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Papakha is a Caucasian fur hat made from the karakul sheepskin. It is tall and cylindrical in shape. Further, there are two varieties available, the one with the ear flaps is known as the Papaha, and the one without the flaps is known as the Kubanka. Naturally, Papaha is worn in much colder weather, while Kubanka is worn in less cold weather.

Papakha is sewn on one side while the other side is open. It is tied around the wearer’s head and covers almost the whole of the brow, and sometimes even touches the temple. It might affect visibility, but it is a rich part of history in many countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey.

Further, it has been a part of the Russian armed forces uniform also from time to time, but the Lenin Cap replaced it as Papakha symbolized the Tzars during the great revolution. It was reinstated for high-ranked colonels and marshals post-revolution.

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