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How To Wash A Corduroy Hat

How to Wash and Clean a Corduroy Hat – The Right Way

From the 70s, Corduroy Hats never left the fashion scene, and they are here to stay! But what’s happening with your corduroy hats? Are they in some dirty, dingy corner of your room or stacked inside a cardboard box in your basement? If they are, girls and boys, it’s time to find them back because, in this article, we will be guiding you on how to wash corduroy hats.

Traditionally a fall accessory, corduroy hats can be used any season. But they are the kind of hats that can get messed up easily and require constant attention. It’s not a big deal, but it’s not a small one either. 

Are we still wasting time reading this? Let’s get going already!

What is Corduroy?

Before you know how to wash corduroy, you must know what the corduroy fabric is. Most of the time, corduroy is made out of cotton, cotton blends, or polyester. Though a sturdy material in nature, corduroys tend to get dirty very quickly.

Any idea why?

Suppose you own any piece of corduroy material, whether a jacket, pants, or hat, you will have seen that it has a distinct ridged pattern, like vertical ribs. And there are channels between these ridges, which are easy sites for dirt and grime to accumulate. 

So if you haven’t washed your corduroy hats in a long time, trust us, you’ll not want to see those channels again; it will be that dirty!

Is Corduroy Hat Dry Clean Only?

NOT AT ALL. Since the fabric is mostly cotton or cotton blends, corduroy hats can be easily washed by hand or a machine.

But what you do have to note is your hat’s care label. If it mentions ‘ONLY DRY CLEAN,’ then you must stick to just that. In such cases, it is a function of the quality of corduroy and the brand that you own. But generally, corduroy hats are washable.

What to Know Before Cleaning a Corduroy Hat?

That said, washing corduroy hats are easy, but there are certain rules that you need to remember if you want to get them washed without any damages. Let’s check them out; what say?

1. Be Careful with Corduroy Dye

So, here’s the thing about corduroys. Manufacturers usually dye corduroys in different colors, so there are high chances of color bleed if adequate precautions are not taken. ALWAYS wash dark-colored corduroys with other dark colors and light ones with light colors. 

NEVER use hot water to wash dark-colored corduroys because hot water will cause a color bleed. Light-colored corduroys can be washed with both warm and cold water.

2. Never Wash Corduroy with Any Fabric That Produces Lint

Corduroys attract lint easily owing to the fabric type, and it can be a tedious task removing them once it’s stuck to your corduroy hats. Prevention is better than cure, right? So, avoid washing corduroys with anything that produces lint like towels, jackets, fleece, and sweaters.

3. Read the Care Label

Before attempting any cleaning, you should read your hat’s care label. It will tell you if your hat can be hand-washed, machine-washed, dry-cleaned, etc. Choose your washing method accordingly.

4. Do Not Overfill Your Washing Machine

If you opt for the machine-washing method, always make sure the machine isn’t stuffed with clothes. It will crush your corduroy hat.

How to Wash Corduroy Hats?

How to Spot Clean Corduroy Hats

How to Spot Clean Corduroy Hats?

Sometimes your entire hat isn’t dirty. It can be just one annoying stain at the very center of your hat that you need to remove. What do you do? Wash the whole hat? No. Just Spot Clean it.

Spot clean helps if there are specific hat stains that need to get removed. It is the quickest and easiest way to clean your corduroy hats! Let’s see how.

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Make the Cleaning Agent

Mix a small amount of detergent in cold water to make a fine paste. 

Step 2: Apply the Paste

Apply the paste to the specific stain area. If your cleaning agent is a liquid detergent, dab it on the stains with a cloth.

Step 3: Work on the Stains

Once the cleaning agent is applied, gently scrub the stains using a soft-bristled toothbrush. 

Step 4: Rinse the Hat

Once the stains are worked upon, rinse the hat under cold running water. If the stain persists, repeat step 3.

Step 5: Dry the Hat

Hang the hat to dry. But make sure the hat is not exposed to too much heat because extreme heat can shrink your corduroy hat!

IMPORTANT: ALWAYS remember to use cold water for dark-colored corduroy hats and warm or cold water for light-colored corduroy hats.

How to Hand-Wash Corduroy Hat

How to Hand-Wash Corduroy Hat?

There’s nothing ever better than a good, gentle hand-wash for your hat. Though corduroy is a sturdy material, can withstand a machine wash, some might still be concerned and prefer a traditional hand-wash. We understand how much you love them.

We have a step-by-step guide that will help you master the art of hand-washing your corduroy. Let’s get to it already.

Materials Needed:

  • A bucket, basin, or tub
  • Cold or warm water (depending on whether your hat is light or dark-colored)
  • Mild detergent


Step 1: Turn Your Hat Inside Out

It is always to turn your hats inside out before washing to prevent the cord pattern from fading.

Step 2: Make the Cleaning Agent

Fill the bucket, sink, or tub with warm or cold water, depending on the color. Add a small amount of a good-quality mild detergent and mix the solution well.

Step 3: Soak the Hat

Soak the hat in the cleaning agent and massage the whole hat well to form a good lather. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush instead of using your hands.

Step 4: Rinse the Hat

Once the hat has been worked upon, rinse it under cold water to remove the soapy water and dirt.

Step 5: Dry the Hat

DO NOT WRING. Hang it up in a well-ventilated area away from sunlight.

How to Machine-Wash Corduroy Hat

How to Machine-Wash Corduroy Hat?

Being a sturdy material, your corduroys can be easily machine-washed. But make sure to confirm this by checking the hat care label.

Now that you are good to proceed let’s check out the best and easiest way to get your dirty corduroy hats spotless!

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Pre-Treat the Stains

Though this is not a critical step, it is always best to pre-treat your hat stains before tossing them inside the machine for the best results. Apply a small amount of stain remover on specific stain areas. Leave it for about half an hour to one hour, depending on the stain.

Step 2: Soak Hat in Vinegar to Remove Odor

If your hat is stinky, you can always pre-soak the hat in ¼ cup of scented vinegar for about 30 minutes.

Step 3: Turn Your Hat Inside Out

Like we said earlier, it is always best to turn the hat inside out to prevent the material from fading.

Step 4: Adjust Machine Controls

Set your machine on the delicates cycle and use cold water for dark-colored clothes and warm water for light-colored clothes. You can also add a capful of color-safe bleach to remove any dullness from your hat.

Step 5: Dry the Hat

Once the wash cycle is complete, you can hang up your hat to dry. But avoid direct sunlight.

Can You Iron Corduroy Hat?

We love giving you guys good news. YOU CAN IRON CORDUROY HAT.

But it is easily said than done. Corduroy materials usually resist wrinkles, so chances that you have to iron them will be less likely. But if your hats are in a terribly wrinkled condition, then you don’t have a choice but to iron them.

The best temperature to iron your corduroy is the wool or delicate setting. If your iron doesn’t specify it, always go for the lowest temperature possible.

If you are not confident ironing, you can put your hat upside down and iron it or maybe place a white cloth over the hat and iron them.

See, we have given you lots of options. You just have to pick the right one for you and your hat!

Can You Tumble Dry Corduroy?

It’s good news again! YES, YOU CAN TUMBLE DRY.

But, like we always say, BE CAREFUL. Extreme heat will shrink your corduroy hats. ALWAYS keep the dryer in a low heat setting.

NEVER dry the hat fully in the dryer. Remove the hats while they are still damp, and then air-dry them the normal way. 

Or, you can reverse the whole process. 

You can air-dry first and then toss them inside the tumble dryer.

How to Care for Corduroy Hat?

Corduroy can be very sturdy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like a bit of caring and pampering from time to time. How do we do that? 

1. Getting Lint Out

Like we said earlier, corduroys attract lint. If your hat already has them, you could use one of the methods mentioned below to get rid of them.

  • Use a lint roller or lint brush, or even the sticky side of a tape to remove the lint. If you are using a lint brush, make sure you brush in the same direction as the nap.
  • If the lint persists, place your hat in the machine and add a ¼ cup distilled white vinegar through the rinse cycle. Vinegar helps remove lint from the fabric.

2. Storing the Hat

When not in use, don’t just toss your hats in some corner of your cupboard. Store them in a hatbox or keep them inside breathable storage bags. 

Avoid plastic bags for they restrict any air movement, thus causing yellowing and promote mildew growth.

Wash A Corduroy Hat

Final Thoughts

Any day is a good day for wearing a corduroy hat. But it’s your job to keep them clean so that you can wear them just about anytime, anywhere. We hope we have helped you get rid of the ever-troubling question of how to wash a corduroy hat.

If you love your hat, you’ll love cleaning them as well!

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