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Should You Remove Your Hat When Going Indoors

Should You Remove Your Hat When Going Indoors? (And Why)

So in English, we have a popular saying, “ hats off to you,” which means you’ve done something we respect, or you have accomplished something that we’re impressed with! You don’t need to take off your hat every time you say this, but you should remove your hat when going indoors because wearing a hat indoors is not proper gentleman’s etiquette.

Unarguably, hat fashion is blowing our minds with outstanding designs, chic construction with all types of natural and manmade fabrics, brilliant styles, and dashing shades. Vintage to classic, cowboy hats to visors, buckets to baseball hats, they are endless ideas, making us think that we’re not really dressed unless we wear a hat.

In parallel, there might be some of you sticking to the old hat etiquette, and many of you may have come to learn it. If you do, hats off to you!

If you’re a teen or middle-aged adult, you might probably wonder that there’s nothing offensive about hats.

You’re right, but there’s a thought-provoking history behind the hat etiquette you should know before coming to a conclusion!

What Does Taking off Your Cap Mean?

Taking off your cap in front of someone, an important place or situation is a way of showing respect, and it’s a long time sign of respect that began in the medieval period. Removing your hat is a way of showing humility and respect. Not all the time; you can wear your cap in public areas and remove it in private spaces.

The History Behind Hats off

history behind hats off
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The origin of removing caps dates back to the olden times- the date of origin is not familiar. Looking back in the medieval period, knights would remove their helmets to show respect, trust, and loyalty. They should remove their helmets in front of the king to show their vulnerability, incompetence, and faith that the ruler would not slay the knight.

Any knight who fails to remove his helmet or lift his visor to identify himself must encounter fatal consequences. 

Additionally, they take off their helmets in places of worship like churches to show safety and express kindness, care, and respect by revealing their heads to women.

Do People Still Think You’re Rude if You Wear a Hat Indoors?

Yes. Some people who still are sticklers for etiquette will find it disrespectful to wear a hat indoors.

So, if you find yourself in a really important situation to show respect to someone, whether it may be your boss,  teacher, or grandparents, it’s best to take off your hat and come off as a gentleman rather than being labeled as rude.

Why Should We Follow the Hat Etiquette?

Still, many personality development mentors, body language trainers, etiquette experts stress the importance of hat etiquette without analytical reasoning.

According to Emily post etiquette, there are separate etiquette rules for both men and women, and there are few exceptions for women when they are wearing fashion caps. Cancer patients are exceptional; they can wear caps whenever they want to.

When Should Men Remove Their Hats Including Baseball Caps?

when should men remove their hats
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  • When indoors (especially when you’re in someone’s home)
  • When being introduced to anybody
  • While eating
  • Churches or other places of worship
  • School, courthouse, library, or any public services like police office, etc.
  • In restaurants, coffee shops
  • In any indoor activity except sports
  • Doctor’s office (when you’re going with a patient)
  • On elevators( since they were considered as operator’s offices in the old days, however, you don’t need to, when they are crowded.)
  • An indoor stadium
  • During prayer, pledge of allegiance, or when the national anthem is played
  • During a funeral procession to show respect to the deceased
  • When you saw a USA Flag, parade

When a Man Can Leave His Hat or Cap on

  • Outdoors
  • On sports activities ( both indoor and outdoor)
  • On public transportation

When Should Women Remove Their Hats Including Baseball Caps?

  • Indoors
  • If your hat is blocking the view of a person when you’re in a wedding, theater, or stadium.

When a Women Can Leave Their Fashion Hat ( NOT BASEBALL CAPS)

  • When she is a guest for someone’s home
  • Wedding, parties, or any other celebration
  • When the national anthem is played
  • During Church services
  • When the US flag passes by

Note: Women need not remove hats (fashion hats), but a baseball cap should be removed the same as men.

What to Do After Removing Your Cap or Hat?

what to do after removing your cap
Image Source – Pexels
  • When you’re keeping your cap in hand, keep it by your side, with the interior side facing you. Hold it by the brim.
  • Do not fiddle or play with it.
  • If you think you might forget your cap when you remove it somewhere, keep it near the door or in any visible place to you.
  • It’s good to hook them on the rack, shelf. Or else, keep it on your lap with its interior crown facing downwards.

How To Look Like a Gentleman in a Perfect Hat?

1. Hygiene is Necessary

Even though you’re the only one knowing that you haven’t washed your cap for a long time, it’s necessary to wash it to eliminate the bad odor and sweat stains.

Even if you don’t have time, turn the inner crown of your cap outwards, and let it dry in fresh air ( without sunlight)  after every usage. If possible, wipe the sweatband, and inner crown with a damp cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol to kill the bacteria.

2. Find a Good Fit

Measure the head circumference to find a cap that snugly fits your head. A hat that is not too loose to blow off down or not too tight to leave red marks on your forehead.

3. Don’t Wear a Baseball Cap Backwards or Sideways.

Most people wear caps backward or sidewards, thinking it’s cool. There is nothing practical about wearing a baseball cap backward and don’t look like a gentleman either.

4. Wear the Right Way

If your hat has any ornamentation like feathers, men should have it on the left side of the cap; women should have it on the right side of the cap.

5. Choose a Hat According to Your Face Shape

The shape of your hat should not look bigger for your face and overwhelm it. Go for narrow brimmed hats if you have a small face.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the better point to approach hat etiquette is wearing your hat in public areas and removing it in private spaces. A private area is any place where someone lives, works, or pays a fee to enter. Removing a cap indoors or before someone older than you or a higher authority shows respect and basic gratitude.

Removing the hat indoors is proper etiquette; in other words, one of the hallmarks of a gentleman. Wearing your hat indoors serves no purpose and is considered disrespectful, according to people and personality development experts. Like Vin Diesel said, being male is a matter of birth, and being a man is a matter of age, whereas being a gentleman is your choice.

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