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Trilby is a narrow brim hat, and therefore, sometimes called ‘Stingy Brims.’ To be precise, the brim can measure a maximum of 5 cm; however, generally, a lower measure is more popular. It has a tall, slightly pointier, pinched, and indented crown.

Trilby hats can be made from all kinds of materials such as wool, heavyweight cotton, straw, etc., and so they can be worn in various weather conditions, depending upon the material.

Trilbies have a more laid-back wearing style, as they are worn by pressing them at the back so that they raise a little at the front. The hat is named after a novel called Trilby by George du Maurier. The book’s first stage adaptation was the first time when the hat with a short brim was worn, and thus it became a sensation. Although a casual hat, it has been a popular horse race spectators’ hat in Britain.

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