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What is a Snapback Hat? – All Things You Should Know

By hearing the name “ snapback hat,” you could guess what type of cap it is! What is a snapback hat? Snapbacks hats got their name for their unique closure type,  designed with a snapping type, adjustable strap. The best thing about them, when you go to a store, you don’t need to try ten different sizes of your favorite cap! Simply grab the one snapback cap and see how it snugly fits your head with its snapping, closure type!

What Is a Snapback Hat?

To be precise, snapback hats are caps that are designed with a snapping type of strap that can be adjusted according to your head size, both smaller and larger. The straps are made up of plastic and work by snapping buttons, making them a one-size-fits-all style. And hence they are called snapback hats.

When Did Snapback Hats Become Popular?

Snapback caps originated in the 1950s from baseball cap culture when Brooklyn Excelsiors tried them. Soon, Snapback hats were in high demand and became widely popular in the 1990s. Soon, they receive a rocking comeback, this time not only in the sports world but also in the fashion world.

During the ’90s, crowds were pleased when they noticed snapback caps on the heads of hip-hop artists Tupac and Ice Cube and also the style icon, Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-air and now Chance the rapper. Another sports icon who thoroughly enjoyed the snapback hat was David Beckham. It wasn’t solely a men’s thing. Supermodel and Gigi Hadid rocked the look as well!

features of snapback hats

Features of Snapback Hats

1. Brim

The original snapback caps are designed with a wider and flatter brim, where you can notice a 90° angle between the crown of the cap and the brim. Flatter brims allow easy visibility of the front panels of the cap where it is designed with a brand name or sports team logo.

2. Front Panels

The traditional new era snapback caps were designed with eight panels, a little stiffer and less malleable to folding. The modern-day snapback caps are designed with six panels, making the cap more structured and stiff, allowing for a prominent embroidery logo.

3. Closure Type and Fit

As mentioned earlier, snapback caps come with a snapping type of closure, allowing one size fits all styles. The closure strap is made up of plastic and can be adjusted by snapping into the holes. They are different from dad hats with a velcro strap or metallic buckle and fitted hats, which have nothing at all.

However, snapback caps are one size for average head sizes, generally fitting head circumferences of 21″ to 23.5″. However, the sizes can change slightly according to the brand. So, make sure you check out their average size before purchasing a Snapback cap.

4. Style

Not just males but females love snapback caps! Snapback caps are worn in all styles forward, backward, and slightly angled to the side. But remember, wearing flat brims on the sideways can give a silly look, and wearing it backward is outdated.

Donning a snapback cap forward with a gap of two fingers above your ears with the flat brim to face upward is the best way to look cool.

Differences Between Snapback Hats Vs. Baseball Fitted Caps Vs. Dad Hats

Angle of BrimHas an angle of 90° between the crown and the brim.Forms an obtuse angleThe brim forms an obtuse angle with the crown of the cap.
Brim ShapeDesigned with flat brimThey are designed with both curved and flat brims.They are designed with rounded, slightly curved brims.
CrownUsually, six panels are stitched together to form a crown. The flat brim makes the front panel more obvious.This is a 6-panel cap that allows enough space for the head to fit snugly without an adjustable strap behind.This is a 5-panel cap with a loose-fitting. Less obvious crown due to a curved brim.
Closure TypeAs it sounds, the closure strap is an adjustable, snapping type that makes the hat one size fits all.As it sounds, this hat doesn’t have an adjustable strap behind it and fits snugly to your head. Make sure you get according to your head circumference.Dad hats are usually designed with velcro straps or metallic buckle closure. Available in one size which fits all.
Size and StructureSnapback hats are structured,  looks bigger than dad hatsFitted caps are structured, high-profile caps which are perfect for any face shape.Dad caps are unstructured and are comparably smaller.
Feel to WearThe front panels of the cap are stiffer, preshaped, and feel tough when worn. Since it is not designed with a strap behind the cap, it doesn’t cause any discomfort or itch for people with sensitive scalp.The panels of dad hats are generally softer and form an unstructured crown which is an overall comfortable fit.  
StyleThey are trending among teens, which delivers a touch of hip-hop, street style into outfits.   Looks better when worn in a forward style with the flat brim facing upwards.Beyond baseball, beyond sports, fitted baseball caps are worn by everyone to boost their style and comfort factor instantly.   It can be worn forward and backward. Wearing them backward creates a loose, relaxed fit.    The classic type of hat, which is mostly worn by dads and never goes out of date. It can be worn forward.   Dad caps should be only worn forwards to avoid the discomfort of velcro strap touching the forehead.
Suitable forMultiple people in your family can wear it since it has an adjustable strap.It can be worn only by the wearer or someone with the same head sizeMany people can wear it because of the one size fits all style with a velcro strap or metallic buckle.

What Materials Are Used to Make Snapback Hats?

Snapback caps are made up of various materials like wool,  cotton, rubber, acrylic, polyester, lycra, nylon, and plastic, or the combination of all or some in the list. Combining manmade fabrics such as acrylic and polyester offers mind-blowing durability and versatility for regular usage.

Natural fabrics like wool and cotton enhance our comfort factor by keeping us cozy and breathable. Plastic is usually used at the brims, which should be stiffer to offer shade and protect from sun rays.

How, Where, and When to Use Snapback Hats

How to Use

where to use snapback hat

Remember, stick to something simple when wearing snapback hats. And don’t overdo your hair; casual is the new cool. Your everyday wardrobe is where your snapback cap really shines! You can pair them easily with your oversized t-shirts, graphic tee, and distressed denim shorts. Matching them with your muted toned button-up shirt with a dark-hued Chino can immediately add an extra dose of class.

When and Where to Use

Fashion is beyond borders with a snapback hat. With the huge fan following of hip-hop artists, sports players, and celebrities, this is certainly a fashion staple you must have in your wardrobe. If you’re a cyclist, skater, this snapback hat is a perfect accessory for you to offer good visibility with its shorter, flatter brims. They can easily pair up with anything to step out in the streets with your dog or do a cycling race with your buddies!

Best Snapback Hats

1. Adidas Men’s Snapback Cap

For those who are new to snapback caps and don’t know your style, this Adidas Men’s Snapback cap is indeed a chic addition to your outfit! Made up of a combination of acrylic, wool, and cotton, this cap is long durable, cozy, breathable, sweat-free, all in the same breath!

  • Six-panel crown design
  • Made up of cotton, wool, and acrylic
  • Flat brim
  • Snapback closure
  • Embroidery logo on front and back
  • Available in more than 10 colors
  • Amazing customer reviews and ratings

2. American Flag Snapback Hat

For those who don’t like colorful prints and patterns, check out this stylish USA flag 3D printed snapback hat. The best thing about the snapback hat is its acrylic and lamb wool, which offers a long-lasting look, comfort, and a proud look! The 5-panel construction of the cap ensures a snug fit, and on the whole, the cap effortlessly pairs up with anything on any occasion.

  • Five-panel crown design
  • Made up of lamb wool and acrylic
  • Flat brim
  • Snapback closure
  • High-quality USA flag design using the silkscreen technique
  • Available in more than 5 colors
  • Amazing customer reviews and ratings

Final Thoughts

By now, you might now have a clear idea of what a snapback hat is. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or hate the scorching sun’s rays, say no more and wear a snapback cap, and voila! Being edgy, trendy, and sporty, they are off to the rescue! Our customers are in love with snapback caps for their flat brims, which enable good visibility and flexible, adjustable straps which anyone can share in their family! Why not you?

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