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Gaung baung is a traditional Burmese head wrap worn in Burma and Northern Thailand. These are made from silk or cotton and are a part of the traditional attire.

Initially, the cloth used to make the Gaung Baung had a length of 4 to 5 feet and was tied around the wearer’s head with a tongue on the left side. Different tribes wore the tongue differently; some had a circular tongue while others had it fanned out.

It is a traditional headwear mainly for aesthetic purposes and didn’t protect the wearer from inclement weather conditions. However, the material defined the rank and affluence of the wearer. Silk Gaung Baung was worn by the upper class while coarse cotton ones by the artisans.

Nowadays, Gaung Baung is not so much in vogue and is mostly worn by parliamentarians, and people prefer the readymade versions if they choose to wear it at all.

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