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Kids Straw Hats

Kids Straw Hats | 15 Best Straw Sun Hats for Kids (Girls & Boys)

Summer is a fun time when the families get together and engage in some relaxing activity. People generally tend to spend a great deal of time outdoors due to the extreme heat in the hot season. A picnic, camping, or traveling to the beach are among the most common outdoor activities in the summer season. But the summer sun can pose several health risks to you and especially if you have kids.

Sun rays are beneficial for growing children since it helps to produce Vitamin D which assists calcium absorption. But too much of something is always harmful, as is the case with sun rays. Too much exposure can lead to all kinds of harmful effects. Most common are skin irritations or sunburns. Kids have sensitive skin and are prone to damage by sun rays quickly.

Benefits Of Straw Sun Hats For Kids?

The best way to protect your little ones from the dangerous sun rays is to get a kids straw sun hat. To be specific, a straw sun hat would be ideal for this.

The main advantage of getting straw hats for kids is lightweight. Kids typically are picky about hats. We can’t judge them for that; wearing hats for a long time can get quite annoying, especially with the heat of the summer. The straw hats are light and very comfortable, allowing kids to wear them and still enjoy themselves.

The main advantage of getting a straw sun hat is its durability and its longevity. The strong fibers of straw are incredibly resistant to wear and tear and can be used for a long time. Kids can use straw hats for many years without losing the level of protection.

Kids straw sun hats are excellent at ventilation. The unique weaving styles of straw hats seal off sun rays but still allow enough space for air to flow inside the hat cooling the little one’s head. Therefore, kids can stay cool even in the blazing sun.

They usually come with a broad brim, which is perfect for providing ample shade from the sun, effectively shielding kids’ eyes and face. Lastly, they also highly trendy, bestowing an adorable and stylish look on kids.

This article will help you to select one of the best kid’s straw sun hats.

15 Best Straw Hats for Kids

1. Kids’ Sun Straw Hat With Large Wide Brim

This kid’s straw sun hat is lightweight and breathable. Fabricated using a straw, which is tightly woven to the point where you can’t see through this hat. This prevents sunlight from leaking inside the hat, which provides better coverage for your kid in the harsh summer sun. Tightly woven doesn’t mean that it’s completely sealed off. The hat is designed to leave ample space for ventilation to let cool airflow through the hat.

  • Adorable flower band design
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Excellent airflow inside the hat

2. Flanging Kids’ Straw Hat With Flowers

This kids’ straw hat comes with an attached elastic chin strap, which satisfies two functions; holding the hat tight on a windy day without letting it get blown away and keep it in place. If your little one is known to remove hats if removed the hat will stay hanging at the back of their head. The brim is 2-inch wide, which is enough to keep the harsh sun rays at bay. There’s also the ability to choose from a dozen adorable and cute flower designs on the brim, which kids would love.

  • Adorable Designs
  • Sweatband for comfort
  • Elastic chin strap

3. Large Brim Beach Straw Sun Hat For Kids

Kids don’t look for the benefits of a straw hat in the summer; they usually like anything with an adorable catchy design with bright color tones. This straw hat is a perfect choice. It is perfectly styled with a wavy brim and colorful bead band around the crown, topping off with a large flower on the brim, and equipped with a 3.5-inch super wide brim to give the maximum amount of shade to your kid from the sun.

  • Ample coverage from the sun
  • Superb ventilation in the hat
  • Unique design and color tones

4. Kids’ Floppy Beach Straw Sun Hat

Kids will play and have fun until they sweat regardless of the season. Sweating is very uncomfortable, especially in the summer when it’s 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside. This straw hat is lined with a sweatband to absorb excess sweat flowing down on the forehand to give a nice comfortable feel to your little one and let them have more fun. The wide brim is formidable in providing shade to kid’s eyes and face.

  • Stylish lace bow design
  • 3.5-inch-wide brim
  • Better air circulation

5. Kid’s Floppy Straw Sun Hat With Bowknot

This sun hat is fabricated with 100% natural paper straw with an extreme amount of flexibility. This hat is fully crushable and quickly packing whilst posing no damage to the original shape. It is available in several sizes to fit kids of a wide range of ages from 6-18 months up to 5-12 years, with hat circumference sizes of 18.5 inches to 20.8 inches to fit each age category. Perfect for any outdoor activity in the summer season.

  • Windproof Sun Hat
  • Soft and extremely durable
  • Excellent coverage from sun

6. Sun Protection Summer Straw Hat For Kids

Premium grade paper straw is used to produce this kids’ sun hat with a touch of polyester for added comfort and tenderness. A sweatband and a chin strap are fitted to bestow a delightful feeling on your child’s head when they are busy having fun and enjoy themselves. The chin strap helps to get a comfortable fit on kids’ small heads and makes the hat windproof as well. It is also super easy to clean and is flexible.

  • Wipe clean and easily packable
  • 90% paper straw 10% polyester
  • Attractive and stylish design

7. Kids’ Lifeguard Style Straw Sun Hat

Lifeguard kids straw sun hats have always been a leading choice in the summer season, especially to be worn at beaches. Grab this lifeguard sun hat for your junior and let them enjoy outside without having to worry about the harsh sun rays. It is rigged with a large wide brim to supply ample shade from sun rays and an adjustable chin strap. The chin strap is just a strap under the hat, and it is equipped with an adjustable toggle to give the hat a snug fit.

  • One size fits many
  • High-grade straw fiber
  • Adjustable chin strap

8. Woven Tides Straw Sun Hat For Kids

Raffia is extracted from the unopened leaves of the African Raffia Palm trees. The extracted raffia fibers are softer and durable than regular straw, making them the perfect material to produce kids straw sun hats. Raffia has a natural resin/adhesive in its leaves. This grants raffia longevity; This sun hat is highly flexible and pliant. A chin strap with an adjustable toggle is added to increase the customizability of the hat.

  • 100% raffia straw
  • Quality weave
  • Large wide Brim

9. Woven Kids’ Straw Sun Hat With Pocket

Fabricated using a premium quality natural straw, which is super durable; guaranteed to retain its original shape no matter how much it gets deformed. Straw makes this feathery hat light on your little one’s small head, causing no discomfort. It already comes with a unique and lovely flower design on the brim of the hat, but more the merrier. Along with the hat comes an adorable little side bag, so your kids can carry their favorite things where ever they go.

  • A multitude of tones available
  • An attractive straw knitted side bag
  • Chinstrap and sweatband available

10. Open Top Cap Style Straw Sun Hat For Kids

Allow your little one to look trendy and fashionable by getting one of these open-top caps. Offers a higher range of coverage to kids’ faces than most other types of hats owing to its large, broad visor. Kids can also enjoy the maximum amount of airflow as the top is open, allowing air to move freely without clogging up hot air heating their heads. Perfect for sunny days as the hat can shield your kid’s face and keep their heads get cooled from the breeze.

  • Flamingo embroidery design
  • Open top with adequate ventilation
  • One size fits most children

11. Packable Visor Straw Sun Hat For Kids

An open-top type sun hat for kids, especially you have a little girl. A 4.2-inch super wide visor comes along with mesh holes in the small crown. The visor provides ample shade from sun rays, while the mesh is very breathable. The hat can be worn and adjusted by velcro; therefore, a more comprehensive range of age categories will find his hat suitable. The whole unit is very flexible and can be rolled for easy packing, and it won’t even take much space as a typical torch.

  • Detachable chin strap with toggle
  • Elegant and trendy style design
  • Many adjustable sizes from the velcro

12. Roll Up Wide Visor Kids’ Straw Sun Hat

A cleverly designed kids’ straw sun hat made from high-grade natural and authentic paper straw. This gives the hat durability and flexibility at the same time. The brim is made unique, where it is mostly pointing downwards as opposed to normal protrude outward style brims. This gives it the ability to provide superb sun coverage. A velcro is hidden in plain sight underneath the bowknot, and this velcro can be of assistance when figuring out the best comfortable fit.

  • 100% paper straw used
  • Matches to any hairstyle choices
  • It can be rolled up for easy packing

13. Kids’ Straw Beach Sun Protection Hat

This is an adorable small sun hat for your little man. This straw sun hat can cover children’s eyes and protect their faces and hair. It can help to keep kids’ heads cool by keeping harsh sun rays away from them and providing ample space for airflow through the hat. Besides protection from the sun, this beautiful sun hat makes your kids look cool and stylish. Since it is made from premium quality natural straw, the hat is both pliant and durable.

  • Lightweight and tender
  • Super durable and breathable
  • Unique, trendy overall design

14. Cowboy Style Kids’ Straw Sun Hat With Wide Brim

A tremendous stylish straw sun hat for your baby. The cowboy-style look with a colorful design on the crown will look adorable on kids. Made from high-quality straw to be extra durable yet flexible. This kids straw sun hat is designed to leave ample room for air to flow through the hat cooling your baby’s head. Its subtle design and color tones will match any dress and suit all outdoor activities, owing to the wide brim to provide shade from the sun.

  • Authentic straw product
  • An adorable design for babies
  • Suitable for any outdoor activity

15. Adorable Kids’ Straw Sun Hat With Wide Brim

Cotton is mixed with high-grade natural straw to give extra smoothness when kids wear this sun hat. The hat retains all the attributes from straw, such as; durability and pliability even though cotton is mixed. The inside of the crown is lined with a sweatband to absorb excess sweat when kids are having fun outdoors. The broad and wavy brim is excellent and repelling harsh sun rays and protecting children’s eyes and face.

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Straw and cotton blend
  • Elastic shin strap available

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Kid’s Straw Hats?

There is no giant list of things you should look out for when buying a straw hat for kids. But there are a set of key features a standard straw sun hat should contain.

A sufficiently broad and large brim or visor, preferably a 3.5-inch one – To provide ample shade for kids from the blazing sun rays.

The materials used in the fabrication of the hat – Preferably natural authentic straw or raffia straw fabric.

An adjustable chin strap and a soft sweatband.

And lastly, a lovely cute design. This won’t give protection from the sun, but kids adore a unique and fun design, preferably with a big flower on the brim. Kids can be motivated with an adorable design to wear the sun hat.

How Much Does a Kid’s Straw-Hat Cost?

Summer or winter, it doesn’t matter little children love to play with their siblings and friends and have some fun. In summer, getting your kids a sun hat is a vital step in protecting them from the harsh sun rays. A straw hat which flexible and durable can provide ample shade to kids’ eyes, and face reducing the risk of health issues igniting by the harsh summer sun.

A typical straw sun hat with a large brim and an attractive design would not cost an arm and a leg. Most straw hats can cost as low as $6.82 and go high as only just $21.95. Even in this range, around 80% of hats land in the range of $11-$16. Therefore, you can get a good straw hat for your junior without breaking the bank.


Final Thoughts

Skin rashes and irritations are some of the harmful side effects of being too exposed to the harsh summer sun. The sun’s UV rays can also pose severe threats to people ranging from cataracts to skin cancers and immune suppression. Kids are vulnerable to these dangerous conditions more than adults.

As adults and parents looking after your kids are essential as they are the world to you. Getting them protective gear to battle the sun rays is, therefore, the primary concern. A standard kids straw sun hat made from high-quality natural straw and a large brim should be your best bet. Also, don’t forget to grab a hat with a lovely design and bright color tone.

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