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Types Of Hat Closures

23 Types of Hat Closures, Snaps, and Straps (With Pictures)

Choosing the perfect cap for you can be very tricky among the huge variety and style of baseball caps and hats! If you don’t have so much experience with choosing hats, it’s important to know at least about the closure types of hats. Selecting the best cap for you is not just about the color, material, design, and style but everything, including the closure type, matters!

Whatever you pick, size is the main key for everything. Like fingerprints, heads vary from person to person according to their height, weight, race, and many other factors, so next time, choose your cap according to your head size and usage.

What is a Hat Closure?

Hat closure is the practical way to open or close the hat with snapping straps, leather straps, velcro straps, etc. They allow you to adjust the size of the cap, bigger or smaller, according to your head size. They help the cap to hold onto your scalp without blowing off by the wind.

Hat closure is divided into 2 major categories, non-adjustable type, and adjustable type.

1. Non-adjustable Hat Closure

As you might have guessed, non-adjustable hats are caps that do not have any closure since they are designed in a way to only adjust to the particular wearer. They are a perfect choice for sports players, especially in soccer, baseball, golf, and tennis.

There are four types of nonadjustable hats, like fitted, flexible fit baseball caps, caps with elastic closure, and non-adjustable nylon straps.

2. Adjustable Hat Closure

Adjustable hats are a charm and are widely popular among people for their adjustable fit. They are designed with snaps, straps, or hooks and loops to adjust according to the multiple head sizes. They even give you the flexibility of loosening your cap if you have experienced any discomfort at the back of your head.

They can be shared between multiple people in a family. But even though it’s not a good idea to share caps, wash them before giving them if your dad likes it so much!

all types of hat closures

Non-adjustable Hat Closures

1. Fitted Closure

fitted closure

Fitted caps come in a specific head size with no closure and are only suitable to the head size of the particular wearer.  Some fitted caps are also available in sizes like M, L, XL with no ability to adjust the size. So, MAKE SURE you take note of your head circumference before going for a fitted cap. When speaking about the hat style, they come in structured or unstructured crowns with flat brims and mostly curved brims.

As mentioned earlier, they are a popular choice among sports players and leagues who wear them as part of their uniform for their fitted look.

2. Flexible Fit

flexible fit

Flexible fit and fitted caps‘  closure might look similar to you, but they are different by construction. You’re right; they have no way to adjust the size on their back; hence they are called a flex-fit cap.

But, on the inner side of the crown, they are weaved by polyurethane spandex in the sweatband. This gives the cap enough elasticity to stretch and fit according to your head size. Flex fit closures come in various popular styles, like trucker hats, 5-panel hats, 6-panel hats, dad hats, etc.  The best part of adjustable flexfit ball caps is, they have no way to cause red marks, itch, or any discomfort on your head.

3. Elastic Closure

elastic closure

An elastic closure is a stretchable type of closure that can adapt to growing head sizes. They are found mostly in newborns and toddlers’ hats who don’t know how to adjust straps independently. Elastic closures hold on to the head and are very easy to wear.

Adjustable Hat Closures

Velcro (Hook and Loop Closure)

4.Velcro Closure

 Velcro closure

One of the greatest advantages of velcro strap hats is the ease of use and versatility. It consists of two components, the hook strap, which consists of pointy hooks, and the loop strap with hairy loops.

The hook and loop cling to each other by just pressing together. They are very easy to replace and are a great option for small kids. But, it’s better to avoid caps with hooks and loops if you have long hair since they can easily accumulate hair, dust, and fur in their hooks and can be difficult to clean. Hats with hook and loop closure are available at affordable prices.

5. Velcro Closure and Label

velcro closure and label

People like the unnoticeable, small labels on hats. Velcro straps are stitched with labels to represent their brand or logo. People buy them to express their brands since what we wear represents who we are. A label is also an identity of the brand, whether it’s genuine or not. Labels like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Neff show off the genuine quality of your caps and make you stand apart from the crowd. They stay in the cap permanently, and you can also remove them when you don’t want to.

6. Velcro Closure with  Embroidered Label

velcro closure with embroidered label

This is a velcro closure, which is designed with the embroidery label of the brand name. Embroidery labels of the cap from a reputed brand describe your economic status and how much you love the brand. The velcro strap, also called a hook and loop, enables quick wearing simply by ripping and sealing the straps. They are very easy to use,  durable, and can be easily replaced too.


7. Plastic Snap Closure (Polysnaps, Snap Closure – Snapback)

 plastic snap closure

Plastic snap closure refers to the snapping straps that interlock each other by snapping the straps together when bringing close to your head, with the preferred size. It locks firmly in a way that it won’t open accidentally. It is also called a press stud, popper strap, tich, and snap.

They offer a clean and perfect look when worn. Additionally, they are not resistant to wear and tear, and you no need to worry about rusting, which happens with metallic buckles. Snapback hats have a huge fan following for their easy and fun-to-wear plastic straps.

8. Plastic Double Snap Closure

Plastic Double Snap Closure

Double snap closure is better than the standard snapping strip, which offers double strength by having two rows of interlocking discs. Usually, snapback hats come with double snap closure, which allows a more sturdy fit and allows one size fits all style to be designed for all heads. Since they are made up of plastic, they are resistant to wear and tear, dries quickly, and are easy to wear.

9. Plastic Snap Closure and Label

plastic snap closure and label

Who says leather and velcro straps only come with labels? A plastic snap closure hat is also stitched with a tiny label to show off your cap’s brand. The label carries a unique identity to communicate with the brand name. Apart from the label, it is designed with a snapping type of strap, which makes the cap one size fits all style. Like all snapping straps, they consist of press studs and holes which easily interlock with each other with a single snap.

10. Plastic Buckle Closure

The buckle helps to fasten the two loose ends, with one end, which is attached to the buckle itself, and the other end, which is stitched to the hat lining flexibly. The most advantageous feature about plastic buckles is, there is reduced friction in plastic buckles when compared to leather straps, and they last for long.  The plastic buckle closure is also an easy method to adjust the cap according to any head size and facilitates a quick release and closure.

11. Plastic D-Fit Closure

plastic dfit closure

A plastic D fit closure consists of a single strap of hook and loop, pulled through a D ring ( attached to the other end of the hat lining with the help of elastic) and pressed with each other. The hook and loop strap works easily by wearing the cap, tightening, and sticking, ensuring the right fit. They require very low maintenance and hardly need replacements. The velcro strap can adapt to all head sizes with great bonding strength.

12. Plastic Clawbak Closure

plastic clawbak closure

Clawbak closure is better than the regular snapping straps, which can be loosened and tightened very quickly and firmly. Clawbak closure gives greater strength and efficiency and is designed in mostly high-profile caps. After 65 years of snapping straps being found, today clawbak straps are exclusive! The more interesting feature is, they are designed with double-toned colors, which makes them look cooler. Caps with clawbak straps are the new trending type of hats among teens and adults.

13. Plastic Drawstring Closure

plastic drawstring closure

Drawstrings are cords that will be fastened with a casing on them. When you pull the drawstring ends, it tightens and gives a perfect fit for different size measurements. The drawstring closure is a preferable option among consumers so that you can see them in many garments like bags, hoodies, and even pajama pants. They are light in weight, easy to handle, allow faster adjustments, fit accurately, and make life much easier. This one size fits all style is a perfect addition to all your size preferences.

14. Zip Buckle Closure

zip buckle closure

Zip closure is another type of closure where you have to release the buckle, wear the cap, pull the zip, and press the buckle. Since they are made up of plastic, they are resistant to wear and tear and stay rustproof. They are very easy to adjust and are a more innovative design that satisfies any wearer. Zips are steady and even cooler when they come with buckles too!

Metal (Strap Closure – Strapback)

15. Metal Buckle Closure/ Metal Snap Buckle Closure

metal buckle closure metal snap buckle closure

This is the most common of all closure types of hats, stitched with cloth straps in the back and adjusted using a metal buckle. The metal buckle needs a little more effort than plastic closures, but guarantees long durability for a lifetime. They fit all average head sizes and are resistant to wear and tear. If you’re a regular user of baseball caps, it’s good to choose metallic closures in caps

16. Metal Cam Buckle Closure

metal cam buckle closure

This is a backsliding closure type with a lock that can be tightened by using only hand strengths and get more tightened as long as your hands can physically force. You can adjust the metal cam to adjust to all average head sizes. The slide clasp closure is durable and guarantees long-lasting usage with ease. This is the next common type of closure type of caps next to metal buckle closure.

17. Metal Buckle Closure and Tuck In

metal buckle closure and tuck in

D rings with metal buckle closure is a simple and effective way of closure that keeps the hat placed firmly on your head.  You can simply slide down the strap’s buckle, which is fixed with a d ring to offer a snug fit. D rings with metal buckles allow wearing extremely easy and quick. Their one size fits all style is suitable for all average head circumferences of both men and women.

18. Metal Tri-Glide Slide Buckles

metal triglide slide buckles

Tri-glide buckles, also known as tri-glide slides, are lightweight and allow for a quick adjustment to fit the head. With friction, they secure the material in place.  Once there is no more tension, the slide enables unfastening and size adjustment. They come in various shapes, colors, styles, have a stronger grip on cloth strap, and are slid by hand to adjust and lock the material.

19. Metal Belt Buckle Closure

meta belt buckle closure

Also called the roller buckle, this belt is most commonly used in hats and belts. The buckle helps to fasten the two ends of the belt with each other by perforating the prong to the hole. It comes in a variety of styles and designs. Steel buckles are mostly made of up stainless steel and have high durability and long resistance compared to the others.

20. Metal Snap Closure

metal snap closure

This is an updated version of snapback hats. The founder of these caps, Burley Vinson, created a new variety of snap button caps to replace the plastic snapping straps and called the caps “snappies.” The most appreciated feature about this cap is, it is designed with leather straps and brass buttons instead of plastic straps. They are lightweight and more durable than snapping straps.


21. Leather Closure

leather closure

Leather straps stand out from the regular plastic, elastic straps, or metal buckles. Leather straps are designed with hidden velcro closure, which gives you the flexibility to adjust to the size of the caps. The best thing about leather straps is they have excellent durability and can last even 2-3 years if you wear them daily. They are resilient to wear and tear and offer a vintage look, are skin-friendly, and don’t cause any discomfort to your skin.

22. Leather and Metal Closure

leather and metal closure

This is an adjustable type of closure, with a leather strap and a buckle. The metal buckle will work easily on the leather strap and enables one size fits all styles to fit all head sizes. Tightened by hand, this closure type can last for years, and you don’t need to worry about fading at all with  100% leather straps.


23. Nylon and Plastic Buckle Closure

nylon and plastic buckle closure

These nylon straps with plastic buckle closure are also great to use! The nylon straps are resistant to wear and tear oils and are tough in quality, and you can easily immerse in water. The plastic buckles will have a good impact strength, and you can easily adjust the size of the cap according to your preferences.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is a brim, crown, eyelets, or even the closure, every part of a hat has a purpose. As mentioned earlier, the closure type of the hat determines the size, fit and impacts the look of the cap when it’s worn.

Many of you might think of what size is one size fits all style? All one-size-fits-all caps and hats usually fit average head circumferences of 21.5 inches to 23 inches or M/L size.

In a nutshell, closure types are divided into two categories, adjustable and not adjustable type.

While fitted caps come in non-adjustable type, plastic snapping, leather, and nylon straps with buckles come under adjustable type. 

Adjustable closure type allows caps to be worn at multiple sizes by anyone. In contrast, a non-adjustable closure type of cap is a suitable choice for sports players and the particular wearer. Apart from the closure type and size, you should definitely check the material, quality, brand, style, and comfort, and the purpose you’re wearing for.

By now, you would have a clear idea of which type of hat can work out for you! Give it a go!

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