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Wearing A Hat Backwards

Wearing a Hat Backwards? – Learn About the Trend

If we have gone through middle school, we have a person in every gang who always wears a cap backwards. For people who think wearing a baseball cap is dorky and good for nothing, it’s up to you! Backward hat community concluded plenty of benefits like hiding their back of the neck from too much sun exposure, don’t want their vision to be blocked by the bill, and preventing their hat from flying off during their skating and driving! But is wearing a hat backwards really an up-to-date look? Let’s check out!

Who Was the First Person to Wear a Hat Backwards?

ken griffey jr backwards cap at hall of fame
Baseball player Ken Griffey JR (Backwards baseball hat during his Hall of Fame speech)

It all started in the early ’90s with the baseball player Ken Griffey JR, who captured many of his fan’s hearts with his childhood habit of wearing a cap backwards. Ken Griffey JR mentioned that he used to wear his dad’s hats, but because they are larger than his head size, they would fall. So, he started wearing his hat backwards, which keeps his hat in place. At that time, he wouldn’t have guessed that it would become his signature look and capture a huge fan base.

While some sources have a conflicting version of history, most sources agree that wearing the baseball cap backwards was initiated and exploded into the trend by Ken Griffey JR. His incredible record of playing 22 years in the Major League Baseball Association and being the seventh, most productive home run hitter made his fans follow Ken Griffey Jr’s backwards hat style!

How and When Wearing Baseball Cap Backwards Trend  Start?

over the top movie
Seen in the movie “ over the top”

Do you remember the scene where  Sylvester Stallone in the movie “ over the top” would turn his cap, like a switch and suddenly blow the competition away in the arm wrestling match?” Probably, you might have thought about this every time you turn your cap backwards at the gym.

Next, Will Smith, in the 90s, made his part with his cool, rebellious look wearing a hat backwards in the movie “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ”. And through the decade, rappers like Jay Z, MR Tupac Shakur,  Fred Burst in Limp Bizkit rocked the backward hat in the musical world. In early 2010, Justin Bieber stepped inside with a backward hat and made people think it looks cute on younger boys and not recommended for older guys.  

Above all else, here’s the people’s president Barack Obama, aged 55 proving himself again as the coolest president wearing his dad hat backwards on vacation and living his life, not bothering about anything!

How to Wear a Hat Backwards

wear a hat backwards

Wearing a hat backwards can easily make you look outdated if you don’t wear them in the right way. Here are some tips on how you can look cool by wearing a hat backwards.

1. Style Your Hair

  • Most teens love the side swept bangs. Combing your fringe into a side-swept way looks trendier when you wear a cap. Comb your hair when wet, and do not put on your cap before your hair dries. Usually, you don’t need a holding gel or hairspray; simply throw off your cap.
  • If you don’t have a fringe, make sure your hair is well combed and you’re not leaving hair into the closure gap on the front, which will look untidy.

2. Wear at the Right Angle

Don’t pull the brim behind too down or let it stay on the top. Keep it in the middle. Ensure you wear the cap a little high on the head with the brim backwards, not too slanting to touch the neck.

3. Pair up with Casual Wear

If you have a printed cap in hand, always go for muted or neutral-tone T-shirts. If you have a plain cap, you can go for printed and graphic t-shirts. Being casual is the new cool!  Go for casual outfits with modern designs which project a laidback look with a carefree vibe.

Type of Hat to Wear Backwards According to Your Face Shape

The most suitable caps to wear a hat backwards are dad hats, snapback caps, and 5-panel caps.

One of the main factors people should consider when wearing their hat backwards is their head size and face shape.

If you have a smaller head size or face shape, dad hats with soft, unstructured form give an appealing and complete look rather than dome-shaped, structured caps. 5-panel caps were also very popular among cyclists who used to wear them backwards for better visibility and keeping them on track.

If you have a bigger head size or face shape, you can go with snapback hats. They are more convenient to wear, and their snapping straps cause less discomfort in your forehead.

Can Girls Wear a Baseball Hat Backwards?

girl wear a hat backwards

Even if you have long hair or short hair; you can wear a cap backwards. A snapback hat, dad hat, or a women’s 5-panel cap gives a chic look when you wear the cap with the brim facing backwards and a little downwards. There’s no option to tie up your hair. Let it free on the sides and back. Don’t worry; the hat will give a right fit when worn backwards. It will keep your hair strands away from the eyes without compromising your style factor.

You can pair them up with denim jackets, graphic t-shirts, crop tops, solid-colored t-shirts, tank tops, leather bomber jackets, crewneck sweaters, etc. Get a little experimental when choosing your footwear. A pair of white sneakers or ankle boots complement your look.

Why Do People Wear Baseball Caps Backwards?

While some people say there is nothing practical about wearing a hat backwards, there are plenty of reasons why the backward hat community likes to wear their hat backwards!

  1. Even though it seems disrespectful to some eyes, teen boys love to wear a hat backwards for their instant laid-back and relaxed look.
  2. Sometimes hats can have a weird shape or extra space on the top and don’t fit heads properly. Wearing a hat backwards, easily gives a good fit when compared to wearing it forwards.
  3. Shadow from the brim makes the wearer less approachable. Wearing them backwards makes their face look more obvious and reveals their identity.
  4. Wearing a hat backwards provides shade to the back of the neck against the scorching sun’s rays and prevents sunburn. Yes, just like how the brim protects the face when faced forward. Additionally, it doesn’t cause a tan line at the bottom of your face as a forward-facing hat does.
  5. They fit snugly on their head during cycling, skateboarding, or driving, preventing the hat from catching too much wind and falling off.
  6. Mechanics, carpenters, skaters, and cyclists wear a hat backwards to provide better visibility and not be blocked by the cap’s visor.
  7. They do this to keep their hair strands out of their way and secure their unruly hair or long bangs in place. No need to mention, they cover up their bad hair day or receding hairline in the blink of an eye!
  8. Some people believe that wearing a hat backwards makes them look younger!
  9. Wearing a hat backwards enables them to wear any other mask or helmet on top of a cap. For, e.g.,  a welding mask and catcher’s mask
  10. You can show off your love and interest towards Ken Griffey Jr, Will Smith, or hip-hop artists by wearing a cap backwards.
  11. Some people simply like the look when wearing a hat backwards and project a carefree look, to not bother about what others think!

Should You Wear a Baseball Hat Backwards?

If you feel like you look best in a hat worn backwards or you’re in a situation to wear a cap backwards for better visibility, or windy conditions, it’s okay to live your life the way you like as long as you follow the hat etiquette in important places like church, court and indoors.

People love expressing themselves through accessories, and that’s why they are a major part of human culture. In the world of ripped jeans, piercing earrings, tattooing, wearing a cap backwards is a popular fashion too.

Is It Disrespectful to Wear a Hat Backwards?

Yes, if you wear a baseball hat indoors or in an important situation without following the hat etiquette. And, wearing a hat backwards in important situations  can make people frown. If you found yourself in a situation in front of your grandparents, teachers, or boss, it’s not a good idea to put a baseball cap backwards. Removing your baseball cap in appropriate situations gives a gentleman’s attitude rather than being labeled as rude.

Final Thoughts

People around us always find a different style to look cool in their own way. Be it ripped jeans, earrings, wristbands, tank tops, or anything; everyone is creating unlimited amounts of styles to express ourselves. And hat is no exception! Infact, they are timeless style, eternal accessories to complete your outfit and make you look fashion-forward.

Wearing a hat backwards might make people frown when you’re in an important situation to give respect. So, keep this in mind, take off your baseball cap indoors or in private spaces. In the end, it’s all about how you’re wearing a hat backwards, without forgetting confidence is the main key!

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