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Leather Trapper Hats

Leather Trapper Hats | 12 Best Leather Trapper Hats (Unisex)

Swoosh! One of the most extraordinary feeling of life is stepping out of your cozy residence and feeling a howling blow of icy air right into your face! It literally takes your breath away, and every cell of your body feels so alive. Until for a certain period, you can no longer stand on snow and look for something to hide under!    Something which is warm and keeps you enjoying the winter sports without bringing you back to the fireplace! Undoubtedly, leather trapper hats are the lifesavers for winters that trap your body heat and fight the cold frigid temperatures! There is a long history of how hunters and frontiersmen completely depend on the leather trapper hats to survive in winter. And, of course! The name “trapper” comes from the usage of trappers and hunters.

Are Leather Trapper Hats Worth Getting?

When it comes to leather trapper hats, it is all about their built-to-last design, rugged style, easy to clean quality,  hunter’s look, and signature ear flaps that protect your ears,  throat, and chin to survive the harshest of winter.

What you have heard is right!

Leather is top-notch material and is well worth the investment. They tend to last longer than hats made of textiles. Besides, they offer excellent shape retention even for years. Leather trapper hats are super soft and don’t cause any kind of discomfort.

Leather’s natural elasticity will comfortably fit your head, neither making it too tight nor baggy.

The fascinating fact you shouldn’t miss is that leather hats look better even as they age.

Not at all; we are not kidding!

It’s not common for leather to fade, and it doesn’t fade in a substantial amount. But even if it does, it’s a little noticeable. But most customers discriminate that old leather trapper hats look better than the new leather trapper hats.

If you feel differently, you can also use leather conditioning to protect it from fading. The choice is yours!

Unsurprisingly, they are timeless style accessories that look cool on teens, men, and women of all ages!

12 Best Trapper Hats Made With Leather

1. Spanish Sheepskin Leather Trapper Hat for All Ages

While the exterior surface comprises 100% Napa leather, the interior surface comprises 100% genuine Spanish shearling sheepskin, which delivers warmth than expected. Since sheepskin is one of the best insulators, its breathable quality helps keep you warm and not sweaty. Without looking weird, the earflaps can be tied up to the crown when not needed.

  • Exterior surface: 100% Napa leather
  • Interior surface: double-sided shearling sheepskin.
  • Closure Type: Tie straps to get the right fit.
  • Water-resistant and repels moisture.
  • It keeps your ears, jaw, and lower parts of your face cozy and comfortable.
  • The ear flaps can be tied up to the crown and gives you a perfect look.

2. Special Hunter Look Trapper Hat for Men

The authentic look of hunting headwear! Even hunting isn’t anymore; this can be worn when walking around, fishing, camping, trekking, hiking, and dog walking. When the quilted lining makes for comfortable wear, the leather surface protects your head from the cold elements. The best part is, they have buckles at the bottom to look perfect.

  • Exterior surface: Leather
  • Interior surface: Faux, rabbit fur
  • Closure type: buckle type
  • The adjustable snap button chin strap, which enables the right fit.
  • Wind and water-resistant shell to provide entire coverage, including the lower parts of the face.
  • Polyfill insulation for added warmth.

3. Snow White Fluffy Leather Trapper Hat

Next comes the white, adorable silky hat, which you can deck out with any outfit. If you think white is a big no-no for winters, you’re wrong. You can easily pair up the fluffy cloud-like hat with any warm colors like red, pink, and even blue.

It is available in two sizes and is made from 100℅ genuine leather and Russian fur. Like all hats, their ear flaps can be tied down or up when not needed. Both ways, it looks spectacular on teens and also adults.

  • Made from Russian fur and leather
  • Available in two sizes
  • It can be paired with any outfit.
  • Tie straps are available to be worn in multiple methods.

4. Soft, Quaint Handmade Sheepskin Trapper Hat

A modern, stylish leather trapper hat that keeps your brain working at an optimal operating temperature! They are lightweight and durable. Available in all vibrant colors to keep it friendly for both genders.

They are the best hat to keep you normal at frigid temperatures and a suitable hat for winter fanatics who enjoy outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding, motorsports, snowball fighting, camping, and hunting, etc.

  • Exterior surface: Made with Napa leather
  • Interior surface: double-sided sheepskin wool
  • Closure type: buckles and adjustable thin strap, which gives a complete look.
  • Available in colors like black, brown, beige, tan, and pink.
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fashionable looking
  • Only suitable for very cold temperatures.
  • Water-resistant and repels moisture.

5. Chic, Picturesque Leather Trapper Hats for Y’all

A handmade leather trapper hat for people who want to own a unique display of craftsmanship! Available in 13 warm and cool colors that you shouldn’t resist if you fall in love with colors! The toasty ear flaps are tied beneath the chin, or on top of the crown, or even at the back. Featuring classic Russian styling, the hat can be worn in multiple ways without looking odd. Handmade with natural sheepskin, this is the prettiest gift anybody could long for!

  • Exterior surface: Durable Napa leather finish
  • Interior surface: Soft, warm sheepskin wool.
  • Closure Type: Straps are used to tie beneath the chin for a regular fit.
  • Water-resistant and repels moisture.
  • Light in weight and durable.
  • Available in 13 different colors and all sizes. They have something for everyone irrespective of age, gender, skin tone, and head shape.

6. Stellar Looking Polyester Included Leather Trapper Hats

A classy, formal-looking choice for adults who need leather trapper hats. Made up with 40% lamb leather, 30% premium quality, natural rabbit fur, and 30% polyester, this is great daily winter wear!  Like all other trapper hats, they contain a forehead fleece pad, quilted lining, and earflaps that button up or down with button snap and metal ring closure system.

  • The quilted lining adds more warmth.
  • Made up with 40% lamb leather, 30% rabbit fur, and 30% polyester.
  • Closure type: button
  • Available in 3 colors like black, brown and grey.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Easy to clean

7. 100% Faux Leather Classy Trapper For Everyone

Looking warm and comfortable, this 100% faux fur and leather trapper is suitable for both adults and also kids. They are way more easier to clean and gives no uncomfortable smell. They have an old-fashioned look and are a great gift idea for older adults. 

  • It is created with 100% Faux fur and leather.
  • The interior surface is lined with static-resistant quilted fabric.
  • Soft to touch.
  • The standard look of trapper hats.
  • Water repellent.

8. Fashion Forward 100% Sheepskin Lined Trapper Hats

This stunning, shield-looking hat will save your vacation tour to Scandinavia!   They are available in all custom sizes for men, women, and also kids. Made with rich faux leather and trimmed with warm faux fur, they are very soft to touch and keep you cozy in frigid temperatures. They are versatile; the earflaps can be left on the sides when cold and hooked up when it turns warmer.

  • It is made up of 100% faux fur and 100% faux leather.
  • Available in all custom sizes.
  • Easy to care for.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Perfect for all outdoor activities.
  • No uncomfortable smell.
  • Hand-finished and crafted flawlessly.

9. Snug Fitting Leather Trapper Hats for Bikers

This is an ergonomically shaped cap, which hugs your whole head and lower parts of the head and provides toasty warmth! The cap is available in M to XXL sizes for all adults. Certainly, this ergonomically shaped leather trapper hat is a great choice for Cabrio or motorcyclists for everyday usage. These hats are made by traditional sewing technology in Poland and

  • They use only genuine leather, and the entire lining is sheepskin without quilting.
  • Closure type: buckle
  • Available in colors like beige, black, brick brown, and cocoa brown.
  • Soft to touch
  • Secure fit and a good choice to avoid blowing wind for motorcyclists.

10. All Favorite Snap Type Black Trapper Hats

These hats are designed for extremely cold conditions. While the exterior surface comprises 100% genuine Napa leather, the interior surface has 100% shearling sheepskin fur. If you emphasize dark colors, take a look! They are available in black, crack black, brick color, coffee, Kansas coffee, and many more!

They are known for their craftsmanship with long-lasting durability, water-resistance, and flawlessness.

  • Exterior surface: Napa leather
  • Interior surface: 100% genuine sheepskin
  • Closure type: snap type
  • Suitable for extremely harsh cold temperatures.
  • Water-resistant
  • Long-lasting durability

11. Unisex Leather Trapper Hats With Cutting Edge Look

Finally, a big cozy leather trapper hat for a bigger head shape! They are made up of 2 sided sheepskin, and the exterior surge is made up of 100% genuine Napa leather. While sheepskin is one of the warmest insulators to keep you warm, leather is a breathable type of material to not leave your head sweaty. Available in 5 colors and all sizes, they are a great gift to make anyone wait for the winter!

  • Exterior surface: Napa leather
  • Interior surface: double-sided shearling sheepskin
  • Closure type: tie straps are available.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Handmade with natural sheepskin.
  • Water-resistant and repels moisture.

12. Regular Usage Wind/ Waterproof Trapper Hat for Motorists

A casual-looking hat with excellent wind and waterproof qualities! If you’re a motorcyclist, skater, bicyclist and looking for a regular usage trapper hat, this is for you!

Made up of Leather in the exterior and lined up with sheepskin and fur on the interior, this is a breathable type and is a good to go option for both casual and costume events.

  • Materials: Leather and sheepskin, fur material.
  • Good waterproof and windproof qualities.
  • Free shipping to most countries.
  • Available in adult sizes 55 cm to 61 cm.
  • Solid pattern type.

What to Consider Before Shopping for Leather Trapper Hats?

Hats have often stood as an integral aspect of human attire! Before you spend money, it’s worth knowing the factors for a good leather trapper hat before buying it.

  • Material

Even though wool and polyester brands are popular nowadays, wearing leather is a timeless style, fashion statement. They are good to go option for both genders, all ages, and all settings.

Leather is a wholesome five-star pack for shape retention, durability, ease to clean, fashion, and natural elasticity for a perfect fit. Make sure to buy the hat with the label Nappa leather, which provides a higher grain of luxury and is preserved with a specialized finish.

  •  Closure Type

When it comes to closure type, choosing to tie up straps for kids isn’t recommended since a buckling or snap type is easier for them. Tie straps work for a long time comparable to buckle and snap type. Buckle straps will give a perfect look.

They are advantages and disadvantages to both, and it can be bought according to your choice.

  • Color

Speaking about color seems to be a personal subjective choice, but colors are important to beautify the whole outfit according to the activities.

When you are a winter fanatic, who enjoys winter sports like skiing, snowboarding to an extreme, opt for vibrant colors such as red, pink and chocolate, beige.

But if you’re interested in bringing the hunting headwears as a fashion statement, you can opt for colors like brick brown, coffee, hunter orange, and camouflage. Even though hunting isn’t anymore, they are fascinating for activities like walking around the woods, dog walking, camping, and trekking, etc.

To be straight cut, black is a color that goes with literally everything! They’re clean, pristine, sleek, classy, and fit perfectly with a full-length coat where formal attires are required.

Leather Trapper Hat

 Will a Leather Trapper Hat Keep You Warm?

A leather trapper hat is guaranteed to keep you warm even in cold frigid temperatures. The thick fabric on the outer shell of the hat acts as a barrier for insulation,  traps and prevents heat from escaping. They can become waterproof with proper treatment. And it’s a hard material which protects you from the cold elements and also physical damage. Leather is a second skin, thicker skin than yours.

How Much Does a Leather Trapper Hats Cost?

The prices of hats depend on quality! They can be cheap or also a little higher than their price. Undoubtedly, you pay for what you get. They are available for all from 15 USD to 200 USD.

Final Thought

Besides being a new fashion statement, trappers, hunters, lumberjacks,   mountain men have relied on trapper hats for comfort and survival in the earlier days. 

The leather trapper hats will help you feel comfortable in the deep forest, or the highest mountain, or even the coldest city! And, look into the mirror with the leather trapper hat above your head! Who’s adorable here?

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