distinctive feature in the cap, it is called a visor cap. Another name for a visor is bill.

Where Did Visors Come From?

Visor caps were worn first by York knickerbockers. Sources mentioned that soon, they started to wear caps which are made up of merino wool, designed with a crown and a visor. Today, visor hats are so popular among people for not leaving excess sweat on the scalp and are the best option for leisure activities.

What Is the Purpose of a Visor?

The visor is mostly used for outdoor sports (especially tennis, softball and volleyball, and golf). Their wide, flat brims provide better visibility by preventing sun glare at the same time. Now, visors are favorite among all people for their crownless top, which provides good ventilation. They can be worn to beaches or any outdoor activities like driving, jogging, etc.

Features of Visor Hats

features of visor hats

1. Brim and Bill

The unique feature of a visor hat is its bill which can also be called the brim or visor. The bills of visor caps are extra wider and flatter than the regular baseball caps and provide a greater degree of shade to the face, neck, and shoulders. They are either made up of plastic or cardboard to stand stiffer.

2. Closure Type and Fit

Visor caps are mostly designed with an elastic or a hook and loop strap or a velcro fastener that encircles around the head and provides a snug fit. Another great advantage of visor caps is, they are designed with one size that fits all head circumferences of men, women, and youth.

3. Crownless

Designed without a crown, the visor cap allows better breathability than a hat. Providing more ventilation to your head, they keep your head sweat-free and provide you shade at the time. Another benefit is, they allow more hairstyle options like bun or ponytail for women.

4. UPF Protection

Most sport visors are made up of cotton and also other materials.  They are designed with a sweatband to absorb sweat and prevent dripping into your brows. The best part of it is, they are designed with materials that are treated to prevent UV rays.

The hats come with a UPF rating which is a good protective factor against wearers. Mostly, brims are made up of cardboard and plastic to be stiff.

Difference Between a Hat, Cap, and Visor

Remember, a cap, visor, and hat are totally different! A cap is a type of headwear designed with a structured or unstructured crown, with a stiff visor projecting only in the front.

A hat is designed with a crown and wide brim that encircles the crown and offers a greater shade to the neck, shoulders, and head.

A visor is a crownless type of headwear that is designed with only a wide visor and a strap on the back to hold it to your head.

Need to know more? Check out more differences between a cap and a hat.

What Are Visors Made Up Of?

Visors are made up of materials like polyester, cotton, and acrylic, etc. Caps that are made up of acrylic and polyester have long-lasting durability and retain the shape and look for a long time.

Cotton visors are breathable and have hypoallergenic properties, which doesn’t cause itching around the sweatband. The bills of visors are made up of plastic and cardboard, which makes them stiffer.

Do Visors Protect From the Sun?

Some of you might ask how these crownless headwears can beat the summer sun! That’s a good question! They are made up of specially treated materials to block UV rays that reach your skin and come with a UPF rating. They are designed with extra wide brims, which offer a great shade and ventilation, being light in weight at the same time.

They don’t cover up your heads, but if you hate dripping with sweat all the time, and take off your cap to get some breath, don’t think twice; a visor cap it’s what you need.

Can Bald Guys Wear Visors?

Yes, guys with baldness can wear visor caps but as long as they are comfortable with it. According to research, hair is a natural sun protection agent which protects us from harmful UV rays by being a barrier with thickness and the presence of melanins. So, bald guys can wear visors in indoor sports and driving to shield their eyes. For going out, baseball caps are an appropriate option to go rather than visors.

How to Style Your Hair With a Visor?

how to style your hair with a visor

If you’ve long hair, you can wear your hair into a ponytail or braid using a hair tie and pull the ponytail through the visor after you’ve put it on. This prevents your hair strands from disturbing you while you’re serious with your workout or any other activity.

You can also wear a messy high bun and keep it casual. Spray hairspray and keep the hairstyle in place. Make a centerline with your brush if you want to leave your hair loose. This gives a more feminine look, and at the same time, you can use the visor to prevent your hair from coming in front.

Do Guys Wear Visor Hats?

Hear us out on this one: you might think that visors are only for sports, especially sportswomen. But no! Thanks to the designer upgrades and cooler styles which have made visors which men and women can wear. Men, you can enjoy the sudden gusts of cooler winds in summer mornings too!

Can Visors Be Worn in the Winter? ( Link if possible)

If the temperatures in your area are not too cold and the sun is still shining, you can wear the visor to shield your eyes from the sun. Otherwise, you can go for trapper hats, balaclavas, and beanies to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

Best Visor Hats

1. Summer Visor Cap with Large Brim

This is a perfect addition to provide yourself enough shade, especially on the dog days of summer! Made up of 100% cotton, the visor is breathable, lightweight, and has hypoallergenic properties not to itch and cause any discomfort around the sweatband. Ladies, if pink is your favorite color, don’t have a second thought to buy it since it has a mind-blowing number of ratings and reviews.

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Made up of 100% cotton
  • Extra-large brim 4.8″ long
  • Foldable and can be kept in your bag
  • UPF 50+ and protects against UV rays

2. Straw Summer Visor

No matter how hot this summer is going to be, one thing you don’t need to worry about is looking boring! This super cute straw hat brings the best summer vibe, pairs up with anything, and makes you look elegant! It is also designed with a sweat-absorbing, moisture-wicking band, which can keep you dry throughout summer. The best part is, it is foldable, and you can tuck it into your bag and wear it on the spot without any difficulty!

  • Available in 12 colors
  • Wide brim -4.3.”
  • Designed with a moisture wicking band
  • Roll up visor
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Drys quickly when getting wet

3. Adidas Black Visor Cap for Both Men and Women

Last but not least, check out the casual and cool visor for both men and women! If you’re new to the visor and don’t know your style, this is a go-to option for you since it’s a black Adidas! Since it’s made up of polyester, it guarantees long-lasting durability and ultimate breathability. And the best part, you would have already guessed, is it’s good to cover up the stains and give a simple, sleek, and sophisticated look.

  • Adidas brand
  • Available in more than 10 designs
  • Designed with a moisture wicking band
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Cover up sweat stains
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Drys quickly when getting wet

Final Thoughts

Contrary to what haters might believe, visor caps are in trend now! Yes, the visor, which we highly relate to tennis players and golfers, is now a trending fashion statement for its casual, athletic look.

The special features of a visor cap that make them popular are their lightweight design, cool ventilation, wider brims, sporty and fashionable style. By now, you must know what a visor is and how it’s going to make the upcoming scorching summer sweat-free. If you are new to a visor and don’t know how to pick one, there’s only one rule! The wider the visor, the cooler it is!

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