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Satin Vs Velvet

Satin vs Velvet. What Is the Difference? (With Pictures)

Satin and Velvet are both soft fabrics used in making various textile products. These two fabrics have many differences when it comes to the weave pattern, look, finish, quality, usage, and many other properties. Therefore, it becomes imperative to understand the Satin vs Velvet difference clearly. This post covers these differences in detail. It makes it easier for the reader to decide which fabric is most suitable.

The Main Difference

The most crucial point of distinction for Satin vs Velvet lies in the two fabrics’ weave structure.

Velvet has a pile weave construction. This means that there are several layers of weaving, which gives the product fabric a raised look. There is a foundation weave, and then on top of that, there can be warp or weft piles. In velvet weaving, a cutting knife is used to produce two layers of fabric.

On the other hand, Satin in itself is a weave. It has four or more perpendicular or weft yarn on a warp yarn. Any fabric that uses this kind of weaving pattern is known as a Satin fabric. The fabric material can vary as per need.

The weaving pattern gives the products their distinctive look. While Velvet has a raised and iridescent finish, Satin has a glossy and shiny finish.

What’s Warmer Satin or Velvet?

Satin is known to have a cooling effect, and that is its main plus point. Products made of Satin are preferred in hot weather. Velvet, on the other hand, is one of the top fabrics used in making winter-wear. It can be used as a wool alternative. Therefore, it is clear that Velvet is warmer than Satin.

What are Satin and Satin Fabric Properties?


Satin is essentially a weaving pattern. It uses four or more weft yarn over a base warp yarn. This gives the mesh-like weave pattern. The fabric that uses this kind of weaving is known as satin fabric. The weaving leads to lesser interlacing of yarn because only a single warp yarn is used. This gives the fabric its signature smoothness.

The raw material used in satin weaving could be anything, including polyester, cotton, silk, or even wool, but most of the time, silk and polyester are the chosen fabrics for Satin weaving.

At times, people confuse Sateen with Satin. Sateen is a cotton fabric with Sating weaving. Sometimes people consider Silk and Satin the same. However, that is not correct. Satin has a glossy shine on one side and a dull look on the back. Silk doesn’t have such properties even though it is also smooth and soft.

Some of the prominent properties of Satin are as follows:

  • Synthetic product: If the raw material is polyester, then the final product is entirely man-made using no natural fibers.
  • Multiple Finish: The front of the fabric is glossy, smooth, and shiny. The fabric’s back  has a dull finish
  • Difficult to Maneuver: The fabric is very slippery, and it is challenging to use in tailoring. Only highly skilled artisans can work with this kind of fabric.
  • Maintenance: It is a delicate fabric and therefore requires a lot of care.
  • Wash Care: Silk-Satin products should always be dry-cleaned, while the Polyester-Satin products could be gently hand washed with great care. Further, the products should never be wrung to dry; they should be hang dried.
  • Ironing: The material can get burned quickly, so the ironing can only be done on the fabric’s dull side at a very low temperature.

What are Velvet and Velvet Fabric Properties?


Velvet is a fabric made using the pile weaving pattern that gives it the raised look. Initially, silk was used as the raw material, but now other materials such as polyester and rayon are also used. The loom used to manufacture Velvet is known as a double cloth, and it produces two fabrics in one go.

There are different kinds of Velvet, as follows:

  • Crushed
  • Panne
  • Embossed
  • Cisele
  • Plain
  • Stretch
  • Pile on Pile

Each of these types has a unique texture or look that makes it worth the effort producing it. Some of the properties of the fabric are as follows:

  • Touch and feel: The fabric is soft to touch, and the piled threads can be felt
  • Unique quality: It has an iridescent quality, which makes it look that the fabric’s color changes if one moves their hand on it.
  • Heat Retention: Velvet has good heat retention quality, and therefore it is used in several winter products such as hats, blankets, blazers, and upholstery
  • Wash Care: The products should always be hand washed using cold water and should not be exposed to hot water
  • Sheen: Although the material shines, this is a signature dull shine. It is not the gleaming shine of Satin 
  • Durability: Velvet is a heavy and robust material, and therefore it is highly durable

Satin Hats Vs Velvet Hats

Comparison PropertiesSatin HatsVelvet Hats
Uses (for)Baseball hats, Formal Wear, Accessory with Dresses and Gowns, Stage Performances, Casual Wear, Sleep Wear. Mostly suitable for women, generally used in men’s top hat.Formal Wear, Accessory with Dresses and Gowns, Casual Wear. Suitable for both men and women
AdvantagesVery smooth, Keep the hair healthy, Retains moisture, and keep the hair hydrated. Reduces Frizz.Suitable for winter wear, Stylish look, Can be styled in several patterns, easy to clean
DisadvantagesHighly slippery material, Can be too shiny for some wearers, The fabric requires high maintenance, Expensive, Can get stained easily.Less warm for very cool places
DurabilityVery delicateStrong and Sturdy
WeightLightweightRelatively heavy
Waterproof MaterialNot waterproof, cleaning with water can leave a mark.Some types of Velvet are waterproof. But these are expensive materials. Otherwise, Velvet has relatively high stain resistance.
Reflective MaterialHave some degree of reflectivityHave some degree of reflectivity
Easy to CleanIt is difficult to clean, can get stained quickly.It is easy to clean
Available SizeFree SizeFree Size
Types and StylesCaps, Slouchy beanie, Top hat, Bonnets, Sleep cap, TurbanCaptain’s Cap, Beret, Vintage hats & caps, Beanie, Skull cap, Slouchy beanie, Horse riding helmet, turban
Cost & Price$4 to $80$1 to $60

What Are Satin Hats for?

The most popular use of satin hats is as a sleep hat. It makes your hair healthier. Other than that, there are many different styles that can be used on casual occasions, such as a baseball game or a rock concert. They can also be used on highly formal occasions and paired well with ballroom gowns. They are used mostly as top hats to be worn by men at weddings. Satin material is used in hat lining too.

What Are Velvet Hats for?

Velvet hats are more suitable for winter wear and formal wear. They can be evenly worn by both men and women, while the satin hats are generally more ideal for women. Velvet has ample options in casual wear as well. If the right color is chosen, then they look perfect for hiking, horse riding, biking, camping, and fishing too.

The Best Satin Hat

With more than 2500 ratings, this is one of the most bough satin sleep caps for long or braided hair. It comes in multi-color and two size variants – 19 inches and 27 inches. It helps in retaining hair moisture and therefore gives an insulating effect. It is very soft and comfortable to be worn at night.

This is a trendy unisex option suitable for baseball matches or rock concerts. It has a shiny metallic finish that makes it highly attractive. The back strap can be adjusted, and it is a free size hat that fits most adults.

The Best Velvet Hat

This is a theme party wear and trendy hat with removable goggles. It is suitable for children 12 years of age or younger. It is a Steampunk hat and is, therefore, a collector’s item. It is one of the most sought after velvet hats presently.

It is a turban style hat for women made from very high-quality Velvet. It comes in various colors and therefore can be paired with several dresses. It is a free size hat that fits most adults. It has an elegant look and can be washed in the machine. But it should not be bleached.

Final Thoughts

Each hat has a very specific purpose. It depends on the wearer what they need the hat for. If the wearer is looking for a sleep hat, then there is no better hat than a Satin hat. However, if the wearer wants some winter protection, then Velvet is a much better material. Further, durability is higher in Velvet, and it is relatively cheaper. It has a lot of designs and styles and has more unisex options than Satin hats. Therefore, it ranks slightly higher on several parameters.

Satin vs Velvet

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