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How To Wash Baseball Cap In Washing Machine

How To Wash a Baseball Cap in Washing Machine – The Guide

You have a party tonight, but you aren’t just ready to go. We want to take a guess. Your favorite baseball caps are dirty and stinky, and you never step out of the house without wearing them. We know you need a quick solution, and we are here to give it to you. This article will guide you on how to wash baseball caps in the washing machine, a quick and easy way.

A lot of you are confused about whether washing in machines is really safe or not. It’s a genuine concern. But worry not, we will bust all myths related to washing your baseball caps in the machine. So, let’s hurry now because you have a party to attend and we’ve got lots to show you!

Can You Wash a Baseball Cap in the Washing Machine?

It’s a YES.

You might have read articles that suggest against a machine wash, but as long as you take proper precautions, you can get your baseball caps washed in a washing machine with ease.

There are, of course, baseball caps that can’t be washed in a machine as well. So, you always need to confirm before you take the leap. 

Now, how do you confirm? Well, read on further, and you’ll get to know the answers to your why’s, what’s, and how’s of washing baseball caps in the washing machine.

What to Know Before Washing Baseball Caps by Washing Machine?

As we said, the section here will provide you with a whole lot of information that you never knew about washing baseball caps. 

1. Know the Material

From wool, cotton, polyester, there are many different kinds of materials your baseball cap can be made from. And not every material reacts the same way to machine washing. 

Delicate materials like wool are never suggested a machine wash, but other durable materials like cotton, cotton blends, polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc., can be machine-washed.

2. Read the Care Label

If you’re confused about your baseball cap’s material, don’t panic. You have all the information you need in the cap itself. The tiny care label on the hat will tell you what the material is, which washing method is the best, other precautions to be taken, etc.

So never skip reading your care labels!

3. AVOID Chlorine Bleach

Bleach, in general, isn’t good for cap fabric. But sometimes, you might have to use bleach to brighten your dull caps. We don’t deny that. 

If you want to use bleach, always go for an oxygen-based one and NEVER a chlorine-based one. Chlorine is harmful to cap fibers.

4. Don’t Overstuff Your Machine.

If you choose to wash your caps alone or with other clothes, the choice is yours. But if you are washing them with general laundry, make sure you don’t overstuff the machine. Your cap will get crushed and distorted.

5. ALWAYS use a Mesh Bag or Cap Cage

Washing machines work by spinning and whirling your clothes. The same applies to a cap as well. But baseball caps being structured accessories might get distorted if there is no protection given. 

It’s always safe to place your caps in a mesh bag first and then inside the machine. 

Now, if you’re using a cap cage, you can only use a top load washing machine and not a front-load one because the tumbling action of a front-load machine is bad for your cap cage and the cap.

6. Choose Gentle Cycle and Cool Water 

While washing caps, you need to set your machine controls to a gentle cycle and use only cool water for the wash. A gentle cycle will ensure your cap doesn’t go through too much spinning.

Avoid hot water as it can shrink your cap’s material.

7. Check for Colorfastness

Dampen a white cloth and rub it on your cap gently. If any color transfers to the cloth, your cap is colorfast and you need to go to a professional. If the white cloth comes out clean, your cap won’t bleed color and you can go ahead with washing them in the machine.

Baseball Cap in Washing Machine

Baseball Cap in Washing Machine cover

How to Wash Baseball Cap by Top Load Washing Machine?

Top load washers are popular and most commonly found washing machines in households. If you own a top-load washer, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you can wash your baseball caps efficiently in the machine.

Let’s see how.

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Apply the Stain Remover

Before throwing your cap in the washer, it’s important to pre-treat the stains. Doing so will get rid of the dirt easier during the actual wash.

Spray a small amount of remover on the specific stain area and leave it on for about 30 minutes or more, depending on how stained the cap is.

Step 2: Soak in Bleach (optional)

As we said earlier, if your caps look dull and lifeless and you want to brighten the color, you can soak your cap in an oxygen-based bleach and water solution. Leave it on for about 3-4 hours.

But before soaking, read through your care label to confirm whether the cap can be bleached or not.

Step 3: Place the Cap in a Cap Cage

A cap cage is the most important thing when it comes to washing baseball caps in washing machines. No matter how careful you are, you cannot control what happens inside a machine. The constant spinning inside a machine may damage your cap’s structure. A cap cage ensures your cap remains protected throughout the washing process.

Place the baseball cap securely in the cap cage as per instructions and keep it inside the machine.

Check out our complete guide to learn more about baseball cap frames.

Alternatively, you could also use a mesh bag for the same purpose.

Step 4: Set Your Machine Controls

The machine needs to be set to a gentle cycle to ensure there isn’t too much agitation. Also, use only cool water to machine wash hats.

Step 5: Dry the Cap

Once the wash cycle is complete, take your cap out and set it to air-dry. Find a spot with good air circulation and keep away from drying under sunlight.

How to Wash Baseball Cap by Front Load Washing Machine?

We know that sideload or front load washing machines clean better and are smarter in water and energy usage. You can, of course, wash your baseball caps in them, but there is one small drawback. You cannot put a cap cage in a front load washing machine. The constant tumbling and rotating action are bad for the cap cage.

But that’s okay. You still have two options. Use a mesh bag instead of a cap cage, or put your cap with similar colored light laundry. Placing your caps in a mesh bag also ensures your cap is protected at all times.

The steps to wash your baseball caps are similar to how you do any normal wash in the machine, except here, you need to put caps in mesh bags and set your cycle to gentle.

Can You Wash Baseball Cap with Colored Clothes in Washing Machine?

We don’t recommend washing your baseball caps with colored clothes in the washing machine. Even if your cap or clothes don’t bleed color, you’ll still want to avoid mixing the two for safety reasons.

Better safe than sorry, right?

How to Prevent Baseball Cap from Fading in the Washer?

As a rule, go for a machine wash only if it’s absolutely necessary. If you’ve stained your cap very lightly, you may just need a simple spot clean or a good hand wash. The lesser frequent your caps go in the machine, the healthier it is for them!

If you’ve been washing your baseball caps in the washing machine for a long time, you might start to notice the color fading. It is a sign that you aren’t taking the appropriate precautions of washing your caps in the machine. 

We’ve made a checklist for you here, and let’s see how many tick marks you’re getting on them. 

Did you read the care label properly?

Many people tend to ignore the care label and assume that an ‘ONLY HAND WASH’ can also mean a ‘MACHINE WASH’ is okay. But trust us, it isn’t okay!

There’s a reason why the label is there, and it’s better if you followed it.

Are you using cold or hot water to wash caps?

Hot water is one of the biggest enemies of baseball caps. They shrink and fade the color of caps. Only use cold water.

Are You washing Dark-colored Caps separately from light-colored ones?

While washing caps in a machine, you need to separate your dark caps from light-colored ones. Whether your caps are colorfast or not, never take this risk.

Along with these, if you follow all the tips and tricks that we mentioned in the above sections, you needn’t worry about your cap fading color. 

Is It Possible to Wash Light-colored Baseball Caps in Washing Machine?

Of course, it is POSSIBLE.

As we said, wash your light-colored caps with other light-colored clothes. And ALWAYS ALWAYS use a mesh bag.

What Is the Best Detergent to Wash the Baseball Cap in the Washing Machine?

Any mild detergent is good for washing your baseball caps. Brands like Woolite, which has a range of delicate fabric detergent options, are a good choice. Opt for bleach-free detergents.

If you do want to bleach your caps, soak them in an oxygen-based bleach separately.

Baseball Cap in Washing Machine

Final Thoughts

 We hope your favorite baseball caps are washed and dried by now, and you’re just in time to attend that party! But folks, party or no party, it’s paramount to keep your baseball caps fresh and clean because they stay on your head for most of their life. Now that we’ve shown you everything about washing baseball caps in the washing machine, you no longer have excuses to keep them dirty!

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