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Monmouth Cap was a knitted woolen skull cap produced in the town of Monmouth in Wales. It was warm and preferred by sailors and soldiers. It fitted the head well and therefore was highly effective in cold weather. The Monmouth Cap’s unique aspect is that it was produced from the 2 ply wool of a Ryeland Sheep.

The crown was rounded and had a small tail at the top in the center known as a button. The lower edge had a tiny loop used to tighten the hat around the wearer’s head. Monmouth caps were felted to make them weatherproof.

A Monmouth cap was very popular during the 15th and 18th centuries. It was hand-knitted by the weavers of the town and became very popular when a law dictated banning foreign hats to boost the domestic economy. It also became a chief export item of the country.

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