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Ushanka Vs. Trapper Hat Vs. Aviator Hat

Ushanka vs. Trapper hat vs. Aviator hat (Difference With Pictures)

Hats are quite important, especially in winters. For many people, all the hats are the same, but the truth is that each hat has a unique feature of its own and its utility. This makes it crucial to know about the different types of hats to ensure you make a generous selection for winters.

While some hats are made from wool and wool alternatives, others are designed with leather. The common feature of the hats for winter is the ear flaps that cover the ear and help to stay warm.

Like the history suggested, mountain men, frontiersmen, lumberjacks, hunters, trappers, cross-country skiers, and even fighters all relied on Trapper hats, Aviator hats, or Ushankas to survive the chilly winters, it becomes even more important to know about each of them.

So, to help you make the right choice while buying a hat for the winter here is a complete guide about these three amazing yet distinct varieties of hats. Knowing the difference will surely help us to make a valid decision quickly.

The Main Difference

main difference of ushanka trapper and aviator hat

Many people confuse Trapper hats, Aviator hats, and Ushankas for the same thing. Technically, each of them has quite a similar shape and features, but there is still a huge difference between the three.

Ushanka is made from sheepskin, artificial fur, or rabbit fur, while an aviator hat is made from leather. The common material for trapper hats is wool, polyester blends, and cotton. The overall basic structure of the three hats is quite similar, with the main difference in the material used and the aim of the design.

Ushanka is more linked to the military, while the Aviator hat has become popular with open-cockpit aircraft. It has a goggle attached to it and was commonly worn by pilots. Whereas Trapper hat is the hybrid of the two with the style of Aviator and furriness of Unshaka, making it a bit informal in appeal.

So, let us explore a little more about all these hats and their uniqueness.

What Is an Ushanka?

An Ushanka is a Russian fur cap with ear flaps that can be tied up on the crown or chin, depending upon the level of cold. Traditionally, these are worn in the Baltic region and are made from sheepskin, rabbit fur, muskrat fur, or sometimes artificial fur. The artificial fur is called fish fur and is made from the wool pile with the cloth substrate and cloth top. The Mink fur-made Ushankas are quite common in Russia and the arctic region and are worn in temperatures between -70°C to -40°C. Some of the Ushaankas are foldable and made from wool, but the most popular ones are those made from fur.

What Is a Trapper Hat?

A Trapper hat is an informal alternative to the Ushanka. It is quite popular in the USA, UK, and Canada. It is a perfect blend of Ushanka and the Aviator hat, making it quite a popular variant. As far as the structure is considered, it has a rounded brimless crown covering the head and the attached ear flaps coming out at the bottom. The hat is a bit longer at the back to keep the neck warm during winters. It is usually available in bright contrasting shades and designs and is made from wool and wool alternatives for the perfect warmth. The hat got its name due to its ability to trap the heat and warmth inside and keep you warmer.

What Is an Aviator Hat?

As the name suggests, the Aviator hat has a goggle attached to it. It is a tight-fitted cap and is worn by the fliers. The hat is also known as the Bomber hat and is made from leather with large earflaps, a strap to fix the cap around the chin, and a short bill. Usually worn with goggles, this cap became popular as open-cockpit airplanes grew. This cap covers the head completely, but the forehead is partially covered.

Ushanka vs. Trapper Hat vs. Aviator Hat

Comparison Properties Trapper Hat Ushanka Aviator Hat
Basic DesignIt is a hybrid of the other two and is made from wool or wool alternative with the earflaps. It is mainly used in USA, UK, and Canada.It is a Russian hat made from fur and has ear flaps to keep you warm.It is also known as a bomber hat is made from leather and has earflaps with a small bill.
Initial UsageIt was designed to be worn as headgear by hunters during winters.The military initially wore it during World War.It was mainly worn by the fliers while operating open-cockpit airplanes.
Weather ProtectionIt is a bit longer at the back and offers great protection against the chilly winters.It is most suited when you live in areas with negative temperatures, say -70°C to -40°C.It can be sued during winters but does not cover the forehead completely, so it is less advisable.
Common Material UsedIt is commonly made from wool and wool alternatives.It is made from sheepskin, rabbit fur, muskrat fur, or artificial fur.It is mainly made from leather with fur in the inner layer. Currently, it is available in faux leather too.
Care and MaintenanceSince it is mainly made from wool, the maintenance and care are simple. You can wash it clean at home only.Usually made from fur, this requires special care and maintenance. It is the best when dry cleaned.It is made from leather; it is best when cleaned with a damp cloth or dry cleaned rather than cleaned with water.
StyleIt is known for its comfortable and classy style with unique designs.It is known for its formal style, which mimics the military look.It is known for its sporty style and fitted look.

What Are Ushanka for?

ushanka with russian military
Image from News Liga Net

Ushanka provides warmth to the wearer during the winter. Initially, these hats were designed to be used by the military, but later on, the utility expanded. Being made from a thick layer of fur, these are just perfect for freezing winters in Russia. Additionally, it has earflaps tied down to protect the ears, jaws, and chin from severe cold. Also, the earflaps can be tied up on the crown during moderate climate, making them a perfect addition to a winter cap.

What Are Trapper Hats for?

The main use of the Trapper hat was as a headgear for the hunters. Since the winter is harsh in the Russian area, this hat, actually the informal variant of Ushankas, soon started to be used as the winter headgear to protect the wearer from the chilly cold. Additionally, this is also famous as the skiing or snowboarding hat. Overall, this is a hat that is the perfect combination of comfort, style, and protection used during the winters. Trapper hat being the hybrid in nature offers the comfort of the Ushankas and the style of the Aviator hat, which makes it a perfect choice for the majority of the people.

What Are Aviator Hats for?

Aviator hats or Bomber hats are mainly used by the fliers while operating an open-cockpit airplane. They were invented to help the pilots keep their heads and ears warm while flying a plane. With the small bill and the earflaps, this hat is still considered a great fashion accessory as it is made from leather. Though this is also worn during the winters to keep you warm, the utility of the winter hat is comparatively low.

The Best Ushanka

This amazing Ushanka hat is designed from Faux Fur and is sold under the name of the BELEON brand. It is available in around 8 different colors offering a great selection to all the people. Designed with earflaps, it offers an extraordinary level of protection against the winter. The star badge decorated on the hat offers an amazing look to the wearer, just like the soldiers in the winter in the Soviet army. Amazing finish closed stitch and suitable size makes it a perfect pick for all looking for comfortable and stylish winter headgear.

The Best Trapper Hat

Indeed the best seller in the Trapper hat segment is a unisex hat that defines beauty, style, and comfort all-in-one. Available in multiple shades, this hat is windproof made from a premium insulating polyester outer shell with a luxurious inner faux fur layer. It has a chin strap buckle closure and is perfect for the machine wash. The earflaps offer full coverage, making them warm and convenient. You can wear it during skiing, snowboarding, skating, sledding, snowshoeing, camping, hiking, or any outdoor sports and activities. Perfectly skin-friendly and properly insulated, this is indeed a great buy.

The Best Aviator Hat

A perfect vintage-style Aviator hat made from Faux Leather and Faux Fur. Made with earflaps and the attached goggles, this offers a perfect level of warmth and comfort to the wearer. The goggles are detachable, and the adjustable elastic can be adapted according to the head size of the person wearing them. Designed to offer comfort against the winters, this design has a versatile look that you can wear during exercising and outdoor travel. It is also available in 7 broad color shades from light to dark, allowing everyone to choose easily.

Final Thoughts

Headgears are quite important, and proper knowledge of the same is important. Great support for all of us during the winters; headgears act as the best supporters of comfort and warmth. Though it is not easy to distinguish Ushanka, Trapper hat, and Aviator Hat, once you are aware of the primary features, it becomes easier to make the distinction.

The decision to buy one headgear can be simplified when a thorough comparison of the features, price, quality, and material is in hand. So, if you live in a cold temperature place, these hats are your perfect comforters. Ushanka is perfect for extreme cold; the Aviator hat is an amazing choice for a stylish look. But if you are looking for a hat that blends the properties of both most seamlessly, then the Trapper hat is your perfect partner.

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