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What Is Trucker Hat Cap

What is a Trucker Hat? – Features, Purposes and History

Admit it, and we have all been through the sweaty summer days hoping for a lifesaver cap that shades you and keeps you sweat-free at the same breath!  With a curved bill, and regular front crown with a button on top, the cap looks like it belongs to the family of baseball caps, but the rear crown is made up of mesh! No pressure there; they are called trucker hats! We know what you are thinking next; what are trucker hats, and why are they called so?

So, let’s get a little deeper!

What Is a Trucker Hat?

A trucker cap also called a mesh cap or netback cap, looks similar to baseball caps. Instead of having an opaque cotton crown, on the whole, the front crown is made up of foam, and the back of the crown is made up of mesh. So, remember, a mesh back crown is a telltale sign to identify a trucker cap.

What Materials Are Used to Make Trucker Hats?

The front crown of the trucker cap is foam made-up, to look stiffer and taller than baseball caps. The back crown is designed with plastic mesh to enable good breathability. With an adjustable snapping strap-like snapback cap, this cap is one size fits most style.

Trucker hats are made up of polyester, spandex, elastane, cotton, acrylic, nylon, etc. Mostly, trucker caps are only available in the combination of natural fabric and polyester to design the mesh back.

Why Do They Call Truckers Hats?

According to Wikipedia, from the 1930s to 1960s, the trucker’s hat was solely a workers’ thing given as promotional items by companies. The main purpose of the caps given to their truck workers was to advertise their suppliers and keep themselves cool.  And hence, you would have now guessed why they are called trucker caps.

Where Did Trucker Hats Come From?

Aren’t you interested, how this trucker ended up being everyone’s wardrobe staple?

During the 1980s, trucker caps were promotional giveaway items given by the farm supply companies like John Deere, Mountain Dew, and feed stores to drivers, ranchers, farmers, and other rural workers with their brand logo placed on the front. For this reason, they were also called giveaway caps and gimme caps. Soon, they were popular in the early 2000s for their mind-blowing functionality, utility, and look.

features of trucker hats

Features of Trucker Hats

1. Brim

Nothing so specific about the brim of trucker caps. Just like the regular baseball caps, trucker caps are designed with a pre-curved bill on the front to provide shade and protection for the wearer. Today’s modern trucker caps are designed with stiff, flat brims too.

2. Closure Strap and Fit

Trucker caps are designed with an adjustable snapping closure strap on the back like the snapback caps. While the trucker cap is designed with a plastic mesh back, there’s no way for a metallic buckle closure. However, the snapback strap makes wearing more convenient and enables size adjustability; one size fits all styles.

3. Crown

Most types of baseball caps are made of cotton or any other fabric. This is one of the commonest qualities between them. But when it comes to trucker caps, the front part above the bill is made up of foam, and the rest of the crown is designed with plastic mesh to provide mind-blowing breathability.

That doesn’t mean that the cap is somewhat unstructured; the front part of the crown is stiffer and straight and appears more taller than baseball caps.

4. Style

Both men and women can rock in baseball caps at all ages. Today’s trucker caps come in edgy styles, bright, bold colors,  flaunting feminine shades picturizing from flowers to butterflies, sport to Yankee logos.

If you haven’t got one yet, no doubt, trucker caps are a must-have staple for your wardrobe for this summer season. However, their mesh panel design at the back saves you from sweating buckets.

Differences between Trucker Hats and Baseball Caps?

  • Firstly, trucker caps are designed with a mesh back on the crown, while baseball caps are designed with opaque cotton crowns.
  • Secondly, trucker caps are stiffer in the front, while structured ball caps are stiffer. Only the mesh panels of trucker caps are foldable.
  • Thirdly, trucker caps are designed with snapping back straps, whereas fitted baseball caps have no closure at all.
  • Lastly, trucker hats have a higher profile and loose fit, while regular ball caps are snug-fit.

Check this post to learn more about the differences between trucker cap and baseball cap.

What Are Trucker Hats Used for?

Gone are the olden days, where trucker’s caps are used for advertising purposes. Trucker caps are a summer staple that can be worn to go down the streets with your dog, get wine from the supermarket, or even go to your college or your office.

Do Trucker Hats Keep You Cooler?

Of course, yes! Trucker hats are built to keep you cool! The rear crown of the cap is designed with a mesh panel that is made up of polyester and offers wonderful breathability while worn on your head. They keep you cool, forms a relaxed atmosphere around you even when you’re out on a sunny day.

How Did Trucker Hats Become a Trend?

Trucker hats have been a mainstream fashion for both men and women since the early 2000s and still didn’t still go out of trend. Take Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Dababy, model Luka Sabat, actor Hugh Jackman who are in love with trucker hats for a quick, sporty fix. Truckers caps became widely popular and available at affordable prices for customers to snatch right away!

How to Wear Trucker Hats?

  • The perfect way to wear a trucker cap is by facing the brim of the cap forwards.
  • You can also wear them facing backward and downwards to create a cool, relaxed vibe. Wearing trucker caps backward and straight makes you look out of date.
  • Pull off the cap straight away when you’re graphic tees, V neck t-shirts with jeans. Remember not to overdress; being casual is the new cool! Complete your fashion ensemble with your sneakers.

When To Wear Trucker Hats?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it is designed in a way only to keep you cooler and breathable, so this trucker hat is a summer essential for all of us. It can also be worn in the autumn and fall seasons.

Best Trucker Hats

1. Carhartt Trucker Cap

If you’re new to trucker caps and having difficulty choosing your style, black never goes wrong! Offering mind-blowing breathability with a sleek, sophisticated design, this Carhartt cap has impressed many customers! This is the best fit for you because,

  • Authentic Carhartt brand
  • Made up of cotton, polyester, and spandex
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Designed with a moisture wicking sweatband
  • Structured, medium profile
  • Pre Curved Visor
  • Huge number of positive ratings and reviews

2. Camo Trucker Cap

Go out with this camo trucker cap with your white shirt, simple jeans, sneakers, and make your day! The best part about camo caps is they can easily pair up with anything without spending a long time rummaging your wardrobe. The second best part is, you would have definitely guessed that! They cover up your stains!

  • It is made up of cotton-polyester with a buckram front lining.
  • Snapback closure
  • Designed with a moisture wicking sweatband to absorb sweat.
  • Amazing reviews and ratings

3. Animal Lover Trucker Cap

Hey animal lover, don’t forget to check out their variety of trucker caps with animal-designed labels from eagles to queen bees! This is a go-to trucker cap for you since it has a high-quality design, quality, well-done construction, and offers a comfortable fit with long-lasting durability! Check out their mind-blowing number of reviews.

  • Made up of cotton, polyester, and spandex
  • Snapback closure
  • Designed with a moisture wicking sweatband
  • Pre Curved visor
  • Embroidered animal patch
  • Best selling, huge number of positive ratings and reviews

Final Thoughts

If you’re not a hat person, for the reason that hats don’t let your head breathe, trucker caps are what you need! With a mesh panel back, one size fits style fit with snapping type strap, no doubt; you’re going to enjoy the versatility, functionality, and durability. But wait, there’s more! They are even available at jaw-dropping low prices for you to try many at the same time.

Fashion is beyond the limit with styles available in trucker hats, and by now, you would have understood what a trucker cap is and why they’re seriously worth investing in. After all, trucker hats save you from sweating buckets, and you can share these one-size snapback closure caps with your family and friends. Why not give it a try then!

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