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Glengarry bonnet is a Scots cap worn by the Scottish Military and the civilian men as part of the highland dress. It has a few decorative components, such as the toorie or the pompon at the top and a rosette cockade on the cap’s left side.

Further, ribbons hang from the back of the cap. Glengarry bonnet is an alternative to the Tammie or the Balmoral Bonnet, which have a higher preference among the wearers.

Up to the WWII, Glengarry bonnet was worn with a tilt toward the right side of the wearer’s head, where it touched the ear; however, now it is worn level on both sides, and the point is set perpendicularly above the right eye.

Generally, the Scottish Glengarry Bonnet is navy blue in color with a red, white, and black dicing, red pom and black, silk cockade.

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