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Mitre, also spelled as Miter, is a traditional headgear worn by bishops and abbots in Christian ceremonies. The shape of Miter has evolved over time and varies from different Christian sects. In Western sects, it is a tall pointed folding cap with two lappets hanging from the back. Traditionally the pointed Miter is white in color and has gold and silver embroidery.

In Eastern sects, Miter is a rounded bulbous crown-like structure on the lines of the crown from the Byzantine Empire. This form of Miter is heavily decorated with jewels, brocade, and many other precious items. Further, there are four icons of Christianity on the headwear to make it more sacred. There is also an upright crown protruding from the top of the headwear.

Miters were also a part of the European armed forces in the 18th century but later faded away as military fashion evolved.

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