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Stormy Kromer Cap is a variant of the six-paneled baseball cap with earflaps folded upward and tied around the crown with a shoelace. It was designed by George Kromer’s wife at George’s request that the cap should not fly away in the wind. George was a semi-professional baseball player and worked as a railroad engineer. As the cap gained popularity, it came to be known as the Stormy Kromer’s cap.

The lace can be untied when the wearer has to use the ear flaps. As the lace is placed through the holes at the end of the flaps, it also acts as a chin strap or a tie when the flaps are untied to keep the hat stable. Generally, the tie is at the crown’s front, but nowadays, there are other decorative clasps such as a buckle or a decorative bow or flower, especially for women’s caps.

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